Chapter 2

I sat in the middle of a pile of files and folders, trying to find any information on these weird attacks. Everything from Anomolies to Zoos had been looked at. There is nothing I would leave unsearched. No matter what the cost, I would protect them.

"Did you try asking the Hunter's Federation?" Peeta asked as he tried to clean up my mess. When I got into things like this, I tended to really get into it, and I normally left a big mess.

"You think they could help?" I asked, unsure. The Hunter's Federation, HF for short, was a group that dedicated their lives to teaching others to hunt after the war.

It was originally started by me, before I became president; we helped others across Panem learn to hunt. Now they teach their skills on to the next generation. It also helps to keep hunters connected across Panem when searching for rare pelts, helping lost hunters, and protecting rare species.

"Sure, they may be new, but they're all across Panem. Maybe its a new animal but maybe its just from another District?" he responded, still trying, in vain, to clean up my excessive mess.

I nodded to myself, that was a possibility that I hadn't considered. Although they were new to this, they went out daily and would see what was going on. There was a good chance there knew something about these strange creatures.

Although, currently, all we had was a picture of a footprint. It really wasn't much to go on, even for two expertly trained hunters.

"They may help," I said, flipping through a few more pages, "but we need some kind of bigger clue to go on."

Peeta nodded. "Well, maybe you and Gale could go check out the District 11 attacks? You could look for clues, check out some prints in person, and even talk to some locals?"

That was a great idea, actually.

I went over and hugged Peeta. Honestly, I'd be lost without him. This wasn't the first time he's helped me out with problems like this.


Gale and I were in our outdoor outfits. It was kind of a step down from my Mockinjay suit, but still good for hunting and basic protection. Gale had his pocket knife, just incase, as well as a gun, since he was my main security for the time being. I had my bow, but with just basic arrows. I hadn't needed the fire or explosive arrows since the war ended.

As we walked down the street, I received lots of smiles and waves, being the president and all. I smiled and waved back, but I really was just Katniss right now, a messed up surviver of the Hunger Games who was just trying to keep people safe.

"Alright, so should we talk to the mayor first or check out the scene?"

"Probably the mayor, she probably knows the scene better than us anyway," he replied, confirming my thoughts.

We headed past the small huts of the workers. This actually seemed to be one of the few Districts that hasn't changed much. Many of the workers actually enjoyed picking the fruit, singing to the birds, and telling jokes with friends. Rue never hated it here, she just hated the rough conditions. Once we removed those, District 11 practically became a paradise.

The mayor was more than happy to help us. Most of District 11 was really shaken up about these recent events and I could tell she was anxious to bring peace to her people. Just like I was; it was nice to meet someone with the same common goal.

"Katniss, this is it. Its just a chicken coop really, but this is where we get all of the eggs and protein for the District. The first time it was only a few, barely enough to notice; we just thought a couple of them ran off, but then we found the animal prints."

I crouched down, careful to not mess up any of the marks in the hay. Luckily, they had moved the new chickens somewhere else, so none of the prints had been ruined. "And the second time?" I asked, not wanting to miss any details.

"We lost all the eggs in the cage, they were smashed all over the floor, probably from the chaos. Eighteen hens were gone and all four roosters. They're harder to find in such great condition. It was only 2 days after the original attack and for the week since, we haven't had any trouble. It's really odd."

I nodded, digging around the prints. There seemed to be District 12 dirt all over the tracks, but we already knew they had been attacked. Looking up, I saw Gale half inside the chicken coup, his butt sticking up in the air. I giggled, but tried to stay serious for the mayor.

"Hey, Catnip, I think I found something," he said pulling himself out of the coup. His knees and hands were covered in chicken poop, but he had something in his closed fist. Opening it, he revealed a clump of dirty white hair. I took a few peices, balancing it in my hand. "Its thick, Gale, maybe bear?"

"I was actually thinking of some type of wild dog."


?'s POV

Brushing the dirt off of my shirt, I settled down for the night with my pack. We had full bellies, we had people on guard, and we were ready.