AN- Everyone has done one of these. This plot bunny has been done to death, but it just won't leave me alone. This is, in essence, a rewrite of the very first LXG fanfic I ever wrote. It was awful, and I hope this one is better. By the way, this is written in the movie verse with a dash of the comics too. This story will take place in 2011 unless stated so.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Not many people talked about the Quatermains, as the people in the tiny town considered it rude, but everyone knew about them, how strange they were. They had once been a noble family, their founder, a Mr. Allen Quatermain was the stuff of legend, the stories you told children to make them sleepy. Nowadays, however, nobody lived in the tiny house but Adam Quatermain and his younger brother; a twenty six year old named Alexander. The two kept to themselves, as if they had some great secret, and many people believed they did. The late Mr. Quatermain had died under very mysterious circumstances, and Adam was always gone somewhere. Many people would kill to know all about them and the mysterious people that could be seen entering the houses at all hours.

Ironically for them, it took a death to learn about the Quatermains: on a cold day in December, everyone opened their papers to find an obituary for Adam Quatermain. Naturally, everyone was shocked. A seemingly healthy young boy dead? No, not dead, but MIA, which was just as bad. Everyone in town went to the memorial service for 'the poor boy', and everyone was surprised to meet her.

She was someone they had never seen before, a woman around twenty eight, with dark red hair, and dark green eyes. She wore a dark jacket and a business like suit. She was standing outside the Quatermain house, not entering, just watching, and it didn't take long for somebody to notice that Alexander had ran off during the service, and just like that, the woman was gone.

He was not a childish person, but the disappearance of Adam Quatermain had affected Alex deeply. His brave, bold brother was dead and Alex was being thrown into something he didn't want, something he had never wanted.

"Ms. Harker," he said, looking down at his coffee, at the walls, anywhere but those cold green eyes. "I am NOT my brother."

"I had noticed that, Mr. Quatermain." She said, in an effective voice. Alex ran his hands through his dark brown hair.

"I can't be a leader of your group, I just can't. Adam was far better at it then I ever will be, find somebody else."

"You are the last Quatermain. There is nobody else." He slammed his hand down on the table at her words.

"You have inducted other members into your team apart from the decedents of the originals, why can't you do that with them!" He cried, drawing attention from everywhere, but Allison Harker was still unmoved.

"Sir, I am afraid you have to. As long as there is a person with the last name Quatermain on this earth, that person will lead the league. Believe me, we were fond of Adam ourselves and don't appreciate the sudden swap-out, but Mr. Holmes is twisting my arm. There is nothing I can do." She said, calmly staring down the worried man who then grabbed her arm.

"Please, Ms. Harker. Anything!" She shook it off and stood up quickly.

"Sir, I believed you to be a Quatermain, not a coward." THAT got to him. His expression changed very quickly.

"I am NOT a coward."

"Then I will see you on Monday in the Museum, Mr. Quatermain." She said a small smirk on her face as she slid past him and walked out the door. Alex Quatermain watched her go, and sighed. This is what he had been trying to avoid his entire life. The secret reason he was glad Adam was older. When their father died, Adam inherited the role of the leader of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a role Alex had dreaded holding. This was the reason the Quatermains where almost all gone, as they tended to die sudden and bloody deaths after joining the league. He was not a coward normally, but the idea of all of this sent chills down Alex Quatermain's spine. He threw away his coffee cup and laid some money on the table, then left the coffee shop, a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

She shivered slightly under all the layers of clothing she had on, causing a bit of a shower to fall on her via her umbrella. However, she never took her eyes off her prize. She smiled a cold smile when he finally left the coffee shop, and watched him get into a cab, the cab whose cabby was a 'friend' of her family. She smiled again. Plans. How she loved when they fell into place.

She pulled out a small phone and began to send a text to someone. A moment later, she was gone, and the entire organization was buzzing. A new Quatermain was joining the ranks, and no matter what type of person he was, they must be prepared. After all, everyone knew what had happened to their founder.

Allie Harker stared through the rain at a corner. She could have sworn she had just spotted…no, that didn't matter now. All that mattered was getting out of this town and back to London. She needed to brief her co-workers on the man joining their ranks. While on the train into London, She reviewed the contents of Mr. Quatermain's file in her head.

His full name was Alexander Andrew Quatermain. He was born on March 10th, 1985 to Gabrielle and Adrian Quatermain. At age six, he suffered from a fall that caused him to develop short term memory loss problems. His memory was god awful. He was the younger brother of Adam Quatermain, a legend in his own right. She gritted her teeth. The Moriarty family would pay for that, she would insure it.

There was a knock at the compartment and the door slid open to reveal Paul Sawyer, a tall blond boy who was the youngest member of the league. He had followed her to the town for reasons she understood all too well. He liked her, but he was just too human for her.

"It's dark in here." He said, flopping in the seat across from her. Allie had been living with her vampirism for a very long time now, but even when it was raining being outside in the daylight made her skin crawl. She had pulled down the blinds when she had entered the compartment, but Paul opened them right up. She glared at him and simply flipped up the collar on her coat.

"So," Paul said when the silence grew to be oppressive. "Did you get the Quatermain?"

"Yes. However, I am not very impressed."

"Well, he's not Adam."

"I KNOW that, Sawyer." She said, irritated. Sawyer raised his hands in an 'Okay, Okay' gesture.

"Well, it's just that you and Adam had been close and-"

"Don't you have something better to do then bug me?" Allie said in a cold voice. Sawyer paled. He had seen what she could do when angered. "What happened to Griffin?"

"Dunno," Sawyer said, and quickly explained when Allie looked ready to rip his heart out. "He vanished again, and when I say vanished-oh you know what I mean." She did. William Griffin had had the invisibility genes passed down through his genes, but it took a very strange form in him. He could be seen most of the time, but at any moment he could turn invisible. They couldn't control it, and they couldn't stop it. It had caused plenty of problems, most of them in his crazed mind. Like Sawyer, he had also come along, only he was ordered. His job was to look for anybody who may have followed them, such as a member of the Moriarty syndicate, or a Moriarty themselves. Speaking of them…

"I think I saw one of those girls today. One of the twins." Allie said, remembering the woman she had spotted.

"A Moriarty?" She nodded. Sawyer snorted.

"Awful bold of them to show their sorry faces, especially after what they did to Adam." She nodded. Adam had been doing a simple recon, and was rewarded with a bullet in his back. She had seen it from a rooftop. By the time she had gotten there, he was gone, abducted, leaving a puddle of blood and his gun. Two days later she was on this train, looking for the last Quatermain.

"Back to the original train of thought, what's he like?" Sawyer asked. Allie pursed her lips. "I read the file. I hope he doesn't forget to come.

"He wouldn't dare," Allie said, pulling the blinds down and closed her eyes to get some sleep. "The Moriarties will have found out by him by now, and he may very well be the last in his family."

Out in the hallway of the train, somebody smirked.