A/N: Hello! I'm a very busy author, aren't I? There are no Katniss and Peeta, I'm very sorry! This is going to be just like Hunger Games with some characters from the series...but Percy Jackson style.

Chapter One: The Reaping

Nico POV:

The Hades cabin is the same as it has always been. Dark, gloomy, and quiet. I am breathing hard from a nightmare. It wasn't a demigod dream because it was about Bianca dying, which had already happened a couple years ago. I call out her name only to remember she was dead, and she would always be.

I glance at the clock. It's 7:30, the time we're supposed to be at breakfast. Perfect timing. I stumble out of bed and pull on a Camp Half-Blood tee. I have started to stay at camp more often because nobody treated me as a freak. They accepted me. I open my cabin door and sunlight beams down on me. I sigh as I head down to breakfast.

Ever since the war, people have been able to sit wherever they want. I usually sit by Percy, who is always sitting by Annabeth. I sit down at the long marble table. Percy looks at me sadly, then drinks his blue soda.

I wonder what's wrong with him, I think to myself. Annabeth looks at me the same way. I quietly eat my breakfast as Chiron coughs to get everyone's attention.

"The gods have talked with gods from other mythology," He says. "And they have decided to hold something called the Half-Blood Games."

People at each table mutter to each other. Percy can tell I'm confused because he closes his eyes and nods.

This must be why he's acting depressed. I turn my attention back to Chiron, who paused, waiting for everyone to stop talking.

"It is simply a survival test. Only one from all of mythology will survive." He continues.

"What do you mean?" Annabeth asks. "Only one from all mythology?"

"Two people from each camp will be picked. There are six different camps, each one resembling a different kind of mythology. We are Greek. One is Roman, one is Egyptian, one is Norse, and so one. Only one person from all of those will survive." He explains.

"Why are the gods doing this?" Clarisse asks.

"To test your skills. To see how much you've learned."

"That's EVIL!" Katie screams. "Why don't they come down to each camp and see how much we've learned?"

Chiron looks at us sadly. "I don't know. I have tried reasoning with them, but they are committed to the Half-Blood Games. I am required to do the Reaping."

Every camper looks at him in confusion, including me.

"The Reaping selects which two people must go. A male and a female. No volunteering for others. The Reaping will be later today. But in the meantime, enjoy your breakfast."

With that, Chiron takes his seat.

There is silence for a few minutes. Then, people start talking about the Half-Blood Games.

Annabeth and Percy stare at me.

"Who do you think will get picked?" Percy asks us.

"Nobody can really know. I just hope it's not any of us." Annabeth says.

The day hasn't been as fun. Laughter was barely heard throughout the day. People didn't exactly look happy about the Reaping. I am near the volleyball net, kicking sand while I walk in circles. I hear footsteps.

"Nico, come on, the Reaping is starting." Grover gestures to the Pavilion.

I follow him towards the crowd of campers. I see a couple of cameras. One turns right towards me. I put my hand to my face and keep walking. I hate cameras. I get to the front of the crowd and see two glass balls. They both have strips of paper in them, which probably have each and every campers' name. One glass ball says 'Boys' and one says 'Girls'. All twelve Olympians are standing in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder. A woman with a wide grin, pinkish hair, and a green outfit is by the glass balls.

I have heard about her earlier today, her name is Effie Trinket. She is going to assist the two campers from Camp Half-Blood. She is the demigod daughter of Aphrodite, a very...unique daughter of Aphrodite.

Effie claps her hands and it immediately goes silent.

"Welcome to the very first Half-Blood Games! May the odds be ever in your favor!" She announces as she strolled to the glass ball for the girls. "Ladies first!"

Effie reaches her hand in and pulls out a slip. I hope it's not Annabeth, anyone but Annabeth...

Annabeth has been there for me, always. Once, I had a nightmare like the one I had this morning and she calmed me down. We had always been good friends since then. She sometimes takes me to the mall with her, since I haven't really learned about all the new technology. She bought me an Ipod there and taught me how to use it. She is like Bianca to me, but not as selfish, not as strict. Annabeth didn't go to the Hunters just so she didn't have to fix all of Percy's mistakes, did she? I wish Bianca was like Annabeth. She never turns her back on her friends, no matter what...

"Katie Gardner," Effie proclaims.

Not a sound was made. If someone were to drop a pen it would make everyone jump. Katie nearly fainted. Her friends hugged her one last time as she stepped forward, tears streaming down her face. I feel bad for her, losing everything she has because of the gods. Katie shakes each Olympians' hand and walks towards Chiron, who leads her towards the Big House.

"Now, it's time to choose our boy tribute!" Effie says, excited.

My palms are sweating. My name is in there. I take shaky short breaths. Time seems to slow down. I feel nauseous. Keep it together.

Effie mixes up the names and finally pulls one out. What if it's Percy? He would lose everything, like Katie did. I really hope the odds are in my favor, but when are they ever?

"Nico Di Angelo,"

Faces turn towards me. I can't believe it. My name. My. Name. I struggle to breathe. I feel like I'm in a trance as I walk forward to the Olympians. A scream brings me back to reality.

"No! You can't take him! Please! HE'S ONLY A KID!" Percy tries to run forward, but Annabeth and Grover hold him back. Tears are streaming down his face. He struggles to break free from Annabeth's grasp, but can't.

I shake the hands of each Olympian and Chiron leads me to the Big House.

The odds are most certainly not in my favor.