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Summary: Tired of being put down by the rest of the nations, America decides enough is enough. The world needs a reality check. Usage of both human and country names

Warnings: Absolute confusion, humor, cursing, sexual innuendos (maybe not definite), and slightly darker themes—you have been warned.



Bright and Early


Mr. and Mrs. Vilca were in charge of the World Conference Center—had been for close to twenty years now, and although they had seen many things come and go, they were not entirely immune to the people who entered in through the doors of their protected building. For one thing, Mr. Vilca had always arrived early at exactly five a.m. every morning to check the kitchen, insure clean up was done to all rooms, and guest rooms, as well as any of the other maintenance duties that were needed.

Often times, he'd arrive just in time to let Arthur Kirkland, the United Kingdom's Representative in, and after exchanging their usual greeting, both would go their separate ways until the next time. This was normal.

Then ten minutes later other representatives would trickle in and strike up a conversation with other members, and as time crept closer and closer to ten o'clock the last (and probably most well known of the representatives) Alfred F. Jones would make his appearance running through the conference meeting doors, and announcing in a loud voice that "The Hero is here."

Naturally, others would offer well meaning (and threatening) greetings before all the diplomats took their places, ready to begin yet another World Conference meeting…

And yet even as Mr. Vilca rubbed his eyes he knew today would not be normal.

Less than five feet away, Alfred F. Jones, America Representative waved—the time was five oh five a.m.


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