A/N: Time for my annual Christmas Crack Fic, unless the last two years which took place in the same universe The Night Santa Got Drunk, this is a direct sequel, so I do recommend you read that before you read this... enjoy!

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Super Saving Santa Adventure!

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: At Least he Wasn't Drunk!

In the year 2008, Santa got so drunk that he really messed things up, he messed things up big time.

It got so messed up that Ichigo Kurosaki, Naruto Uzumaki and Monkey D. Luffy had to fix it.

The last two Christmases were good, nothing too bad happened.

It was won't until the day before Christmas Eve that things turned weird…

"What do you mean he's missing?" asked Mrs. Claus.

"I mean he's gone!" said an Elf, "He was here one moment, and gone the next."

That was when she saw a letter on the ground.

"We have him, May Christmas Wither and Die!" she read, "P.S. Don not come Mrs. Claus, we have covered our lair with crosses, garlic and holy water. You have no choice but to give up."

Mrs. Claus stared at the note, trembling.

"We have found the location." Said an elf.

"What do we?" asked another.

"Call the Trinity! They saved Christmas before and they're save it again." Said Mrs. Claus.

The Elves nodded.

Monkey D. Luffy was making a snow angel when a magical note appeared and landed on his face, he looked at it and knew what he had to do.

Naruto Uzumaki was training when a magical note appeared in front of him and fell to the ground. He looked at it and knew what he had to do.

Ichigo Kurosaki was doing his homework when a magical note appeared on the desk next to him, he picked it up and read, he knew was he had to do…

Throw it in the trash and pretend it didn't' come to him.

However after the last time they saved Santa, they figured Ichigo wanted no part in this.

"Come on Ichigo!" said Luffy, "It's the adventure of a life time!"

"I'm not going!" came Ichigo's voice from the other side.

"Why?" asked Luffy.

"For one thing, he's a drunk." Said Ichigo.

"But he's been doing better." Said Luffy.

"He's been going to A.A. and everything." Said Naruto.

"I said no…" said Ichigo.

"But…" said Naruto.

That was when the door opened both of them sweat dropped… Ichigo was in Soul Reaper from.

"Getsuga Tensho!" she yelled.

And Luffy and Naruto were sent flying.

Haruhi Suzumiya and Konata Izumi were walking down a street.

"SO I hear they're going to rerun your Christmas special." Said Konata.

"They are." Said Haruhi happily.

That was when Naruto and Luffy landed in front them.

"Why doesn't' he want to save Christmas again?" asked Luffy at he got up and dusted himself off.

"He does pretend that it never happened, so I'm, not surprised." sighed Naruto.

"What's going on?" asked Konata.

They turned to see the two girls.

"Should we tell them?" asked Naruto.

"Why not." Said Luffy with a shrug.

And they told the two their problem…

"So Santa got kidnapped?" asked Haruhi.

"And it's up to you to save him?" asked Konata.

The two nodded.

"Can I help?" asked Haruhi and Konata at the same time.

"Sure why not." Said Luffy.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" asked Naruto, "I mean…"

Both Konata and Haruhi weren't' the best to tag along, sure Haruhi had powers but she didn't know how to use them, and Konata knew martial arts but she looked like a grade schooler.

"If you think need more people, I have a couple people who owe me favors." Said Konata, "They got send the message to recruit."

Sometime later…

"Hiya Luckies! It's Akira Kogami!" said Akira, "Here for a very special Christmas message."

"And as always her assistant Minoru Shiraishi!" said Minoru.

"We have a very special announcement, that might scare you! But Santa has been kidnapped!" said Akira, "Oh no!"

"Fortunately Naruto and Luffy are organizing a crew to save him so if you ant to live the dream of saving Christmas! Meet a half hours before midnight in the park." Said Minoru, "Say Akira, are you think about doing it?"

"I couldn't care less." Said Akira break her sweet persona, "I've been on the naughty list for a long time. I've gotten many lumps of coal that it doesn't faze me any more."

"I'm not surprised." mumbled Minoru.

"What was that?" asked Akira.

"Nothing!" said Minoru.

"I don't even care any more." Said Akira, who them went back to her cheerful persona, "Remember, half hour before midnight in the park, Bye-nii!"

"Bye-nii!" said Minoru.

(Title Card)

"I bet Santa got you so many cool things though out the years." Said Akira.

"Yeah… he did." Said Minoru.

"Don't go bragging it about everywhere." Said Akira.

Naruto shut off the TV that they were watching, that happened to have this on.

"So do you think this will get people?" he asked.

"I'm sure it will!" said Konata.

That night at the park, the four waited.

"Hey!" they heard a voice.

The turned to see Ash Ketchum with Pikachu running towards them.

"Do you still need help?" asked Ash.

"Didn't you already save Christmas?" asked Konata.

"We don't like to talk about it." Pointed out Ash.

"Why?" asked Haruhi.

That was when everyone realized why.

"Oh… yeah that…" said Konata.

That was when Ranma Saotome arrived, "I don't care about saving Christmas, I just need to get away from the night."

Everyone exchanged glances, none of them wanted to know what was going on and it was better that way.

That was when Lina Inverse arrived.

"This is the team right?" asked Lina.

"Aren't you on the naughty list, why are you helping him?" asked Ranma.

"I'm not on the naughty list… sure I do horrible things." Said Lina, "But my good deeds balance it out."

"Sure it does." Said Haruhi.

"Doesn't the same thing happen to you?" asked Lina.

Haruhi was about say something, when Usagi Tsukino arrived.

"I always wanted to save Christmas, so I'm here!" said Usagi.

"Didn't you already once save Christmas?" asked Konata.

"No…" said Usagi, "I saved the world on Christmas… there is a difference."

"Can I help?" asked Negi Springfield, landed form the sky.

"Of course you can!" said Naruto.

"He's definitely more useful than those two." Said Lina pointing to Haruhi and Konata.

"Hey!" yelled the two.

"All right! I'm here to save Christmas!" yelled Tomo Takino suddenly showing up.

There was an awkward silence.

"And you two are more useful than her." Said Lina.

"Did you just insult me?" asked Tomo.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." said Lina.

The two began to glare at each other.

"Come on you two. Please stop fighting we have to work together." Said Pinkie Pie popping up from nowhere.

Lina stared at the pink pony, "What the hell…" she whispered.

"What's Pinkie Pie doing here?" asked Naruto.

"Isn't obvious, the author's been on such a pony kick that she brought me in! I think Usagi and Ranma know what I'm talking about!" said Pinkie.

Both Ranma and Usagi sweat dropped.

"Okay…" said Naruto, "Barring anyone else coming here!"

There won't be.

"A group of elves will show up and take us to the North Pole!" eh explained, "Then it's off to save Santa!"

Everyone cheered, not only what horrors was going to happen that night…

Needless to say it was going to very, very weird…

Next Time: The rag tag team goes to the North Pole then to where Santa is being kept. What will happen? Something insane that for sure!