I just don't think I can help myself.

I, Bulma Briefs, the female genius extraordinaire with a Nobel under my belt before the ripe age of twenty-four... am in love with the alien prince who resides in my house. He bathes, eats, sleeps, and trains his ass off here in MY living quarters. His sculpted ... everything, just glistening with either sweat or shower water? Delicious. And all for me to enjoy in my sick little internal monologue about him, in my head, and- oh, yes- my grotesque fantasies that seem to sap my self-control at night when I'm alone in my less than orderly bedroom. My fingers explore to his image, and my body arches at the thought of his very touch.

Would I say this is on the verge of obsession? No, not really.

Actually, I'm just bored. Yamcha is... well, he's Yamcha. He plays baseball, he goes out drinking with his friends, he "absent-mindedly" gets a phone number and I walk into his apartment with them scattered like the rose petals missing from our bed. No, no roses in this relationship. Just disappointment, and frankly, my need for stimulation has taken my heart elsewhere. I really wish I could conjure these words of brutal, sharp honesty to his face, but alas, I am stuck remembering the past and reminiscing about our youth, making me dull and nostalgic and even more of an old wench than I can admit that I am becoming.

Is this my fate? Dying single, alone, childless, and OLD?

Granted, my twenty-ninth birthday was only in a couple months. Would Vegeta give me the one thing I've waited for all this time? The one thing I've been such a good girl for?...


A gasp escaped my lips, but came out more like a moan, causing my cheeks to flush instantly and face him with my heart-shaped sun glasses and red bikini, laying out by the pool on a yellow lawn chair.

"Vegeta! You startled me, you creep, what do you want?" I asked, feigning outrage at his mere, glorious presence. Oh, how I melt even with the sun here simply due to his arrival. Ugh, and the theatrics ensue.

I could feel his smirk all the way from where he stood- merely two feet away that is. "Heh. I doubt you can handle the answer to that inquiry, foolish girl."

Oh how my core trembled at the very insinuations that dubious reply held. "Oh really? Try me.."

Making it as much of a purr as possible, I noticed the flicker of confusion on Vegeta's face before he once again returned to his smirking stance. "Alright. Here it goes. I've already destroyed all twelve of your bots, and you have less than twelve hours to fix them, for I'm leaving for space. Understood?"

Flabbergasted. Ego-wounded. Enraged. These are good words to describe me in that little space of time where silence was the only factor. And yes, then I erupted.

But not before he left, his back to me as he had already strode some twenty feet. I seethed, looking away from his perfectly toned body and crossing my arms.

"Oh, and woman..." He called from across the yard. I refused to turn to face him, but he continued anyway. "Better not burn that pretty white skin of yours... Would hate to see your body match the color of that ridiculous blush on your face when I approach you."

I froze. Did he know? Or was he just making that up to taunt me? Was he serious?

Goosebumps raced up my arms at his mere reference of them. I wanted to curl up into this feeling of pure radiance, of warmth and tingling that ran through me. Kami, that man is like a drug.

"So... Why are you leaving, Vegeta?" I ask cautiously but with a bold tone of voice at dinner.

Stupid. What an awkward question to ask. Come on, Bulma! I hate scolding myself every time I try to talk to him, but for some reason the self-doubt that washes over me when that sharp, obsidian glare shoots up to pierce into me. Penetrating, thrusting...

"Winter." He croaked after a good couple moments of nothing. Curiosity was tweaked in me, as usual with him, but in a simpler way than normal. Was he really afraid of the cold?

"Well why-"

That's when he slammed his fist onto the dinner table, never taking his onyx eyes off of me. "I knew you were going to follow that with another obnoxious question..." He growled, almost like a cat that had just got woken up. Again, shivers ran rampant up my spine despite my still, startled form. My parents looked at each other, not saying a word and just eating. They knew better.

"Um.. Sorry? I really don't think it's a big deal if I ask why, Vegeta-"

"I don't care what you think, woman. And that is the difference."

"Oh, so I can do your laundry and my mother can feed your face, but I can't ask a simple, Kami-damn question?"


"Well, guess what? I just did."


He stood up, leaving the room while I gloated there, proudly. I think I enjoy getting a rise out of him as much as he does with me. Still, his sudden absence left a tiny tear of sadness in me, but I shoved it. I don't need sadness. I'm the richest, smartest, and most beautiful woman in the world. Why would I be sad?

"Thanks for dinner, Mom. I guess our house-guest liked it, too, despite my unique dinner convo'."

I gestured toward his empty dinner plate, finding it peculiar that he'd finished the food even before leaving during a fight. Maybe it was a respect thing, like being royal. My heart fluttered at the aspect of his being a Prince, which would make me his Princess. Ahhh, and the angels sing...

Then I thought about it. I should just go thank him and maybe that will atone for our argument at dinner! Yes, what a great idea Bulma.

"Vegeta..?" I knocked timidly. Totally not like me at all, but the situation called for a little subtle-ness.

"Get out! I'm busy..."

I opened the door to see him just laying there on his bed, staring up at the ceiling above him. He was clad in a new cotton tee that my mother had gotten him, a strange denim color. "Uh, yeah. You must be sooo busy lying there doing nothing-"

"Get talking or get out."

I was quieted by his words, making me sigh in semi-frustration. "Alright well I thought I'd say.. thank you."

"Thank you?" He demanded, as if the words were completely alien to him.

"Yeah, for, you know. Stuff."

Great, Bulma. Fantastic. Stuff?

"Hn. Wonderful. Anything else while you're at making a complete fool out of yourself?"

My Kami, he's onto me! "Uh-Well no. I just wanted to say thank you for... wanting to help us. In the fight against the Androids. That's all."

He leapt from the bed and suddenly I was pinned against the wall. My heart's rate quadrupled and my eyes were wide while his were mere inches away. He parted his lips, which were calling out my attention so intensely that I could feel my own tingle in response to the intense proximity.

"Let us get this straight now, woman." His rough voice was a stern purr, coating my chest with a startling warmth. "I am not 'helping' anybody but myself. I am merely eradicating the annoying impediment these Androids are providing between me and my victory over your assclown of a hero named Kakarrot. There is no 'us'. Understood?"

My chest was rising rapidly enough that I didn't have to say a word. He backed away and in a flash he was just as far from me as he was close to me in the second before. I immediately dashed out of the room, but my toe got caught in the door and I stopped, biting on my groan of immense pain.

"Oh and by the way..." Came the mewling taunt from the surly Prince. My eyes went to the farthest right of my eyelids, never connecting with his piercing glare, if it was even aimed at me. However, I could feel his burning smirk from the twenty feet between us. "As for what I think of you, do not fret. You will always be the spoiled rotten, loud-mouthed wench that I am forced to reside with until this mudball is destroyed by me. Make no mistake, for it will be nothing more. That is all."

I let out a gigantic breath that I didn't know I was holding as my world slightly collapsed and I retreated to my room, tail between legs and all.

What the hell is happening to me? I thought as I watched my ceiling fan spin into infinity. I should not be this groveling, caring, clutzy dimwit in front of this guy. I am Bulma Briefs, and he should know this! I ALWAYS get what I want!

And what I want I shall get. But it was going to take more than getting overly nervous and sputtering a stupid thank you to get him to see that. I may have had a knack for adventures, but now it was time for a plan. And Bulma Briefs always has a plan.

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