Disclaimer: Well I'm writing this when I should be doing 8th grade reading homework for To Kill a Mockingbird... you do the math.

Gosh! Hurry up people! I need to get to my next class! I sighed, waiting for the person ahead of me to move when he was standing right there, waiting for the same thing as me: a way to get out. I let him step ahead of me and followed behind him in the line that was filing through the door. He had one more step to take when all of a sudden he gave me a weird look over his shoulder.

"Did you just push me?" He asked incrediously. I lifted my eyebrows in confusion.

"Nooo...?" I responded. He narrowed his eyes at me and then started to walk again, but this time in slow motion. I waiting for a couple seconds and he still hadn't taken even one step. I rolled my eyes and shoved his bulky backpack.

"That time I pushed you." I said, smiling. He laughed and my friend Ben said,

"Hey! Pushing's not nice!"

"Yeah Ginny, pushing's not nice!" Said Harry and he swung his backpack around and hit me. I pushed him back and then he ran into Ben.

"Hey!" He said in protest, and then shoved Harry back. We walked down the hall still playing our little 'game' until...

"Did you just touch my butt?" asked Ben while staring at me with wide eyes.

"What? No!" I said, taking a step away from both of them. I gave him a weird look, then looked down and concluded my bag must have hit him.

"Really?" He asked like he didn't believe me.

"Yeah! I'm not just gonna walk up in the middle of a hallway and touch your butt!" I said, almost offended he thought I would do that even though I knew he was kidding by now.

"Oh, come on Ginny! You know you want a piece of that!" Harry said and then both boys burst out laughing. I rolled my eyes and walked in the door to my classroom to avoid further humiliation.

I shook my head and sighed... Boys.

A/N: So yeah this really happened to me... Boys still don't make sense to me. I guess you could say this goes with my other story Handwriting and Monsters because Harry is the same guy. Anyways, another kinda pointless scenario. I thought it was funny so I thought I'd share.

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