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Summary: 15 year old Monkey D. Luffy has always been a free spirit. With her grandfather wanting her to be a Marine and the Bandits wanting her to be just like them, Luffy is caught between not one world but two. Her feelings of being trapped in a too small cage are broken when Trafalgar Law, the Surgeon of Death and captain of the Heart Pirates, catches her after she attempts to pickpocket him and his crew. She's caught his attention, and wants her to be apart of his crew, but can he break the cage that keeps her there, or will Luffy stay caged forever?

Warning: Slight OOCness, don't know a lot about Law's crew. ?This is a fem!luffy fanfic, also she will have a different devil fruit ability.

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Episode 1: Meeting the Heart Pirates!

Fuschia Village-

It was almost noon, and the market place in Fuschia Village, was like normal, packed with the occasional visitor and the townsfolk. In a nearby alleyway, a young girl, of around 15, knelt close to the ground. She wore a white shirt, covered in smudges and dirt from her time spent playing in the vast forest near the center of the island. The shirt was a bit baggy and a little too long for her, more like a dress then an actual shirt itself really, and underneath she wore a pair of dark blue leggings. Her black hair was as it always looked, and would probably continue to look, as it was forever unruly and uneven, looking more like a serious case of bed head she did not want to take care of. It was almost down to her shoulder, and actually managed to look clean despite the fact that it looked like she had just woken up. Laying against the girls back by a carefully tied, and unusually strong string, was a straw hat, that was a lot more well kept then the rest of the girl. On her feet were pair of straw sandals, that were surprisingly sturdy. Despite her face being covered in smudges, she was actually really pretty.

The girl crouched even lower as she spotted her newest set of targets, a group of men that were for the most part strangely dressed, and actually she should correct the previous assessment. A group of men, plus a polar bear, weaing a bright orange jumpsuit. Then again, the girl felt she had no right to question other people's fashion sense, and it seemed to be a uniform of sorts, as the others in the group, with the exception of the carefree man in the lead, were all wearing similar jumpsuits, theirs were all beige, unlike the bear, meaning that it was most likely, of higher rank then the others. The man in the lead, must have been the leader, as he didn't wear clothes that were even remotely similar.

The man or rather boy, as he was a year older then her, give or take a few months, was wearing jeans, a black and yellow hoody, and a biege spotted hat. He was definitely the leader of the group. There were variations between the lower ranked ones though. One was wearing a hat that looked like a penguin, another was wearing shades and a hat as well. There was also another man, who was much bigger then the others, and wasn't wearing a uniform, but a black shirt and jeans.

The young girl continued to observe the group, crouching lower, before breaking into a dead sprint. Several people in the crowd parted as she passed, trying to avoid the girl, as they were quite used to her antics. Suddenly the girl seemed to almost disappear from view, only to reappear, being held up, to the crowds utter shock, by the leader of the group. The girl dangled there by her arms as she glared at the man silently.

"Ho! Now who are you? You know it's not very nice to steal from people." the boy said as he continued to hold the girl of the ground slightly. The girl just continued to glare at him before lifting one of her legs up and between them. The boy raised an eyebrow in question, only to have it answered when she attempted to kick him in the solar plexus. He let go the girl and as soon as she hit the ground she took off in the opposite direction. He was about to go after the girl when a young woman began laughing from the scene slightly.

"Well now that's a first! I haven't seen anybody catch the Town thief since eleven years ago! That was pretty good! Why don't you guys come keep me company for a while? I can tell you about Ms. Thief." The boy thought for a moment before finally nodding in agreement and motioning for his men to follow the woman.

At the local tavern-

"So my name's Makino. It's nice to meet you." The woman introduced as she gave the men drinks. She gently pat the bear on the head before going to prep some food for them as well.

"Nice to meet you as well Miss Makino. I'm guessing you own this place?" Makino nodded as she continued to work on the food.

"So what's your name Mr. Stranger?" She asked as she placed the food down on the table. The boy smiled in thanks for the meal and answered,

"The names Trafalgar Law. So what about the girl from earlier? She doesn't seem to live in town." Makino nodded as she answered,

"Yeah, her names Luffy. And your right, she doesn't live in town like the rest of us, at least not anymore." This got Law to raise an eyebrow in question,

"What do you mean by anymore?" Makino laughed a little before answering,

"She used to live in town. But then a famous pirate came to visit, and Luffy, that silly goofball, ate a Devil Fruit that they had gotten from one of their ventures. The guy encouraged her to become a pirate and when her grandfather got wind of it, he toted her off and entrusted to some famous mountain bandits in the area. She doesn't live with them anymore, but you can find in the woods. Just be careful, and look up. There are some big animals in there." The woman warned as she went about serving seconds. She had left him to his thoughts, which he was grateful for. 'So this girl, Luffy, want's to be a pirate huh?'

"Well, who's to say I can't help her with that?" he whispered to himself as he smirked, a plan firmulating in his head as he stood up quietly and left. "Thanks for the food Miss Makino. I'm entrusting my guys to you for awhile, try to keep them out of trouble, okay?" Makino smiled and nodded, used to be placed as temperary babysitter for pirates. She was no fool, and she knew straight away from how the men carried themselves, these were pirates.

As for Law, he figured that the woman probably already knew his profession. There was a reason she had told him all this. She wanted him to take the girl with him, which he probably would have done anyway, as he had already found her interesting enough as was. Now he had all the more reason to try and get her to join his crew. 'Luffy...'

At Curly Dadan's hideout-

Luffy stood infront of a group of mountain bandits, the most notorious on Dawn Island. They may have raised her from when she was four, but she was still resentful to them, at least a little. They watned her to be a mountain bandit, as bad as them. Her grandfather was worse, wanting her to be a marine. She had almost no freedom here, and felt like a bird in a cage that was too small with little to no room. It was suffocating to say the least. Dadan just shook her head before stating,

"Bah! It's alright Gakki! You can't sucker everyone! Just try some fool you can get, or go get some food, kay?" This was why Luffy couldn't be completely resentful with them. They were nice, and they unerstood. They gave her what freedom they could by allowing her some choice in her life, but she still felt the unbearable pressure and weight of being caged. It was why she wanted to be a pirate. Not for fame, glory, or riches. But because of the freedom it gave you, and the adventure.

"Thanks..." she stated coldly as she took a reprieve from her thoughts. She turned and left the room, heading for the forest for a nap. Back in the room, Dadan sighed forlornly, beginning to look older then she actually was (if that's possible).

"Sometimes I wonder if we should keep her here, or let her go completely. I feel like we're slowly killing her from the inside out."

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