"Hey William senpai, you feeling alright? I know that was a lot of souls and all but ya kinda look... sick. We should hurry up home to get you in bed."

"I'm perfectly fine Mr. Knox, just tired." And in dire need of a bath in acid.

"If ya say so. Paperwork for this collection isn't due for a while so I think we can go strait home after this and work on the forms tomorrow."

"Yes yes, I'm quite aware of what happens after a collection," William felt a migrane coming on, he really wanted Ronald to just shut up and let the two walk back to the shinigami realm in silence. The last few days have been some of the worst in his life as an immortal. This mision would have gone a lot smoother if it wasn't for that vile creature being there as well. It was bad enough they were in the same location as each other but it had to go the extra kilometer and they had to sleep in the very same tent as one another. And if that wasn't the worst of it all... the thing actually bedded with him one night and William practically agreed to it. Thoughts of that night suddenly traveled into his thoughts, a blush appearing on his cheeks, forgetting he wasn't alone. It was one night Spears, calm done. No one has to know and you can just say it was rape. Honostly... demons need to control themselves when it comes to sexual drives. Yet the other side of his mind was telling him it was his fault for complying to the event. And even better... he technically cheated on Grell.

He let out an audiable sigh, rubbing the bridge of his nose before adjusting his glasses to perfection. He didn't have to tell Grell any of this. Yes they haven't slept with each other since before the Jack the Ripper case even began but his own drive couldn't have got that bad could it? Whatever the case, he'll just sleep with Grell tomorrow evening to make up for everything and only have the feeling of his red haired lover. As soon as he got home tonight he was going strait to the bath and than burn that horrible suit he was forced to where.

He stared at the hand that was suddenly against his forehead and at the blonde standing directly in front of him. "Mr. Knox... what do you think you're doing?"

"I saw your face go pink and ya feel warm... thought you caught a cold senpai. I mean- I know what circuses are like and the bathing arangments so you coulda easily caught a cold of some sort!" Ronald removed his hand and went back to standing next to William's left. "Ya totally sure your feeling okay?"

"I'm sure. Please stop bothering me on the subject. As I stated before, I just need to go home for some sleep and a bath."

"Would that with or without Grell senpai?" Ronald laughed. With Grell being his supervisor and even mentor from the Academey, the red head shared everything with Ronald. The blonde kept most things a secret, knowing if he told certain pieces of gossip he could kiss his lawnmower and reaper days goodbye. Of cource... he told Eric and Alan but anything Grell told Ronald that was suppose to be secret was only known between the five members of William's team.

"Are you asking for more overtime Mr. Knox?"

"'Cource not! I was only joking!"

"Let's save the joking for later than. I'm sure you want to be home as well."

"Yeah... my bed sounds pretty nice right now," Ronald sighed in content and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Hope we don't get a job like this for a while. Really is time consuming and I missed a party to top it all of! Can you be-"

"If it's not too much trouble Mr. Knox, I would prefer we returned home in silence. So if you could please be quiet."

"Oh um... sure thing senpai."

And just as William wanted, the rest of the walk home was done without a word spoken between the two. It was rather nice actually, not having to hear Ronald blow off his mouth for the next thirty minutes. Once back into the realm of the reapers, Ronald and William bid each other goodnight and went their seperate ways home. The dark haired reaper couldn't have been happier to take the key from his pocket and unlock the front door. Figuring Grell would still be asleep at this hour, he closed the door behind him silently and slipped off his shoes. Placing his jacket on the coat rack and his death scythe propped againt the wall, he made his way down the hall into the bedroom. He'll save a bath for the morning, he had to agree with Ronald that just being in a bed right now would be perfect. A near smile crossed his lips at the sights of his sleeping lover. Red hair spilled around him, wearing one of William's pajama tops (he bet to himself that was all he was wearing but a pair of red lacey panties), and snuggling into William's pillow. He really has missed Grell, it was far better sharing a bed with him than that creature.

He quickly stripped from his work clothes and changed into a pair of his striped pajamas (ones that the demon didn't touch), washed his face and brushed his teeth, and finally pulled the covers over himself. He was careful prying the pillow away from Grell, placing it at where his head would and letting himself be the replacment. Again, he rather loved when Grell was holding him in his sleep. Having his own arms wrap around Grell, he quickly fell into light sleep. He thought that perhaps tonight he could have a peaceful and restfull sleep.

That was until the nightmares began to stir in his head.

It's hands seemed to be touching every part of William's body. From carressing his cheek, to a firm grip on his lengh. No matter which way he turned, he still felt that horrid creature. It was the one inside of him. It was the one dominating him. William was not a man who was dominated, not to another reaper, a human, and certainly not a demon. But right now, all he could feel was that creature. His body craved attention and the demon was more than happy to give it. The gentle strokes and touches filled William's nerves, full enough to where his mind couldn't seem to grasp how wrong of of this was. Right then, he just wanted to be touched everywhere by those hands.

"A-aaah... m-more... please..."

"Oh? So low as to beg reaper? Is Mr. Grell not enough for you?" it thrusted particuarly hard that time, hitting a sweet spot William never thought he had before. He didn't care if it was never touched before- he wanted it again, time after time again. It felt so wrong all of this, yet so sinfully good. It made sence how lust was one of the seven deadly sins. It was truely sinful, and truely deadly. Yet no matter, he felt so good and so right.

"Lea-leave him out... just- AH!" the usually stoic and quiet reaper was panting and moaning benieth the fowl creature. The demon smirked, his eyes glowing pink with his own mind full of lust. It were these sins that truely showed a part of demon it truely was, where its true self would peek and come out of hiding. The greater the sin it was around, the more that was shown. Lust was minor compared to other, so it was only its eyes that showed their demon self. That usualy reddish, brown gone and replaced with a sinister pink.

"It seems I have found your- ugh... sweet spot reaper... and just when I thought you already squirming under me enough..." it grunted, furtherly pushing down on William's shoulders to keep him in place. The powerful thrusts into his prostrate conintued, leaving William a moaning, squirming mess. His hips bucking widely to feel the full sensation of each touch the demon gave. A fire buring in his lower stomach, he dared himself and pulled down the demon into a heat and lustful kiss. His mind was truely lost, only listening to the cries of his body and nerves.

The pleasure engulphed him, sending him- rather shoving him- over the edge. The reaper's essence coating his stomach and the creature's hand. William panted hard, laying still on the cot other than his chest moving up and down frantically. His body felt numb as did his mind, not comprehending what was happening in the following minutes. Was that what happens when you slept with a demon? Leaving you power drained and numb?

"Hnmm... I haven't made love in some years reaper... I have to thank you for that... I hope the next few months aren't too painful for you... we are rather short on demons because of you reapers..."

William's eyes shot open, the room was still dark and his red lover was still in his arms. Only he wasn't peacefully asleep anymore, his bright green eyes looked at William with a concern and tired gaze. "Will? Are-are you okay?" he yawned, rubbing his eyes childishly. "You woke me up... it sounded like you were having a nightmare dear... and you were shaking and hot... do you have a fever? Ma-maybe you should stay home from work today..."

"I'm-I'm fine Grell... as you said, it was only a nightmare. Nothing more... go back to sleep," William panted. "I'll be in the bathroom... I want you asleep when I come back." giving Grell a quick kiss to the lips, he pushed away the covers and went into the bathroom. He studied his reflextion carefully. He looked drained, pale, and his face was just a shade lighter than red. Maybe he did get sick and should stay home... no- he would not leave Ronald with all that work. 'We are rather short on demons because of you reapers...' Did having sex with a demon turn you into one? He never read anything like that before. It was just that stupid creature getting to him. His life would continue on as normal, those days at the circus never happened. William splashed cold water on his face, trying to cool himself down before going back to bed. He would have to wake up again in two hours for work, he should just start getting ready now. William still craved sleep though. Stifling a yawn, he went back into the bedroom and placed his glasses on the nightstand.

This time, when he fell back asleep no demons were haunting his mind- only paperwork.