Monster Senshi

Prologue: Setsuna Screws up.

AN: I'm transporting, improving, and continuing from the Anime Addventure a story of mine written under the name Lyner. This is a short chapter to compensate for the fact that that I didn't start the story thread.

Setsuna has a problem.

The problem is the Crystal Tokyo she envisioned, which as to her mind a paradise, had a drop in the probability of it occurring how she wanted. To many, a probability drop from ninety-nine percent to ninety-seven point two percent for a Crystal Tokyo isn't much. In fact it's almost negligible. The changes in the most probable way Crystal Tokyo ends up, has shifted ratios. There was slightly more people and chaos, several enemies, namely the Black Moon incident never happened.

The problem lied in that she had spent the last ten thousand years manipulating things behind the scene to ensure her vision of perfection. From assassinating certain political figures, both before and after they took office, to being an adviser for others. At times she accelerated technological growth, while retarding other technologies. All her efforts have gone into this project, only for the chance of her 'ideal' Crystal Tokyo to go from seventy-five percent to twelve percent.

The cause of this shift?

One man...

A man who's life was almost always in total chaos.

A man whom draws girls to in like flies to honey.

A man who's family honor is wrecked.

A man whom screwed up her carefully manipulated scenario by comforting a dumped Usagi.

A man named Ranma.

Setsuna wouldn't allow it.

She couldn't, not without ten thousand years of planning being ruined.

So she did what she always did when something went wrong, she used the time gates to get rid of the problem. Unfortunately for her, Ranma was a nexus. A nexus of either order or chaos, is a person that can change fate. A nexus doesn't gain special powers from being one, all they have is the ability to break free of fate by making a choice. There is one other thing, that unknown to Setsuna, even if she had known he was a nexus. They are temporally grounded. Once their existence in a time-line has been established, they cannot be killed by temporal manipulation easily, or without severe repercussions.

She should have had suspicions that this was a bad idea when she had to enter an override code into the gates to try and kill Ranma.

But, as she didn't know this, she started abusing the time gates yet again.

"He has to die, a potential threat such as he cannot be allowed to survive," Setsuna mumbled as she started working.

She first tied to kill him after he met Usagi, so as to minimize the effect of the time-stream. Unfortunately it happened right in front of Usagi, causing Crystal Tokyo to simply not happen as she was crushed by the event.

"Damn, Lets try this then..."

Setsuna spend the next day (relative time) trying to manipulate Ranma's death, but no matter what she did, Usagi either witnessed the death, or arrived shortly afterwords. She tried death by Yoma, car, bomb, knife, rival, and fiancee, it was the same every time.

Unnoticed to her, the gates of time and her staff, started gaining hairline fractures.

"That didn't work, let's try this then," she mumbled.

She then tried to kill him at various times in his life.

Neko-ken, she convinced Genma to use rabid, and large wild cats. Ranma died alright, but his death was the triggering to summoning a demon lord, and that was the true purpose of the Neko-ken, the demon went out of control, killing Genma, and many of the senshi before they could awaken, and taking over Japan. Resetting the timeline, and ignoring the growing cracks that were starting to leak plaid smoke, went to the next easiest time to kill Ranma.

The table that Akane used to brain Ranma with came down at a slightly different angle, which broke his neck. She couldn't track down why, but the present Tokyo was nothing but cinders, molten rock, glass, and steel, and charred bodies. How this happened without Ranma she didn't know, or care, so she moved to the next time period, waving away the smoke issuing from her staff and the gates.

She was about to try again when it happened. The abuse the gate, and staff reached a critial point, causing the staff to explode, embedding small pieces into her front, and throwing her backwards and into unconsciousness.

While the gate was in better condition. It was still standing although it looked to be severely damaged...

Ripples of temporal power went through time, changing some things here, changing some things there, and reached even back to the Silver Millennium.

It was the fall of the Millennium, and Queen serenity had just finished sealing up the dark Queen Beryl and her master.

The dieing queen raised up her crystal for her final act when the time ripple struck in a seemingly minor way, it kicked up dust.

"I send my Senshi to be reborn- Achoo!" the queen started but was interrupted by the sneeze, and the magic she had called went out of control.

Her last words before she passed on were, "Oh shit."