Did I Ever Want To Change The Past?

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Malachite POV

The feeling was maddening. It began at my head-at the time, I dismissed it as a migraine-but as it traveled to my eyes, I blinked to regain my sight, I knew something was up. When it came to my nose, I felt as if something was clogging my nostrils. My mouth became dry and chapped; my throat constricted; my arms and chest aching; my legs strained. My feet were slowly being advanced on.

I tried to see if the others felt this, but as I showed no outward signs of these symptoms, I doubted anyone else would show them. I was…wrong.

Copper hobbled over and asked if I was okay. He had said that I looked pale. He, in turn, said that he felt wrong everywhere.

I noticed Ivory began to pale and sweat; Cadmium complaining of a major headache; Amber gasping for breath; Turquoise clenching his fists; and Garnet limped. Ruby-Uncle Ruby-had more bloodshot eyes, and Aunt Sapph was clenching her teeth as she sniffed.

What was happening? Did we all have allergic reactions to the food? Environment in the Unova region?

Cooper began to walk slower-matching my pace-and I remembered that, unlike most of us, had finished the cocoa. Did the cocoa hold something common to Unova, but foreign to the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn?

Or did some otherworldly thing just want to mess with us?

My train of thought was cut short when my feet began to ache crazily, my migraine going to insane levels, and my chest, stomach, and legs ached so badly just breathing heavily-which was necessary to breath with my clogged nose-hurt. I leaned on Copper's shoulders, and though I won't admit it, because he's a caring boyfriend, he picked me up and put me on his back. I was woozy and drowsy, but my breathing kept me from nodding off on his back. I mean, it was warm; his shoulders broad; and, although I knew he was suffering from the same symptoms, my emotions could not go against my aching brain. But then, my nostrils cleared miraculously, as if I had taken asthma medicine. My head still hurt, and my eyes irritated. I closed my eyes, and nodded into a slumber.

Dusk POV

"Kline!" I practically screeched, tearing my hair out of its sockets. I may be a ghost, but we're just like people, okay? I even straightened my hair and grew it out.

He looked up from his book-Spiritual Guidance For Dummies-and asked, "Yes, Dusk?"

I blew hair from in front of my face, than let it fall over my eye again. My new style was chic, but annoying. "World Gorger put Dialga's drool in the dex-holder's kids food and now they'll transport in time!"

Kline raised an eyebrow. "I don't see how that could be bad…couldn't they defeat him early, then?"

I face-palmed. "That would be DISASTROUS! If they defeated him before he took Yellow's blood, think! Yellow and Red might not get together. Or, my body wouldn't be created. I'd be a blank soul until an unclaimed fertilized egg comes along! And who knows when that would happen? You might have become old and grey before I would be born!"

Taking off his reading glasses, Kline replied, "Okay, okay. Dusk, I find out you're not dead after a day, and then your personality turns different?"

"I'm still the same," I sighed. "I'm just…freaking out here."

"Why don't you call Ashley?"

I looked at him-WAS HE MENTAL? She and James-finally-were choosing their wedding stuff. I had helped Ashley design a classic, beautiful dress. I was like a Victorian dress, in dark grey and black. Absolutely gorgeous.

"Kline just doesn't remember these things," a voice, identical to Kline's-yet more feminine-chirped. I looked at Kline's inner voice-as he called him-but was really the manifestation of his subconscious mind.

Kline's inner voice looked just like Kline, of course.

Kline, Kline's inner voice, and I squabbled and argued, a vital mistake.

1; we were in the lovely forest of Illex. 2; there were visitors after it became pleasant. 3; we looked like idiots.

4? While we were bickering, the kids were wading deeper in croconaw waters.

"YOU IDIOTS!" roared World Gorger, his nasal, croaking voice making it sound humorous. However, no one laughed.

A waitress with blue hair in two buns came up to him dressed in a maid outfit. "B-but, Master, they did not visit my restaurant-"


She lowered her head, careful not to make eye contact. "Yes, sir, but aren't they being sent to the past already?"

"There is no more Dialga saliva," he growled. "What good is it now that I cannot get them?"

"Well," she stuttered, bowing low. "Your past self should take care of them."

His eyes lit up and he cackled once more. "You are quite smart!" her boomed, an evil smirk gracing his old face.

"They will be dead."

"Holy shizz! Sis, sis! AM! My stomach is glowing! HOLY SH** COPPER, MALACHITE, YOU'RE GLOWING TOO!"

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Malachite: Umbreon (Luna/F), Beedrill (F)

Copper: Gyrados (Rad/M), Togepi (Topi/M)

Amber: Dragonair (Gona/M), Igglybuff (Buff/F)

Cadmium: Pikachu (Ka/F), Metapod (Tapo/M)

Ivory: Ninetails (Nina/F)

Garnet: Beautifly (Tiffy/F), Giraffig (Fig/M)

Turquoise: Steelix (M), Milotic (Milo/M)

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