She changed my lifeā€¦

(Takes place as Emily starts the unit, and how one look at JJ and she knew her life was forever changed)

Authors note:

I will probably write in a third person view just because it will be easier

Chapter One:

Emily seemed a little nervous as she opened the doors to walk into work, although it wasn't the job that made her palms sweaty. It was the fact that it was a whole new team to work with, she would be an outsider and would they treat her differently because of her background. She was an ambassador's daughter after all.

As she stood there she saw much movement in the room a head, she was looking at the team, her team. She noticed a man who looked like he was barely old enough to be in college let alone work for the BAU, another man who looks like he was the protector, an older man whom she recognized as David Rossi from having read his books, as she watched them talking a woman came up behind her. She turned to see a woman who didn't really look like she worked for the BAU, she had blonde hair, but it had many different colors in it, she looks peppy.

"Hi, doll you must be new. I'm Penelope Garcia, but around here they just call me Garcia" she stated.

"Um,.. Hi I'm Emily Prentiss, I was just looking around before I went in. I am new this is my first day here".Emily replied

"go on in, they don't bite, but I should tell you before you go in there all profiley and whatnot that they have a rule against that, they don't profile each other."

"good to know, thank you."

"Oops, there is the boss man, looks like we both better head in there."

Garcia opened the door for Emily and they went in together, noticing the look on the boss man's face something wasn't good. But his demeanor seemed to shift a little bit as she walked over.

The man then offered his hand and started to introduce himself and the others, she came to find out that the man that looked like a college kid was Dr. Reid, a doctor 3 times over in fact, the man who seemed to be the protector was agent Derek Morgan, of course David Rossi, Agent Hotchner (Hotch). Emily was paying full attention, that was until another member of the unit walked into the room, she was blonde, and the most amazing blue eyes Emily had ever seen.

What Emily didn't notice is that the demeanor of the whole team changed when she walked in holding that file.

"Emily, I would like you to meet agent Jennifer Jareau, she is our team's liaison with the media and local police agencies, she also decides which cases we take, which by the looks of it means we have a briefing to attend" Hotch said. They shook hands and proceeded to the confrenece room, Emily wasn't sure what it was but there was just something about JJ that she had to find out.

Sorry if the fist chapter is a little boring I just wanted to make sure that she meet everyone and show first reaction, I promise it will get more interesting just bare with me