The Visitor

Seto leaned back in his chair and watched the security monitors with mild interest. His eyes jumped from monitor three to monitor five as his younger brother slipped out of his bedroom and tiptoed through the hallway to the back stairwell meant for the servants' use.

At the nearest window, Mokuba looked outside. He remained there for several minutes before taking the last three flights two steps at a time. He fumbled with the superfluous locking mechanisms.

A vague curiosity as to what could possibly have his brother so excited—or so he assumed this display of impatience to be—crossed Seto's mind.

Mokuba flung himself at the hooded figure that stepped through the open door, then took its hand and led it back up the stairs and into his bedroom.

Seto lightly fingered the security alarm as he returned his focus to monitor three, holding back only because it was obvious that his brother trusted whoever this hooded intruder happened to be. He rested his chin on his hand and watched, his interest in the scene growing with each passing second.

The figure slipped out of its cloak, revealing showy chains on his wrists and bizarre spiky hair.

Seto's chin slipped, sending his head plummeting toward the table for a brief moment of shock at the appearance of Yugi—no, the other Yugi. He quickly gathered his composure and set to giving himself the perfectly logical explanation. Yugi was, after all, a friend to Mokuba. No doubt this was nothing more than Mokuba doing Yugi a favor by letting him in to challenge Seto to a midnight duel...

Mokuba folded his arms around the other Yugi's neck and kissed him.

...or not. Seto watched with mild horror.

The King of Games whispered into Mokuba's ear, eliciting a visible flush before allowing his hands to slip under the boy's nightshirt.

Were he anyone else, Seto would surely have snapped. But he was the Seto Kaiba, and he did not lose his carefully constructed calm composure that easily. He watched for a moment longer as Mokuba pulled the other Yugi down onto his bed before shutting off monitor three, deciding he would have to allow Mokuba to learn from his mistakes. On the cell phone he used specifically to give orders to the myriad of servants in the mansion, he sent a text message to tomorrow morning's chef with instructions not to allow Mokuba to have breakfast in bed.

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