Hey there. I'm back. I haven't been able to get on my account or write for awhile for personal reasons, but i'm back and should be able to do some more writing. hopefully i'll be able to get some more out on shorts, but i'm not promising anything.

so yeah, i've now started a Young justice-bleach crossover.

Disclaimer:I own nothing. Young Justice and Bleach belong to their respective creators.

oh, and Ichigo is 17 in this.

The cry of a hollow was what lured Ichigo Kurosaki from his bed. Now, as he chased it through a warehouse district, he wondered what was causing the hollow to act so erratically; It constantly changed directions, as though confused. He finally caught up when it set off for the back section of the warehouses.

He touched down in front of the lizard-like creature, looking on in amusement as it skidded to a halt in front of him. It had the blackish body of a reptile, but no eyes, just a blank scratched up mask.

"Soul reaper." It spoke in a ghost-like voice, "Get out of my way, I have no time for you."

Well that was a first. Hollows usually went straight for the soul reapers.

"What could be more important to you than eating a soul reaper?" He asked quizzically.

The hollow hissed and lashed out at him. Ichigo jumped up to dodge, which the hollow took advantage of to escape. The Shinigami sighed and took chase. They had neared a cluster of run-down warehouses when he decided enough was enough. With one swing he dispatched the hollow, finding satisfaction in its last cry.

He looked at his cell phone-it was 2:15 am. Just great. He groaned, dreading the fact that he had to go to school in a few, most likely sleepless hours. The teen ran a hand through his spiky locks before turning around. Then a sudden thought hit him. What was the hollow chasing? well It couldn't hurt to just look around for a bit...maybe it was just a stupid hollow.

He sighed and started in the direction the hollow had been going. He searched for about ten minutes before deciding to give up. Whatever the creature was looking for, it obviously wasn't that important. He'd tell Rukia when she got up and that would be the end of that. would he find his way out of this place now? All the buildings looked the same! Ichigo looked around for a moment before hitting himself on the head. traverse the rooftops, duh. God he needed more sleep.

He jumped for the nearest rooftop, but just as he'd touched down, a sudden concentrated spirit pressure made him falter. Shocked, he tried finding the source, but it had disappeared. Ichigo waited, he wasn't sure how long, but he waited. And then it came again, stronger than the first time. It hit him like a sheet of rain and vanished just as fast. Ichigo let this happen two more times, each wave stronger than the last, before pinpointing it's location.

Two warehouses away. As he approached, he noticed that the pressure didn't disappear, it simply retreated into the warehouse before rushing out again. He alighted on the roof and looked into one of it's many holes. It was dim, but he could still see inside. The mystery spirit pressure ruffled his hair as he descended the crates and onto the floor. There, he was hit with something new. A smell; like Rust and copper and death, reminding him of past battles. He knew this smell well enough. It was blood. And lots of it. Too much.

Ichigo immediately took off to where the smell was strongest and stopped when he reached the middle of the warehouse. What he saw made him want to gag.

Blood was everywhere. Splattered across crates, painting the floor in shades of red, hand-prints and footprints littered the area. It seemed the entire place was colored in a melee of reds, which the moon shined on where it could, creating an even more eery and sickening effect. Ichigo took a cautious step forward, and winced when he stepped in a puddle of the crimson liquid. It was still wet, disturbingly fresh.

A new thought made him rush forward, mindless to any blood that now clung to his person. What if the victim of this carnage was still alive? What if they were just slowly dying in a pool of their own blood? These thoughts made him rush until he was in the thick of the smell and liquid.

And the he saw it.

Or should he say, him? Laying a good ten or so feet from Ichigo, was a boy. Maybe 13 or 14? it was hard to tell with the lack of light. What wasn't hard to see however, was that he was dead. There was simply too much blood for him to possibly be alive. His chest too, made no movements to breath.

Ichigo took a small step forward, enough to change his perspective and bring the boy into the light.

He stifled something between a gasp and a gag. It looked like some one had decided to take up a knife and use the kid as a drawing board; In fact, there was still a knife stabbed through the kids hand and into the ground. Even with the blood making it almost impossible to see what had been done, he could imagine, and could most definitely make out simple details. It made him sick. He stared at the boys face for awhile, which seemed to be the least mutilated of everything. His ebony hair gleamed dully in the moonlight, and a cut down his left eye was the only thing marring the pale face. Who could have done this? Why would some one do this? Those were but a few of the questions swirling through his mind, unsure of what to do.

Ichigo had all but forgotten about the spiritual pressure now. But he was snapped back to reality as it made one last violent sweep into the warehouse, conformed around the body, and disappeared. A moment later it reappeared, concentrating next to the immobile form.

When Ichigo looked up, his eyes widened in surprise. Standing right next to the body, was the dead boy. He stared, emotionless,down at his own body, not even noticing Ichigo's presence.

It stayed like that for awhile. The boy looking at his body, and Ichigo looking between both, uncertain of what to do. But the time passed, and the boy looked up, as though just startled back into reality. He looked around, before his eyes settled on the carrot-top not so far away. Slowly, he stepped through his body and made his way over, stopping until he was a mere few feet away.

He locked eyes with Ichigo, and he saw the boy had deep blue eyes, a startling and captivating shade. Or at least, one eye did, because as he watched, the left eye changed colors. A ribbon of red seemed to swim slowly around the iris before mixing with the blue and turning the entire thing neon purple, then fading back to blue.

It was rather surprising and unusual to say the least. His attention was brought away from his face when the kid shifted, and he got a better look at the body in general. The blood was gone, left with his physical self, but for some reason, the scars mostly remained. Most of them seemed faded though, unlike the scar that presented itself plainly over his eye.

He jerked his gaze back up to the boys face, refusing to look down again. Maybe he would think about them some other time. When they wouldn't give send shivers up his back or haunt his dreams. Because those things on his chest, and most likely his back if he were to look, were honestly, slightly disturbing. He was just glad his chain of fate covered some of it.

After a moment of staring at each other The shinigami opened his mouth.


The boy frowned for a moment.

"...Hi.." was his weak reply.

"What are you doing here?" Ichigo asked, for lack of anything better.

"well, I think I'm, uh...being dead? Possibly?" The boy answered in confusion, looking over his shoulder at the bloodbath behind him. "yeah, pretty sure I'm dead."

The red-head was momentarily impressed; the kid knew he was dead, and seemed to be taking it pretty well.

He looked back at Ichigo, narrowing his eyes and stepping back slightly. "Why are you here?"

"I was following a large amount of spiritual pressure." Spiritual pressure which obviously belonged to the kid. It was still flowing off him in small, uncontrolled waves. Which now that he thought about it, was going to attract every hollow within a 20 mile radius. He was going to have to settle this fast.

"Spiritual what?" The kid asked, before shaking his head. "Actually, I don't even want to know. Who are you anyways?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing." The boy paused for a moment, looking like he was deciding something before slowly putting his hand forward.

"I'm Robin."

"Ichigo Kurosaki." He replied, taking his and and giving a small shake before letting go. Before he sent 'Robin' off, there was something he wanted to ask him.

"Hey, what...what happened to you?" He asked, gesturing around them. Robin frowned and looked around again, his mouth turning into a thin line. "...You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"Sorry but...I think I'd rather this stay with just me." Ichigo nodded and went to pull out his sword. Robin tensed and moved back another step before moving into a fighting position.

"What are you doing?" He demanded, glaring at the red-head. Ichigo, realizing he was probably scaring the kid, laid his sword on the ground and moved his hands in a 'I surrender' way. This did not seem to calm his new companion.

"I'm going to help you pass on."

"You mean, like, to the afterlife? And how is running me through with a sword going to do that?" Robin questioned, putting one of his hands on his chest area, where Ichigo had seen one of his scars earlier.

"I'm what they call a shinigami. I protect souls and help them pass over if they haven't done so themselves. This," Robin tensed as he slowly picked up his sword, "is my Zanpakuto. It helps my defeat monsters-hollows-who eat human souls. And by tapping souls on the forehead with my hilt," He tapped the bottom of hit sword, "I can send souls who are earth bound to the soul society-the afterlife. And speaking of hollows, we should probably send you off. Your reiatsu is strong enough to attract a lot of hollows."

Robin looked at him skeptically, but wasn't as tense anymore.

"...the someone were to pass on, would they be able to find relatives that were dead?"

The shinigami looked at Robin sadly, thinking of his own mother, and the boy chad had found so long ago. "The chances of finding them are...slim to non, honestly."

Robin sighed and stepped closer to Ichigo. "That's alright, I just want this to end. I don't really care if you're telling the truth or I'm about to be killed again."

And there was just something so sad, and dead, and longing in Robins voice, his eyes, his everything that Ichigo wanted to make him feel better. The kid was too young to look like that. He was too young to have so much history and pain in his mismatched eyes.

Ichigo reached out a hand and ruffled his raven locks, smiling slightly at him. "Don't worry, it'll all turn out alright. The soul society is a good place, mostly. Heck, maybe you'll be strong enough to become a soul reaper." He let out a small chuckle.

"Really now? I might also grow wings." He replied sarcastically, but a small, tired smile made it's way across his lips anyway. Ichigo grinned a little wider at that.

"looks like you've got some wit."

"So I've been told." Robin grinned, before that faded and he took on a tired expression. "I think...I'd like to pass on now, or, whatever it is." He looked around again, and mumbled to himself. "I'm tired of it."

"Of what?" Robin looked up, seemingly startled that the older boy had heard him. He rubbed the back of his head and sighed.

"I'm... tired of everything that has led my life-and death-up to this point." He clenched his fists. Ichigo nodded and readied Zangetsu.

"I'm ready." Robin said, closing his eyes. He started slightly when Ichigo tapped the hilt against his forehead, and opened his eyes afterwords. A soft blue light was spreading down his body, and a pleasant warm feeling traveled with it.

Ichigo watched, cocking his head at the boy's next question.

"Ichigo, when you pass you remember everything, your life, when you get to the other side..?"

The shinigami paused, contemplating how to answer. He could lie, maybe it would give the kid some comfort, tell him he wouldn't lose everything, "I'm sorry, but it's extremely rare for someone to remember their past. And if they do, they usually forget after a couple months. But most don't remember anything when they get there." To his surprise, Robin looked utterly relieved to hear that. "Do you...are you hoping to forget everything?" The boy smiled slightly in response, causing Ichigo's heart to clench from the pure sadness and pain it radiated.

"My life...It went wrong in the end...and I just...I'd really like to forget, everything." His face quickly turned into a pained grimace.

Silence presided over them for a moment.

"...and Ichigo?"


"Thank you." With that, Robin disappeared. Ichigo, on the other hand, just stayed for awhile, contemplating the person he had just met. He would have to tell somebody where to find the body, the boy deserved a proper burial. As he approached to close the child's half lidded eyes, He noticed something by his foot. Picking it up, he saw it was a torn domino mask, the kind a superhero might wear to hide his identity, not that they really existed. It must have belonged to Robin, maybe the killer. His fist wrapped tighter around the fabric at the thought.

At that moment, He felt a cluster of weak reiatsu headed his way. Maybe he wouldn't have to tell anyone, seeing none of them seemed threatening. He couldn't pick out what they were feeling, but it wasn't dangerous.

So he ran out of the warehouse, not realizing the mask was still in his hand.

He was a couple warehouses away when he looked back. The ginger could almost swear he saw something land on the roof; it flickered just for a moment, something red standing out, and then it was gone.

Maybe he just imagined it though. He was tired, and the whole ordeal just saddened him. Not to mention he just spent a lot of time in a place full of blood. He racked it up to exhaustion and kept moving.

He was out of the warehouse district by the time more reiatsu gathered in Robins death place, and never heard the resounding wail of a devastated team.

Well there's the prologue! Please tell me if there's anything you thought was confusing or find anything wrong.

does anyone wonder how and why Robin died? well don't worry, we will find out later.

and one other thing, this story will have yaoi. I already have who Robin is paired up with, but I'm unsure who to pair up Ichigo with. I might start a poll. Please guess who you think Robins lover will be and who you think should be with Ichigo. If i don't work out who he'll be with I've decided to have it be IchiRuki. They are pretty good together.