Chapter 3: Escape from the Madhouse

Setsuna checked her watch, as she leaned on a fence next to a canal. She was wearing a business suit, and an impatient expression. "If they keep to their regular schedule they should be here soon. Ah, there they are," she said as she saw three figures approaching, two females on the sidewalk and one male on the fence.

The three slowed down as they saw someone on their path to school, but before Akane could explode about a new fiancée at Ranma, Setsuna spoke. "Can I talk to Nabiki for a few minutes? It's nothing too important, and I'm not a fiancée."

Nabiki nodded, and said, "Why don't you two go ahead, I'll catch up."

"Are you sure, Nabiki?" Akane asked.

"Yes, she probably just wants some information." Nabiki responded.

Akane nods, and runs off with Ranma.

"Now what did you want?" Nabiki asked Setsuna.

"I was just going to ask you, to gather all of Ranma's suitors at the Tendo Dojo, a half an hour after school ends. I have something to tell them," Setsuna replied.

"Five thousand…" before Nabiki could finish, Setsuna held out five one thousand yen bills. "Err, thank you I'll get a hold of them, and have them there.

Nabiki went off to school thinking, Why would a nonfiancée want to meet all of Ranma's suitors?

Setsuna walked into an alley, and after making sure nobody was watching, changed into Sailor Pluto.

Setsuna popped into her house just as Makoto was waking up, and sighed in relief as she saw all three monsters still there. "One hour, and then off to the courthouse to get Ranma changed to my family register. After that, the realtor I need a bigger house," as she said that, she smirked at the last bit. "I saw a listing for a six bedroom that was put up Friday and since money is no object…"

Makoto walked up to Setsuna as she finished her monologue. "Setsuna, why did Ranma run from us like that? I only asked him to marry me, or is it because we're what most might consider monsters?"

Setsuna sighed, and sat on a nearby couch before responding, "No, I don't think it's because of what you are, but because of the situation he is in. He is, thanks to his father, currently engaged to three girls with a fourth simply chasing after him. Two of the engagements are ones of honor, so he can't break out of them. The third is due to some antiquated laws that have no exceptions. Each of the girls are pathologically violent, and the one who he lives with is extremely possessive. She has gotten more violent after a failed wedding attempt to the point that she sometimes bashed him for saying hello to another girl. The main reason I think you scared him off is the marriage proposal."

"Why would that scare him off? Am I so ugly to him?"

"No, it's because your actions reminded him of the one that he is engaged to by their laws. The law stated that if a female Amazon is beaten by a male outsider, she must give him the kiss of marriage and marry him. To this end she has tried love magic, love potions, mind control, and blackmail all while saying she loves him." Setsuna explained.

Makoto's eyes turned hard as she responded to this, "WHY THOSE DISHONORABLE PIECES OF TRASH! I HAVE HALF A MIND TO…"

Setsuna interrupted with, "Stop, if you want to have a chance with him you will have to do things differently. I will provide you a list of what NOT to do, but if you want him you will have to win him on your own." If she thinks she has no chance, she might go back to the ruins. This way she will be close by.

Makoto nodded as she sat down on the floor to think.

One hour after school…

Most of the NWC, the parents of the various people with the exception of the Kuno patriarch, and Cologne were situated in the family room; the only NWC member missing was Ryoga, when the doorbell rang.

"That must be the one who told me to gather all of you, "Nabiki said, as she walked out of the room to answer the door. When she opened the door she saw the same woman from the morning standing there. "Come in miss… I just realized I never got your name."

"Setsuna Meiou, and thank you," Setsuna replied. She then followed Nabiki to where the wrecking crew was gathered.

"I have an announcement that will affect all of you," The green haired woman began. She continued, "seventeen years ago, I let one of my eggs be used to let a sterile mother have a child. At that time we signed a contract that said if at anytime I find proof that they don't deserve to be parents I can adopt him or her as my own. This morning I put that clause into effect." At this point Nodoka's and Genma's faces pale. Setsuna continues with her announcement, "I had all the proof I needed to convince the judges that they were unfit, and the immediately granted me custody, so as of today Ranma Saotome is Ranma Meiou. I also hereby declare all honor pacts are the sole responsibility of the man who made them and nonbinding on Ranma. Also unless Nabiki immediately ceases exploiting him I will engage in legal action against her, and before you say anything about legal identity, I already took care of it. Ranma's girl form is also registered to my clan. As to the amazons," she stops for a second and gives them a cold smile before continuing, "I told the police about your plans to force a Japanese citizen to marry Shan Pu, based on a law that the Japanese don't recognize as valid, and was supposedly activated in Japan. They told me that if you harass Ranma again, to call them and you will be arrested and deported, or shot if you resist too much. As for the Kuno's I put out a restraining order on you both."

The room exploded into noise after she finished. With the amazons shouting that Japanese law doesn't matter as much as their own, Soun breaking into tears, Genma shouting that Ranma must marry Akane, Nabiki sneaking up into her room to stop all her online sales of Ranma products and to have them sent to the dojo to be destroyed, and the Kuno's blabbing about her Ranma-sama and the foul sorcerer.

The only quiet people were Nodoka and Akane whom were in shock, Ukyo who knew she wouldn't be heard anyway, Kasumi who looked somewhat satisfied for an instant, and Ranma who sneaked upstairs to pack.

Ranma had already slipped upstairs to gather his things. He half grumbled, "Finally an honorable way out of the madness my life has become, but I would have appreciated some warning."

As he finished he found a note under his pillow. The note read thus:

Ranma this is Setsuna. The three girls you met at the ruins are at my place. I have already talked to Makoto about your life, and she was righteously pissed about the amazons' treatment of you, so you don't have to worry about her doing the same. The other two don't want to marry you. One just wants to be close to you as you seemed friendly. The other wants to be your servant. Your relationship to them is yours to decide.

p.s. I talked to Makoto a bit, and she said that if you choose to marry her she wouldn't mind you being intimate with the other two.

Ranma groaned at the thought of being in the same house as the lizardgirl, but after reading that she had been talked to relaxed a bit, and continued packing. It wasn't a long job to finish his packing, as he really didn't have much to start with, so he finished in under ten minutes.

"That's about all of it," Ranma said, looking at his pack. "Over a year here, and I STILL only have what I came here with, well except for a few things that I sealed away."

"Good," a voice behind Ranma said, right before Ranma was trussed up in chains.

Damn, shouldn't have gotten distracted by thinking about being out of this place, but why didn't I feel any hostile intent? Ranma thought.

"Let's see got Ranma, his pack, and his new address," the voice comments before storing Ranma's pack up his sleeves, lowering him out the window via a chain so as not to make the amount of noise that pushing him out would make, and quickly followed. He then slung Ranma over his shoulder, and ran off down the street toward Juuban.

Just as the duo crossed into Juuban another voice yelled out, "Ranma prepare to DIE!"

Mousse kept running while calling back, "Sorry, but I promised to make sure Ranma reaches his new home in one piece, and stays that way till his new mom gets there. Oh, and by the way Akane is no longer engaged to Ranma."

Ryoga froze for a few seconds, during that time Mousse turned a corner ensuring that Ryoga would get lost if he tried to follow.

While running Mousse thought about why he was doing this…


Five minutes before Ranma got a bit tied up…

Mousse backed off from the melee that Setsuna's announcement caused, and thought Why am I fighting? Yes, she insulted our laws, but on the other hand she is taking Ranma away from my Shampoo. He then noticed that Setsuna had also escaped the melee. A plan began to form, If Ranma leaves before they go up for him, the chances are good that he might get away from the old monkey.

Mousse snuck over to where the greed haired lady was standing, and asked, "Do you want me to help Ranma get away From them?"

"Why do you want to help him? Normally you're trying to kill him," she replied with a glare.

"Simple, I can't seem to beat him, but if I can get him away from my Shampoo that would be enough. I even promise to get him there in one piece and to stick around until you get there," the nearly blind boy said.

Setsuna smiled and gave him a nod while slipping him a key to her house. "Give this to Ranma, it's his key."

Mouse made his way around the fight, and snuck up the stairs…

*End Flashback!*

Soon enough Mousse arrived at Setsuna's house, still carrying his trussed up, but unharmed passenger.

"Here we are Ranma, your new home." Mousse said as he used the key Setsuna gave him to open the door. Then he tied the key onto the sting holding his pigtail together. As he walked into the house he ran into Hotaru knocking both of them down.

Hotaru looked at the chest of the man who ran her over with irritation. "Get off," she said in a voice that approached absolute zero.

He quickly got off of her, turned around to help her up, and froze. His eyes met her Glowing purple ones that radiated anger at him. He found himself unable to move, not because of any powers Hotaru had but because of the anger he felt directed at him. Her eyes then shifted to Ranma's cocooned form. Recognizing the hair which was the only part of him visible, she shifted her eyes back to Mousse, who by this time had a chance to take in her full appearance.

He shouted, "MONSTER!" and threw a bunch of weapons at her.

Unable to react in time to the surprise attack most of the weapons hit, shattering her into tens of thousands of pieces, none bigger than a toothpick. He sighed in relief as he saw this. The relief fled with its tail between its legs as the pieces reformed into the skeletons frame, and the for lack of a better word, flesh reformed. "That wasn't necessary you know, and why did you tie Ranma-sama up?" She said her voice, impossibly, getting colder.

In after witnessing the attack on Hotaru, the two other girls came. Ami's and Makoto's eyes went hard as she saw Ranma's state. Makoto cracked her knuckles and approached Mousse. Ami, on the other hand went to Ranma to untie him.

Mousse got nervous as the pissed off lizardgirl approached him, and said, "Can't we talk about this? I didn't hurt him…"

"No," Makoto said angrily.

The view pans out to about a mile above Setsuna's house, with birds passing by peacefully. That is until, a scream of agony pierces the air scattering the flying birds, sending birds out of trees, and making babies cry in a mile radius.

As we zoom back in we see Makoto throwing Mousse, who is in the shape of a pretzel and tied up in his own chains to maintain that shape, out the door.

Ranma looked a bit green at what he had just witnessed. He tried to scoot away nervously as Makoto approached him. It didn't work too well as Ami had him in a hug Makoto stopped in front of him and held out her hand.

"Need a hand up?" she asked.

Ranma was about to take it when he paused. "Ami can you let me go, so I can get up?" he asked.

Ami nodded, and said, "Of course Ma- Ranma." She released him from the hug reluctantly.

Ranma then accepted Makoto's hand, and marveled at her strength as she hauled him up… only for him to get knocked down by Hotaru crying tears of ectoplasm, and babbling about getting broken up.

"*Sigh*, and I thought thing were crazy at the Tendo's," Ranma griped.

End Note: And that's the last of My addventure episodes. Anything from here on out will be 100% new, and not just modified episodes.