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Episode Summary: Luffy gets a grand tour of the Heart Pirates submarine, and then presses buttons that she shouldn't be pressing, sending her on a nice trip to meeting Iron Mace Alvida, luckily Law shows up in time to not only scold Luffy about the wonders of NOT touching the big shiny buttons, but also that she really she shouldn't cause problems like such.

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Episode 3: I told you NOT to touch the button!

Aboard the Heart Pirates Submarine-

Luffy was sitting in a cage, a cold, rotten iron cage. She didn't have the key, and even if she did, there was no place to put it so she could get out. It was a dream, she was fully aware of that, but still. She'd had it a thousand times already, and she knew she'd probably have it a thousand more. But there was something different about this dream, something about it was not the same as it had been all the other times. What was it?

"W... up..." A voice cut through the blurriness of her thoughts. Where was it coming from?


"Mi...Mi...Oh-" the voice was becoming annoyingly whiney. And louder. She wasn't sure what it wanted but unless it was here to get her out of this blasted cage, it needed to shut up! Oh wait, it was a dream. Everything went white suddenly as she woke up, whoever the voice belonged to had gotten desperate was now trying to nudge her into waking up. Bad mistake.

"Mi-"THWACK!"OW!" The owner of the voice, a familiar polar bear, stood next to her bed, nursing what was probably now a broken nose.

"What the heck are you doing?" She asked as she sat up, facing the unfortunate bear who must have been sent to wake her up. Last she checked, nobody woke her up though. 'Oh wait a minute...' She thought as she remembered what had happened the last time she was awake. She had found herself on a submarine, as it turned out, according to their captain, a pirate, she had been kidnapped. The captain was older then her by a year at the most, and if she remembered correctly, his name was Law. He hadn't given her his last name though, probably felt it wasn't necessary. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she had the feeling that her brothers would probably laugh at her for letting herself get beaten and kidnapped so easily. Then they'd probably beat the crap out of Law before letting her go on her merry way once more, if she wasn't attached to the crew. The bear still hadn't answered question.

"Why'd you hit me?" the bear whined, recieving a look of irritation from a cranky Luffy. The fact that the bear could talk hadn't registered yet, and probably wouldn't until after she had breakfast.

"Quite whining." she ordered as she continued to watch it, she had yet to figure out if it was a boy or a girl.


"And don't apologize!" She interrupted.

"Yes mam'" Teh bear blinked slightly as it seemed to realize that she was quite odd by it's standerds of how a girl should be like and act. "Um...Captain sent me to wake you up, though he mentioned nothing of getting socked in the face." Luffy blinked slightly before speaking to him.

"Okay...Well while you're telling me who sent you, and why you woke me up, how about you also tell me your name." Teh bear blinked again, before answering,

"Bepo." Luffy nodded as she offered her hand.

"Luffy, nice to meet you Bepo. And now that I'm little more awake, here!" Luffy introduced herself as she removed Bepo's paw from its nose. "You're a boy right?" Bepo nodded,

"Isn't that obvious?" Luffy giggled slightly,

"You'd be shocked how confusing genders can get in the East Blue. I remember there was once this guy pirate that visited my home town once, and while he looked and sounded like a girl. All the guys kept asking him for a date. Tlak about a low blow to his pride, especially when you get laughed at by a bunch of weaker civilians." she said as a warm and comfortable feeling overcame Bepo, originating from his nose. Luffy eventually removed her arm, looking a bit tired despite the fact that she had slept more then enough to count as healthy bedrest. Bepo's nose, was perfectly healed, and didn't hurt in the slightest, there was still a little blood trickling out, but not enough to cause immediate concern.

"Captain was right, you can heal wounds! You'll be a great help while we're at sea!" Bepo said cheerily while Luffy thought for a moment,

"I guess, thanks!" she said smiling, in a far better mood then when she had woken up. "So why couldn't Law let me sleep in?"

"Well, captain said that you'd already slept a week, plus eight hours. If that's not enough sleep for a person then I don't know what is." Bepo said, obviously agreeing with his captain.

"It's never enough if your narcolyptic..." Luffy mumbled under her breath as she stood up dragging Bepo with her.

"What was that?" the bear asked curiously.

"Oh nothing. Bepo, I need you to leave so I can get changed." Bepo nodded as he left the room,

"Just hurry up." Luffy nodded as Bepo closed the door. When Luffy was sure she wouldn't be heard, she spoke quietly to herself.

"So am I finally out of that cage, or did I just get put into another one?" she questioned as she began to get ready.

Later in the gally-

It was strange to say the least. Bepo had succesfully gotten their newest member up, with the only casualty being his poor nose, which had healed quite fast, appearently thanks to some assistance form the one who gave the injury. She had loudly introduced herself as Luffy for all to hear, making sure everybody heard her so she wouldn't have to repeat herself, and then sat down. Law chuckled bemusedly the whole time, while everybody stared at her. Bepo particularly as he seemed to be trying to sort something out in his head.

"Hey!" a man by the name of Penguin called out offendidly as Luffy had snatched some of his food,

"Shut up and keep eating." Luffy ordered without hesitation, causing Penguin to blink slightly as he fell silent and gradually went back to his meal, confusion etched on his and everyone elses face. As the meal progressed, Luffy personality slowly changed from one of slight irritability to one of docile and naive childishness. It was weird, but when she was asked, her answer was something along the lines of people acting similar to that when they first wake up too. Law agreed with her logic, so that left no room for objections.

"So Luffy. Why exactly are you foregoing any and all messy toppings? You seem to want to try them, but are quite thoroughly avoiding them." Law asked, having noticed how Luffy would ocasionally reach for something, only to suddenly change her mind. Luffy swallowed her food, and fell silent before responding,

"Uh...Didn't feel like it." They all blinked at her with one thought going through their collective minds: 'She's a horrible liar!'

"Miss Luffy, I hate to tell you this, but you're quite the horrible liar." Law stated dryly as he watched her shovel more food then should be humanly possible down her throat. He was half expecting to have to perform the heimlich maneuver very soon if she kept it up. "And could you please slow down on your eating." He sweatdropped as she just blinked at him. Cute she may be, but she had the mannerisms of a pig. Strangley enough it just added to her overall cuteness. Weird.

"Make me." she stated in defiance before snatching something off Shachi's plate, much to said man's protest, and added it to the accumalating food in her mouth. Law sighed as he watched her swallow it whole without a whole lot difficulty, and then place any and all silverware down that she may have been using. "Done." She stated simply, in a very good mood now that she had eaten. Bepo and the others, except for Law, blinked in shock before shrugging and deciding it was better to not ponder about the girls eating habits. But dang if she didn't eat a lot, more then she weighed if Law was estimating it correctly.

"Ok! Now that we've all more or less eaten breakfast, Luffy, if you will follow me. I need to show you some things." Luffy tilted her head before getting up and following Law out, making funny faces at the back of his head the whole entire time. If Law knew she was doing it, and they were all pretty sure he did, he gave no sign. When they were both gone, Penguin stated unexpectedly,

"Despite the fact that she eats like a pig, steals our food, and seems to be hiding something, she's actually pretty nice, and cute!" Shachi swatted him upside the head in response as the others side. They couldn't really disagree with his assesement. But she was more like a sort of sisterly cute then anything else, at least to them. Their captain was hard to read sometimes, one of those being now. They had no idea what he thought of their newest member, just that she was interesting enough to be brought aboard their ship.

"You ahve to wonder what Captain really thinks of her though..."

"Yeah..." they all stated in agreement. The truth was, Law didn't even know how he felt about her himself.

In the control room (you all should know that this isn't gonna end well)-

Luffy watched in wonderment as Law explained, or at least tried to in the most simplest of terms, what each and every button and switch did. The only thing that Luffy could say was probably one of the most intelligent things in the world.

"Pretty lights..." Law just sighed, the perfect picture of a slightly amused if not tortured teenager.

"Did you understand any of that?" he asked, Luffy managed to turn her attention from the various flashing buttons, all lighting up in various pretty colors.

"Nope." Law sighed again,

"At least you're honest." he stated as Luffy beamed innocently at him. Law felt slightly strange around her. It wasn't anything he had really felt before, but it wasn't uncomfortable, and it only got stronger when she smiled at him like that. He brushed it off, silently slapping himself as he decided to try and figure out what it was later. "Ok! I am only going to say this one more time. See this big red button?"

"Yeah?" Luffy answered, fully alert and actually paying attention this time,

"Don't touch it." he stated in a warning tone. Luffy gave a curious look at the button.


"Well, wait a minute I said DON-" click "AAH!""Never mind..." Law stared at where Luffy had been. Cute she may be, but he could already tell she was going to be trouble. At least she made up with it for how interesting she was, plus she had a useful ability, if the fact she managed to almost perfectly heal Bepo's formerly broken nose was any indication. Right now though, he had to figure out where'd she'd managed to get herself ejected to.

He told her not to press the red button, she did so anyways.

"Bepo! Find me the coordinates of the last escape pod that was released!" He ordered as he made his way toward the dining hall. "NOW!"

"Yes sir!"

Somewhere on a ship in the East Blue-

"Owie..." Luffy said pathetically as she nursed her poor butt. It had taken some of the worst damage from the landing, which hadn't been too bad. Where the heck was she now? Law was going to be mad...But should she care? Oh well, she'd figure it out later.

Luffy stood up and looked at her surrounding. There was a lot of people, all of which were looking quite stunned at her sudden arrival. Luffy wasn't sure herself what was going on.

"Who the heck are you!" someone from behind her demanded. Luffy looked and had to do a double-take from what she saw. She couldn't tell if it was a hairless gorilla or what...It was too ugly to be human thats for sure, but could it be any other living creature on this earth? Probably not, so Luffy was going to call it an It from now on.

"What the?" Luffy's mind couldn't quite grasp it, but then she noticed that there was someone behind her. She looked. It was a short boy with pink hair.

"Hey!" Luffy greeted excitedly, completely fogetting about the monstrosity behind her.

"Uh...um...Hey..."He said quietly, Luffy blinked slightly before giving him a friendly grin. "My name's L-" she didn't get to finish as her head was nearly taken off. Appearently that thing didn't like being ignored. It made for another swing, only for it to be stopped by a nodachi, a very familiar looking nodachi, at least to Luffy anyways.


"Miss Luffy, when I tell you to not press the big red button, please refrain from causing problems, and do NOT press the big red button." he stated calmly as he knocked the It out his way and progressed forward. "Now c'mon, we don't have all day." Luffy whined slightly, but did as she was told.

"But I wanted to get to know my new friend..." she reasoned pathetically. LAw blinked at her before looking around,

"What do you mean new friend?" he asked. Luffy grinned as she responded,

"Him!" she pointed at the short pink haired boy. Law blinked before saying,

"Do you even know his name?" Luffy paused for thought before finally responding.

"Nope, I was about to though. But then the it got in the way."

"It?" Luffy pointed at the now standing monster. "Ah." Law blanched as he raised an eyebrow.

"You little brat!" The "it" lunged at them, causing something that no one had really expected from Luffy. Said straw hat wearing girl suddenly lunged at the attacking "it", disappearing from view, before reappearing behind it.

The captain of the Heart Pirates blinked in shock as nothing seemed to have happened, that is until Luffy stood up. It turned out she wasn't as defenseless as she looked, as the "it" dropped like a sack of overgrown potatoes, completely unconcious, occasionally twitches the only sign it was even alive.

"Nice." was all Law could say, clearly impressed with her fighting abilities.

"Thanks!" She said as she gingerly stepped over the unconcious body.

"Well anyways, it was nice meeting you Mr..."

"Oh! Koby!" the pink haired boy replied as Law nodded,

"Yes, it was nice meeting you Mr. Koby. Hope the rest of your day is nice, and thank you for watching over our newest member while we were gone." he said as wrapped his arm nonchalantly around Luffy's waist, dragging her back to the waiting submarine and the rest of his crew,

"Uh...You're welcome! Bye!" He said as he waved good bye, still slightly disoriented.

"See ya new friend!" Luffy waved back to him as she disappeared inside the maritime vehicle.

"Bye..." he watched as the submarine disappeared before finally stating again, still severly confused. "What just happened?" he still wasn't sure, and wouldn't be for many years to come, the mysterious girl who had seemingly fallen from the sky, and who's friend was appearently a famous and deadly pirate from North Blue, what he was doing in East Blue only God knew.

Aboard the submarine-

"Remember Luffy, do NOT touch the red button, and actually, stay out of the control room unless I personally say you can go in there." Law stated, not wanting to have to go threw that again. Luffy nodded in understanding, when realization dawned on her,

"Hey, can we go to Shells Town?" Law gave her a look.

"Why?" he asked, amused by the childlike enthusiasm that rediated off of her.

"I heard there was a really strong swordsman there! I want to see him!" Law thought for a moment, before finally deciding to agree to her small wish, as it was not too far out of the way, and didn't detrement his plans in anyway as of yet.

"Fine." He stated as he moved to go find their navigator so that he could tell him to plot a route to this new island. suddenly though he was stopped by Luffy, who had grabbed his wrist, she was shuffling slightly before she spoke,

"Thanks for coming to get me..." she said almost too quietly, and let him go, leaving a strange tingling feeling in his wrist as she disappeared around the corner again.

"Interesting..." Was all Law could say as he stared at his wrist in slight wonderment, "Very interesting..."

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