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Chapter 5: And so Christmas is Here!

They had tied up the evil group, and waited for elves to appear while listening to Santa's drunk talk.

"That's why I tried to destroy New Jersey!" mumbled Santa.

Everyone looked at him, wondering just what the hell he was talking about.

That was when the elves showed up.

"Oh crap… who got him drunk." Said the female elf.

They all pointed to the evil group.

"WHAT!" yelled the elves.

"It's all his fault." said the old man.

The one who gave Santa the booze began to cry.

"he's in store for a fate worse than death." Said the male elf.

"You got that right." Said the female elf.

There was a bright flash of light and they all found them selves in Santa's workshop.

"We'll give you some food and let you relax before taking you home." said the female elf.

They were lead into a room filled with a ton of food, considering four of them ate a ton, it made sense.

"Where does the food go?" asked Haruhi to Konata as they watched Naruto, Luffy, Lina and Pinkie eat a ton of food.

"Well with Luffy…" said Konata.

"Expect for Luffy." Said Haruhi as Luffy ballooned.

"I don't know." Said Konata.

"Well at least some have manners." Said Haruhi.

She looked at Tomo, Usagi and Ash who were eating a lot but weren't being such slobs about it.

After a bit, Lina was done eating.

"So…" said Lina.

"SO what?" asked Usagi.

"I mean did we actually save Christmas?" asked Lina.

There was an awkward silence in the room as they thought about it.

"Well we did break into their lair." Said Luffy.

"I don't think that counts." Said Haruhi.

"We did get captured. "said Pinkie.

"That's… that was just pathetic." Said Lina.

There was another silence in the room which was drowned by the screams of the guy who gave Santa the booze.

"No! No please don't kill me!" yelled the guy.

"You will not die… I plan to keep you alive for as long as possible." Came Mrs. Claus voice.

"So… a vampire…" said Tomo.

"Just ignore it." Said Haruhi.

Meanwhile at a jail cell run by the elves the evil group were sulking.

"When you gathered us, why didn't you study?" asked one guy.

"I don't know!" yelled the leader.

"Why did you automatically assume they were two different groups?" asked the same guy.

"I don't know! I just wanted to destroy Christmas." Cried the guy.

That was when n elf came into the room.

"You can't destroy Charismas…" said the Elf.

Everyone else in the cell groaned, they were getting tired of those Speeches about stealing Christmas or decoying it and that no one could.

Seriously… those speeches are so common…

Hours later, just as the sun was rising in the park, the group arrived.

"Well it's Christmas." said Naruto.

"Actually it's Christmas Eve." Pointed out Lina.

"Whatever." Said Naruto.

They all went their separate ways.

When Konata got home she found Akira waiting at her house for her.

"So… how did it go?" she asked.

"Um… do you really want to know?" asked Konata.

"No! Of course not!" Denied Akira.

Konata sweat dropped.

"I guess she did want to join after all." Said Konata who shrugged and when in.

At the North Pole, the Elves were quickly getting ready for Christmas.

"Making Christmas!" sang some elves.

"Stop signing that song! I know Danny Elman did the song, but it's own by Disney…" said another elf.

The Elves made the last of the toys in silence.

Meanwhile Santa finally sobered up thanks to the medicine.

"What happened?" asked Santa.

"Nothing happened! Nothing at all!" lied the elf doctor.

"Because I could have sworn that I was kidnapped and was used a battery for an extremely weak but big demon…" said Santa.

"No… of course not… it was just a dream." Said elf doctor.

"Good then Booze me up Scotty!" said Santa, "I got the urge to drink."

The Elf Doctor face palmed…

He knew it was going to have repercussions next year definitely!

And so Santa's delivery went out without a hitch with his special medicine keeping him sober.

It was Christmas Day in the city's bay, and on the Thousand Sunny everyone opened gifts.

"I wonder what this is!" said Luffy, who opened and it was meat.

"So… who gave him that meat?" asked Sanji.

Franky raised his hand.

That was when there was a knock at the door, which Nami opened. It was Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura.

"Hey! We thought we'd come over." Said Naruto.

The three came and Nami was about the close the door when Lina and her band suddenly came in.

"I guess it wouldn't feel right with out meeting everyone at a random place after saving Christmas…" said Lina, "Or trying."

"How did it go anyway?" asked Amelia.

Before any of them could answer, Negi came in with Asuna and Konoka.

"Hey!" said Asuna.

"You only brought two of them?" asked Sanji.

This made everyone sweat drop.

"I agree…" said Brock suddenly showing up.

Well actually he came in with Ash who was also accompanied by Misty, May, Max, Dawn, Iris and Cilan.

"I was hopping for all of class 3A." whined Brock.

"Will this suit you better?" asked Haruhi showing up with Mikuru in her sexy Santa costume.

The rest of the S.O.S. Brigade came in as well.

"Hey, looks like it's becoming a party." Said Konata with her father and cousins.

"IT sure is." Said Usagi as she came in with the rest of the Sailor Senshi and Mamoru.

That was when Ranma came in with the Tendos and his father.

"Looks like almost everyone who help try to save Santa is here." Said Ranma.

They all looked at the door, expecting the odd one out.

"Was there someone who help you?" asked Yui.

Meanwhile in Ponyville.

"And that's where I was the last the few days." Explained Pinkie.

Pinkie's pony friends all looked at each other.

"Yes… I'm sure that's what happened…" said Twilight.

Back on the Thousand Sunny.

"She portably went back to where she came from." Said Negi.

"Seriously… what was she?" asked Lina.

"A Magical Pink pony." Said Konata.

"That's not what I meant!" she said with a sweat drop.

"Either way!" said Luffy, "Let's party!"

Everyone cheered and so a gigantic party got started.

It didn't matter that they really didn't save Santa, they had a good time and they were together having fun.

Although chances were high that Santa next year was going to get into some sort of shanigans and they were now all on the Elves list to save his ass from trouble.

Oh well…

The End!

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