The pain was sudden; like a pandemonium was suddenly occurring in the very deepest pits of his lower abdomen. William clenched to his stomach, applying as much pressure as he could to ease the pain. They started almost a week after Ronald and he finished the paperwork for the large soul collection. Being as stubborn as he was, Will refused to see a doctor about it, thinking these attacks would just vanish after a few days. There were no scars or infected cuts anywhere on his body, he ate a regular, healthy diet, and as far as he knew he wasn't in the least bit ill. His head didn't hurt, no fever- nothing. Just these sudden attacks of pain were happening in his body.

He took a shaky breath, placing his head on a pile of papers he was working on a moment before. Luckily no one had walked into his office while something like this was happening. For one thing, it was embarrassing. The Head Manager of the Shinigami Dispatch Society suffering from stomach pains, stopping his work just to ease the pain- it was unheard off. His double ringed eyes shut tight and small sweat drops fell from his forehead. This really was a state he was ashamed to be in. It was at most thankful that none of these had happened at home when Grell was around. The last thing he needed was for him to nurse Will back to health- not even knowing what the problem was to begin with and ending up making things worse.

If this kept up for even a day or two more, William would have to go down to the Infirmary to find out what the problem is. No work was going to get done if this continued. Just because he was a reaper didn't mean he could play with his health and end up bed ridden because of little, stupid mistakes he could have prevented. He ran over in his head the possibilities of how he had been reduced to this state. There could have been something he ate at the circus that his stomach didn't agree too, but he would be more vomiting and nauseous if that was the case. There were no marks anywhere on his body so he couldn't have been injured. Everything that seemed likely or possible in his mind was quickly able to be rebutted.

We are rather low on demons…

William grinded his teeth together, a fierce snarl appearing on his features as another wave of pain washed through him. That creature! He was responsible for the state he was in! Demons could have poisoned semen for all he knew! It could have been eating away at his body! The dark haired reaper cursed under his shaky breath, declaring in his mind that he was going to kill Sebastian personally the next time their paths crossed- rules or not.

"Augh..!" thinking of the dark haired demon alone and seeing the image of its face was enough for an even worse shot of pain to course through his nerves. It was without question why interacting with demons was strictly against rules. He knew it wasn't allowed since demons and reapers were mortal enemies from the beginning of time, but he did not what would happen if involvement occurred. His eyes shut tighter and his grip increased; it was no longer just his front but his chest and back began to ache as well. Those thousand little needles were pricking everywhere, constantly and at his most sensitive nerves.

His body never experienced this kind of pain before, he was rarely ill or injured and it was always small and something he could easily brush off. But this- this he couldn't. It was everywhere, hitting everything at once, and was more intense than any previous one of those attacks he had before. William couldn't handle it, his eyes were already shut tight and his head was pounding on top of everything else. Before he could let his thoughts go on any longer, the pain was gone.

Heels clicked down the hallway and a sigh was let out behind razor sharp teeth. Every day for the past week when he tried to hand in his work, William's door was locked and not a sound was heard from the inside other than small pants. Grell had grown to be extremely worried about William. At home he looked more fatigued and pale; he went to bed early and ate little. Grell first thought he was ill, but an average temperature argued otherwise. He tried asking William what the matter was but he was shrugged off and told it was nothing he had to worry about.

Adjusting a rather large pile of paperwork and folders in his arms, the red haired reaper turned the corner and headed to the end of the hall where William' office was. He prayed the door wouldn't be locked this time around; perhaps he could finally get a glimpse of what was happening to his dark haired lover. Grinning slightly and picking up his pace, Grell made his way down the short hallway and knocked lightly on the oak door.

"Will? I have papers for you! I'm coming in!" he announced, placing a free hand on the doorknob, relieve washing over him as the knob turned freely. "Will? Are you even in?" swinging the door a bit more, Grell questioned if William was even in his office since there was no usual "Come in." Grell looked into the office, seeing the mass of black hair on the desk- wait, was Will taking a nap in the middle of the day? That was completely out of character. Grell pouted, finding it completely unfair on he got away with naps when the red head could never get a wink of extra beauty sleep in the day.

"William T. Spears! I want you up right now!" his heeled shoes stomped across the small space of William's office before slamming the massive pile of paperwork on the tidy desk. "How dare you slip under the rules like that! You're abusing your power of a manager and it's so unfair!" he wailed like a young child who couldn't get what they wanted from the candy store. The pout soon turned into a slight snarl, feeling angry that Will was still asleep at his desk. Usually, Grell would find this rather cute; William's hair would become disheveled and snoozing lightly on the couch from late night working. Right now, it was more or less that Grell was angry at William sleeping for leisure, it was now looking as though he really was ill and had, in a way, collapsed from his body over working itself in a weaker form.

A sudden feeling of guilt washed over the sharp toothed reaper, if William really was ill then he should help him downstairs to the Infirmary for resting properly and possible get medicine to help him recover; he shouldn't be standing there yelling at his love for napping on the job if that was the case. "Will? If you can hear me… I'm really sorry about yelling. I'm going to move you down to the Infirmary now." The red head looked around the office nervously, carrying William down through the hallway wasn't an option, he would kill him knowing he was carried and appeared weak to his subordinates. For the meantime, Grell carefully pried his dark haired lover from his office chair and lifted him almost easily into his arms and placed him down on the small couch in his office and removing his suit jacket. Grell could just call the Infirmary to come up and check on him, if it was anything too serve they could carry him down on a stretcher themselves.

Grell nodded, thinking over the plan in his head before picking up the telephone on William's desk and dialing the Infirmary (which was the small building next to the offices). He waited for one of the nurses to pick up, however, it wasn't patiently. His foot kept tapping on the floor and his eyes kept darting over to his ill boss. It was all strange, if he was sick, why didn't he tell Grell? Didn't he trust him enough so that he could tell him when he was feeling weak? Grell always opened up to him, always told him how he felt... how come he couldn't return that? It was a simple thing, sharing one's own emotions, difficult for William yes, but he could have at least tried!

"Mr. Spears? Is anything the matter? We don't normally receive phone calls from you." the nurse on the other end of the line answered suddenly, nearly startling the red head.

"It-it's not Will, it's Grell!" he shouted almost frantically into the phone. "Will is sick- well I think he is- he was napping at his desk and his forehead is sweating and-and he looks like he's in pain and-"

"Mr. Sutcliff please calm down, I can hardly understand a single thing you're saying. Please, calmly this time, explain what is happening to Mr. Spears."

"I walked in and he... he was lying face down on his desk with his arm wrapped around his stomach. I checked up on him and I saw he was very warm and he looked like he was in pain so... I thought I should call you," a small sniffle was heard, Grell couldn't be upset could he? Yes, he was worried about William but that gave him no excuse to start acting like a sobbing child!

"I'll ask a doctor to come up to check on him, please stay in his office with him."

"No need to ask twice," Grell laughed drying, eyes glued to the resting black haired reaper.

"Good, just stand by for a minutes. I'll send a doctor up right away."

With that, the line went dead on the other end. Grell stood there, silently, holding the phone to his ear as if the nurse was still on the other end. His mind seemed numb, as did his soul. Yes, he worried about William when he was ill or injured and would over react to it from time to time. But this... something felt off about this. In the deepest part of his gut, the red head felt that this was more than how it appeared. Something dark was behind this, something that worried Grell to no end.

"He'll be okay... he's always okay," he reassured himself, placing the phone back on the receiver. "Why would something so bad be happening to Will that I haven't noticed in a whole week?" trying to put his spirits up, Grell forced a smile to his face and positive things to flow throughout his mind. "He's resting on the couch now... he's comfortable and the doctor will take care of him soon."

Keeping the positive attitude, Grell pulled one of the extra chairs in the room over to the side of the couch, sitting down by William's side. He had to get better, he was going to heal, and Grell was ready to help his lover in anyway possible- no matter what the outcome or what William had in the first place. Something not human nor reaper did this to him, it had to be something that damages a reaper from the inside... Grell did hear from Ronald that William had mentioned a demon in his report...

The red haired reaper let out a sigh as possibilities and scenarios ran through his head of what could have possibly could have happened to his dear William.