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"Malachite Jade Oak!" barked the teacher sourly, "Why in the name of Arceus are you staring out of the window again?"

A chestnut-haired girl with bright sea-green eyes looked up indifferently. Her bangs were spiked up a bit, and her bangs wouldn't grow very long without becoming a Mohawk. A sly smile graced her lips, as if escaping the room would be like heaven increased tenfold. "Tomorrow," she started, "I'm going to miss class, Mrs."

"Tomorrow, Miss Oak, is a very important day in 8th grade."

"What are we doing tomorrow?" Malachite snapped.


"Well, even if you force me to go to class tomorrow, besides Mom and Dad, you'll have to face me." The girl smirked arrogantly. "Remember last year's incident with the very valuable statue of Prof Oak?"

The teacher paled. "You did that?"

Malachite answered, while examining her nails, "It is legally mine. I mean, it's a statue of my great-gramps."

The teacher sighed in defeat, "State your reason for missing class."

"Actually, all the dex-holders' kids will be missing. We're going to go with our parents to the Viridian forest, then Vermillion bay."


As kids filed out of the room, Malachite calmly walked out of the door.


"Oof!" she muttered, "Seriously…"

"Sorry, Malachite," the boy cheekily grinned. "But, you know, you should stay there…"

"You pervert," hissed Malachite, bring her hand up to slap the offender, "I can't believe…"

"Malachite!" scolded a familiar voice, "Please spare my idiot of a twin brother."

"Aw, Ivory," he whined, "I like the cool touch of her hand on my cheek!"

With that, the 7th grade girl promptly kicked the boy in the shins.


"I guess he deserved it…"

Malachite turned to Ivory. "Ivory, why does Copper always hit on me, when I hit him-literally?"

Ivory sighed, shaking her brown bangs out of her sky-blue eyes that had a touch of gold. "He's just like Dad," she mused, "or so Mom says." She flipped her wavy brow hair over her shoulders.

"I'm proud of it," Copper grinned cheekily once more. Malachite had to admit, she was a bit flattered. Considering how many girls chased after Copper like they were rabid rabbits after a nuclear carrot, being the one he flirted with was something. And Copper was handsome; he had spiky black hair like his father and mischievous blue-gold eyes, like his sister. And, once he entered the 9th grade, along with Ivory and Malachite, lots more rabid fans would try and obtain his attention. Surely.

"Guys! Hey, Malachite, Ivory, Copper!" a boy, in the 7th grade, waved to them and began to run over.

"Hi, Cadmium," Ivory greeted warmly. Said 'Cadmium' turned pink and replied, flustered, "Remember, you have to call me Caddy!"

Copper ruffled Cadmium's golden blonde spikes, making the younger boy's bright orange eyes flare up in anger. "Just because I'm the youngest, and shortest," muttered Caddy crossly.

"Caddy, where's Amber?" asked Ivory.

"She's in 6th grade, remember?" Cadmium replied.

Malachite cut in. "My teacher was being a stick up my butt. And, seriously. We should start our journeys by now…"

"We're still waiting for your dad and my mom to finish those poke-dexes, and fix them with the others, remember?" Ivory answered, "Plus, we've yet to find out our talents…"

"We're healers, remember?" A girl said, "Cadmium and me."

The girl looked up at the others with wide amber eyes. She had dark black hair with light sandy blonde (natural) highlights. She had a flush on her face and looked a bit tired.

"Amber," Ivory smiled, then looked concerned. "Why do you look so tired?"

"Oh," the girl twirled some hair around on her finger. She blinked tiredly and responded slowly, "Even though I'm a sound sleeper…Mom and Dad were talking about something last night and I heard some crying and laughing…I couldn't sleep…"


Deep in the Viridian Forest the following day, a small group of people were gathered around a red and grey stain on the floor. A blonde woman with kind hazel eyes brushed her fingertips over the dark crimson stain as a few tears escaped her eyes. The man next to her put his arms around her. She looked up into his red eyes and sobbed into his black locks.

Two kids crowded around the couple, embracing them as well.

Yellow sobbed, "I-I remember…*hic*…that night…It was torture…*hic*…Red rescue me." She smiled at her husband who returned it with a warm smile in return. Strong, comforting arms wrapped themselves around Yellow, Cadmium, and Amber.

"I think," Red began, "You kids are ready to hear what happened."

That perked up the older kids' interest. Malachite came over with her parents and sat down lightly. Copper and Ivory settled down on the dirt ground next to her while Gold and Crystal gathered at the front with Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

Crystal went into her story-telling mode, closing her sky blue eyes and exhaling peacefully. "We didn't witness everything, but it all started because Blue wanted to get Red and Yellow together…"

Malachite stole a glance at her mother; who was a bright maroon color.

Red nodded and smiled, "I remember that Yellow was staying in Pallet for a while. We ran into each other at the market and I asked her to stay at my house because of my Aunt, Meria. I hated her so much that I just had to go on my honeymoon two weeks before her funeral…

Anyway, Yellow-" Red stopped to lightly peck the woman on the cheek, "-was staying at my house. Apparently she had talked to Blue via pokegear while I was in the bathroom, and made Yellow wish to 'grow up', per say."

Yellow turned bright red and continued Red's story. "The next day, I woke up-and voila! I was 'grown up'!"

The Kanto dex-holders laughed and nostalgia began to overcome them. They continued to tell the tale, earning 'oohs', 'ahs', gasps, and sympathetic phrases. They stopped talking for a bit, and just sat in the cool breeze washing gently against them.

"But…how did it end? With World Gorger?" Amber asked, confusion etched on her face.

"Ahh…" Yellow turned to Red. "We should go to Vermillion first."

"But it's almost sunset," Malachite pointed out.

Green turned to his daughter; she really did have an alter ego type personality. One minute she could be cunningly blackmailing someone, then acting like a strict older sibling. He could only say he was a mix of them.

"It fits," Yellow said, "the story we're going to tell you."

~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_~~~~~~~~~~~~~_~~~~_~_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:_:_:_:_:_:::'(;_; ;-; ;.; ;_;

The sun was slowly settling over the bay. A few lone bird pokemon flew over the horizon, while the ocean sparkled with natural beauty. The cliff side the group had settled down at overlooked the stunning view.

The story had been told with many laughs, tears, and silent pauses. Silver had stopped by to add some details in the tale, in which gasps from Malachite could be heard.

"U-uncle Silver could have been…my dad?" Malachite gasped, gingerly fingering her hair.

"Yep," her mother replied, "but then you'd probably have red hair and blue-grey eyes."

Copper glanced at Malachite, trying to imagine her with said features. He frowned slightly that her beautiful kaleidoscope eyes had changed; and if Silver was her father, her personality would be different, too. That was quite upsetting.

"Come on," Red got up and gestured to the dex-holders. "The blood is probably still there. We can pay our respects."

The parents all got up and left the kids by themselves. Ivory was talking to Cadmium and Amber, telling them about miscellaneous things that amused them. Copper inched closer to Malachite and put his arm around her. She didn't respond.

"I would feel heartbroken like Dad, too," she said idly. "Of course, it was that bastard's fault."

Copper thought for a moment and replied, honestly, "Yeah. But I understand how Uncle Silver felt at that time. I mean, they view each other as siblings now, but in a childhood relationship like that one-or both-are bound to start feeling differently. But Uncle Silver has gotten over it, finally. He sees that his feelings were that of a brother, not of a lover. I think he's dating a chick named Lyra, anyway."

Malachite looked at Copper in shock. She was used to seeing Copper as a flirty, laid back lazy guy, but she saw a small part of Aunt Crystal in him, too. At least in Uncle Gold's favorite subject, romance, Copper was pretty smart.

"Yeah," mused Malachite. She gazed out at the sun, just half way set as it was a warm June. The calming warmth of the summer calmed her and the boy next to her began to lull her into the inviting clouds of sleep.

"Don't fall asleep," Copper shook Malachite gently. "I'm not a Jigglypuff."

"Aww. But I stayed up studying for the pokemon test last night!" Malachite protested.

Copper chuckled. "I have something important to ask you."

Sea green eyes darted over to look at the mix of celestial and gold pair. "Okay, ask."

Copper leaned a bit to his left so his face was mere inches from hers. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Malachite smiled slowly, her cheeks a pink hue in the fading light of the sun. "Yes."

The boy embraced her, running a hand through her spiky locks. She moved her head slightly as he turned and their lips met.


A man in his thirties was sitting in a tree not far from where the dex-holders' children were at. He especially watched the couple staring off into the sky. His grey eyes softened and he ran a finger through his blonde hair. He turned to his right.

"So, I guess happiness does come with the arrival of Dusk?" he asked playfully.

"Oh, shush. Until you die I cannot move on!" the girl huffed, but then giggled. "Ha. At least I can tell you that. Oh, and by the way, when you die you'll age backwards. So you won't be an old pedo."

"Haha, Dusk. You sure have changed."

"15 years does that to people," Dusk replied, laughing.

_ &*#&#*#()#*U)!*#$)!$#U#*%489037w87w45

After breaking their liplock (to which Amber had replied with an 'aw', Cadmium a 'ew', and Ivory a smirk) they were back to looking at the sky, which now was a purply indigo.

Looking at Malachite and seeing her drowsy expression, Copper said, "You can sleep on me now."


"Owww!" Copper clutched his head. "I thought you were sleepy!"

"I think you don't tell a girl that just an hour after asking her out," a voice said, as a dark protective aura began to form.

"Heheheheh…Uncle Green?" replied Copper nervously. Darn. Stupid moody emo dad of hers.

Launching into an intense argument with him wouldn't be a good idea. They were family and plus he didn't think he'd win.

They were all family, connected by a bond. They had gone through so much together.

They were linked.

And they wanted to be.

Malachite Jade Oak

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Birthday: November 6, 1997

Description: Short, spiky chestnut brown hair, spiky bangs, hair sticks up at top, cut short at a bit longer than shoulder length. Blue+Green/Sea green eyes. Tan skin, 5 ft 2.

Personality: Sort of alter-ego-ish. Has mother's mischievous, blackmailing, sly ways, while also harboring her father's discipline and caution. Is witty, cheeky, smart, and strategic.

Occupation: High-school freshmen student, new generation Kanto pokedex-holder, in relationship with Copper Hibiki.

Relatives: Blue (mother), Green (father), Prof Oak (grandfather), Daisy (aunt), Silver (uncle), Red (Godfather), Lyra (aunt), Yellow (Godmother).

Talent/Power: Trainer (like Green)

Cadmium "Caddy" Batoru

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Birthday: June 22, 1998

Description: Sandy blonde hair, unruly bangs, orange eyes. Fair-skinned, 5 ft 1.

Personality: Typical boy personality, oblivious, kind.

Occupation: 8th grade Junior High student, new generation Kanto pokedex-holder.

Relatives: Yellow (mother), Red (father), Amber (sister), Green (Godfather), Blue (Godmother).

Talent/Power: Healer/Communicate with pokemon

Amber "Am" Batoru

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Birthday: September 8th, 1999

Description: Long black hair with natural sandy blonde/brown highlights, amber eyes, spiky bangs. Fair-skinned, 4 ft 11.

Personality: Shy, quiet, kind, worry-wart, enjoys fashion and beauty (impulsive and bossy when it comes to fashion, a trait she picked up from going shopping with her mom and Blue).

Occupation: 7th grade Junior High student, new generation Kanto pokedex-holder.

Relatives: Yellow (mother), Red (father), Cadmium (brother), Green (Godfather), Blue (Godmother).

Talent/Power: Healer

Copper Hibiki

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Birthday: August 14th, 1997

Description: A spitting image of his father, except for his blue/gold eyes. 5 ft 4. BORN WITH DEFECT IN ARMS; MORE EFFICIENT WITH LEGS; ARMS HEALED.

Personality: Cocky, arrogant, flirtatious, and slightly perverted. Quite knowledgeable in his favorite subject, love, and enjoys taking care of kids.

Occupation: High-school freshmen student, new generation Johto pokedex-holder, in relationship with Malachite Oak.

Relatives: Crystal (mother), Gold (father), Ivory (twin sister), Silver (Godfather), Lyra (Godmother).

Talent/Power: Catching compatible breeding pokemon-with legs!

Ivory Hibiki

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Birthday: August 14th, 1997

Description: Shoulder-length brown hair, side bangs, blue/gold eyes. 5 ft 1 ½ NOTES:

Personality: Strict, kind, smart.

Occupation: High-school freshmen student, new generation Johto pokedex-holder, works at daycare with mother occasionally.

Relatives: Crystal (mother), Gold (father), Copper (twin brother), Silver (Godfather), Lyra (Godmother).

Talent/Power: Breeding; usually they come out shiny

Garnet Birch Hito

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Birthday: January 26, 1998

Description: Below-ear length black hair, red-ish pink-ish eyes. 5 ft.

Personality: Tomboy-ish (but secretly loves glitter and beauty), nature-loving.

Occupation: 8th grade Junior High student, new generation Hoenn pokedex-holder.

Relatives: Sapphire (mother), Ruby (father), Turquoise (brother), Prof Birch (grandfather), Norman (grandfather), Caroline (grandmother), Emerald (Godfather).

Talent/Power: Can persuade any pokemon to be tamed

Turquoise Birch Hito

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Birthday: February 3, 2000

Description: Dark brown hair, blue-ish purple eyes. 4 ft 11 ½.

Personality: Easily angered, but easily calmed as well. Very emotional.

Occupation: 6th grade student, new generation Hoenn pokedex-holder.

Relatives: Sapphire (mother), Ruby (father), Garnet (sister), Prof Birch (grandfather), Norman (grandfather), Caroline (grandmother), Emerald (Godfather).

Talent/Power: None

Things regarding the third installment of the World Gorger plotline:

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