For as long as she could remember, Lucy Smith only saw her father once a year. There were a few rare occasions where that rule was broken, like the time she'd fallen out of a tree at age 7 and broken her arm. Or the time when she was 12 and got the lead in the school musical. Her mother had told her not to get her hopes up, that her father was very busy and probably just wouldn't have time. Lucy had nodded dutifully, as always, and tried to suppress the hope that he'd show up. And sure enough, just when she'd given up hope that'd he'd return, there he was on the last night, sitting in the front row, holding a bouquet of flowers and grinning at her like she was the most wonderful thing in the universe.

But other than those rare occasions, she saw her father on her birthday every year. She'd wait up until midnight, when an unearthly glow would light up her garden, a big blue Police box appearing out of thin air. She'd rush out the back door to see him, and he'd always greet her with the same words: Hello, my lovely little girl. Happy Birthday.

The same year Lucy turned 14, her mother, Michelle, started dating a man named Jason. For a long, long time, Lucy never saw Jason, as Michelle thought it best to keep her home life and her dating life separate until she could figure out for sure that they'd be intertwined.

Consequently, the first time Lucy was introduced to Jason was the night he and Michelle announced their engagement. Lucy was shell shocked. By this time, she'd been 15 for two months, and the wedding was scheduled for June, four months before her next birthday. Four months until she'd see her dad again.

And never had she wanted to see him more than right now.

Things were bad, very bad. Worse than Lucy Smith had ever seen them to be. Jason was…strange, to say the least. Though perhaps perverted does him more justice, Lily thought bitterly.

Oh, it'd never gotten physical, not yet anyways. But there were little things, little remarks, and little holes drilled into the walls of her bathroom that constantly had Lucy on edge.

And not to mention the fact that he was a bloody alcoholic, bordering on abusive to her mother. Yes, he'd waited til he'd been right where he wanted until he'd shown his true colors. And they were not pretty.

"Dad, where are you? I need you. Please, I need you to come back," Lucy sobbed. It was 2 a.m., and she had her bedroom door locked; it was the only time she felt truly safe. She never felt like anyone listened to her, everything was always her fault, it seemed.

Little did she know that at that present moment, the one person she needed to see was thinking along the same lines as she was.

The Doctor was wandering about the TARDIS restlessly, nostalgic for things he couldn't quite name. Though he often missed his daughter while he was out gallivanting around the universe, never had it been so acute, or insistent. He wanted to see her very, very badly right now.

Without waiting for another moment, he headed over to the center console of the TARDIS, pulling some levers and hitting some buttons until the ship launched into action.

"Wuzzgoinon?" muttered a half asleep Rose, still in blue pajamas with bright yellow ducks on them. The Doctor smirked at her attire, then answered.

"We're taking a little detour…going to see my daughter," he said softly.

"Daughter?" Rose gasped, more alert now. "I didn't know you had a daughter."

"Yes," he nodded gravely. "Half human, half Time Lord. Dunno how that's gonna work yet. She just turned fifteen. Her name's Lucy." He smiled wistfully, lost in thought.

Rose desperately wanted to ask how this fourteen year old blessed miracle child came to be, but she could see that the Doctor was having a moment, so she kept her mouth shut.

The TARDIS shuddered to a stop, and the Doctor grabbed his overcoat and flung the door open, then stood back, waiting. "Are you coming?" he asked, cocking his eyebrow.

"Well, can I get changed first?" she huffed. He chuckled and nodded his head, leaning back against the door frame. A minute later, Rose came back out, wearing jeans and a hoodie from earlier, her hair still a little tousled. The Doctor chuckled again, and led the way out of the TARDIS.

It looked to be early morning where they landed, in the garden of a quaint little suburban home. Rose followed the Doctor as he started to head around to the front door.

"No one's expecting me for another four months, so I figure I should knock before I just barge in there," he said jovially. Rose shook her head as he pressed the doorbell emphatically.

A young teenage girl with bleary eyes and very rumpled red hair answered the door, wearing pajamas that were oddly similar to Rose's. She stopped dead, her hazel eyes wide.

"Dad?" she whispered unbelievingly. He continued to grin at her, and she finally squealed and leapt on him. He laughed, and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Lucy? What's going on?" asked a female voice from inside the house. A forty-something, plump woman with the same red hair as Lily came up behind her. She was nearly identical to her daughter, but her eyes were tired and hollow looking, lacking the youthful luster of Lucy's.

"Oh!" She stopped short. "Doctor," she said, nodding almost curtly.

"Mum, Mum! Daddy's here, see?" enthused Lucy excitedly, showing off her younger side.

"Lucy, Michelle, this is Rose. Rose, this is my daughter, Lucy, and…her mother, Michelle," said the Doctor quickly. Michelle invited them all inside, though Rose noticed she did so in a reluctant fashion.

Rose and the Doctor followed behind Lucy and Michelle as they were led into a small, bright kitchen. They sat around the kitchen table, while Michelle continued making pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and Lucy chattered inanely about anything and everything, from her school projects to her friends. Rose noticed that the Doctor hung on her every word, reacting appropriately and perhaps a bit overenthusiastically, when the need arose. She only stopped talking when a tall, burly, unwashed looking man ambled in, unshaven and wearing a plaid robe, haphazardly tied around his protruding middle.

"Who's this then?" he grunted, stopping when he saw the two strangers seated at his table.

"It's my dad, and his friend Rose," snapped Lucy, her eyes narrowed in his direction. Her dad was peering at her curiously.

"I'm the Doctor, and as Lucy already mentioned, this is Rose. And, er, you are…?" said the Doctor, standing up and reaching over to shake the man's hand.

"I'm Jason, Michelle's fiancé," he growled, shaking the Doctor's hand briefly, but leering at Rose. "I didn't know Lucy had a father," he continued, his eyes flicking over to her, and back to Rose.

"What, did you think I just hatched?" replied Lucy scathingly, sneering at Jason. From the other side of the kitchen, Michelle sighed, and sensing danger, said, "Lucy, darling, run along and get ready for school."

With one last glare in Jason's direction, Lucy pushed past him and ran up the stairs to her bedroom, quickly pulling on her school uniform without really thinking about it.

She was brushing out her hair when the pain started. A blinding, white hot burst of pain exploded behind her eyes, and the hairbrush dropped to the floor. She moaned, cradling her head in her hands as images raced through her mind. Past, present, future, a thousand different possibilities. She felt sick, dreadful, but she was powerless to stop it as she whimpered, unaware of what she was even saying.

"Lucy? Lucy!" She heard voices shouting her name, footsteps thundering up the stairs. She felt someone's arms around her, supporting her, someone's hands feeling her head and face.

"Make it stop, please," she begged, sobbing. She was beyond the point of caring what they thought of her, what anyone thought of her anymore.

Finally it was over, as quickly as it had come upon her, it was gone. She lay on the floor, panting, crying.

"Again?" her mother whispered, agonized.

She nodded, tears pouring down her face. She realized it was her dad's arms around her, and she wondered briefly, hopefully, if he knew what was wrong with her. If maybe he knew how to fix her. Unable to bear it any longer, she felt the world go black, blissful sleep falling on her once more.

When she awoke, everything was hazy and lovely, just like it always was. It felt as if nothing would ever hurt her again, nothing at all.

The feeling passed, just as it always did.

She picked her throbbing head up off the pillows, and tried to better hear what the muttering in the hallway was all about. She couldn't hear anything properly though, and a minute later, everyone filed back into her room, led by her dad.

He rushed over, and sat down on the side of her bed, feeling her forehead.

"Your mum's been telling me you've been having problems like this for a while?" he asked gently.

Lucy glared around at everyone, mumbling something about privacy. Gratefully, her father understood, and asked that everyone else wait in the hallway.

"Lucy, what exactly happens to you?" he asked when they were alone again.

"I hear…things. In my head, voices. And I see things, images, of the past and the future, and everything else. What could be, what can't be. And it hurts, so much. Just this violent burst, and I see it for a few minutes, and then it stops. And usually I pass out afterwards, and then I wake up with a pounding headache," she paused, sniffling, "Am I going crazy?" she whispered tearfully.

"No, no, sweetheart, you're not," he reassured her, stroking her hair. "You know about the Time Lords, right? You know what I am—what we are—don't you?" he asked then.

She nodded, hiccupping slightly, and reached up to wipe away a tear from her cheek.

"Well…you, you're half and half, see what I mean? Half human, half Time Lord. Well…Time Lady? Something like that. Anyways, as far as I can tell, the Time Lord cells in your body are warring with the human cells in your body. They don't know what to make of each other, or how to coexist peacefully."

"So…how do we fix it?" asked Lucy, still teary.

"I…I don't know, love," her dad whispered. Even through her haze of pain and tears, she saw how much agony it caused him to admit this. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, daddy," she whispered, edging back into a fitful sleep. "I still love you."

"I love you too, darling," the Doctor whispered, agonized.

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