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So for now:

Everything is in Alice's P.O.V

Italic means her thoughts

This chapter won't be that long but I still hope you enjoy it.

Wonderful Wonder School

Chapter 1

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WERE MOVING FATHER!" I yelled. "It's exactly as I told you before Alice my job has transferred me to Japan, so we are moving" my cold hearted father said to me. He can blame it because of his job but I knew the truth "It's because Mother died isn't it? That's why you personally asked for the transfer!" I said.

He glared at me "This has nothing to due with your Mother regardless of the fact we are moving whether you accept it or not" he said then went back to his paperwork. "But I like living in London it's not fa-"

"As long as you live under my roof you will obey me. You are free to leave when you are of age but until then I want you to go and help you sister to pack we are leaving tomorrow" he said. I knew what he said was final, that I wouldn't win but still "if Mother was here we wouldn't have to move" I whispered.

Apparently he heard me since he got very angry. He picked up his paperweight and threw it at me. It barely missed me. "NEVER MENTION YOUR MOTHER IN MY PRESENCE AGAIN NOW GO HELP YOUR SISTER PACK!" he yelled. I ran out his office. He… he tried to kill me, well injure. Sigh "Alice I told you not to push Father" my sister said walking up to me.

"It's not my fault Father wants to make us miserable Lorina" I said. "Alice you know he misses Mother terribly. It was a huge shock to him, to all of us when she passed away. This is just his way of coping with it." she said. "By moving us half way around the world! Why can't he cope by crying like Edith or just ignoring it like me!" I argued with her.

She patted my head. "No two people are the same Alice, people are different. Just look on the bright side we'll be going to the same school" she said. I pouted, what she said did make me extremely happy. I loved Lorina, thanks to Father, we all went to private schools so I only get to see her when I got home. At least this way I get to see her more often.

"Now go help Edith pack and when your finished we'll go out and have tea one last time" she said. I sparked up, "Okay I'll meet you there ASAP" I said and ran towards Edith's room. Yes, yes, yes a whole afternoon with Lorina. I loved having tea with Lorina, she was the only one (after Mother died) who actually listened to me.

"Edith" I said knocking at her door. She didn't answer so I took this as the okay to enter her room. "Are you still not talking to me?" I asked her. She was sitting down reading a book. She never took her eyes off it. "Fine don't talk me to but Father wants your stuff all packed by tomorrow" I said. She still didn't respond. "Edith-" "GO AWAY!" She screamed and threw her book at me.

I barely dodged it in time, what was it throw shit at Alice day. "What's your problem?" I yelled. "What's your problem!" she yelled back. "I thought you loved Mother but I guess I was wrong!" she continued yelling. "When are you going to get over that you can't hate me forever" I said.

"WATCH ME NOW LEAVE" she screamed throwing more things at me. I swiftly left her room. "Just make sure your pack!" I yelled before meeting Lorina in the garden.

"It's not my fault I didn't cry when Mother died. What's wrong with that brat, she needs to grow up!" I complained to my sister. "Alice don't talk like that, she's our sister she doesn't know any better " Lorina said.

"Why don't you ever take my side?"

"Alice don't say that it's just your not old enough to understand what your saying"


She laughed, "Knowledge can not be measured by age Alice" she said. "You read to many books" I said. "You should try it sometime" she said. We stayed quiet after that and just enjoyed our tea. "Will we never enjoy tea here again?" I asked her. "Don't think like that Alice, think of all the new possibilities like… falling in love" she said.

I laughed, "What man would fall for a tomboy like me" I said threw my tears. "You never know" she said and sipped her tea. All the new possibilities huh?

One week later…

"Alice are you ready for school" Lorina asked peeking in my room. "Yes I just finished my hair" I said adding the finishing touch, my bow. Perfect! After Lorina and I finished drinking tea, we left for Tokyo, Japan. Father registered us in schools then quickly left. Why would I think things would be different after we had left?

"Come on Alice we're going to be late!" Lorina said already at the door. I took a piece of toast then walked out the door with her. "Alice your going to get fat eating so much" Lorina said while we walked to our school. "Oh well it's not like I'm trying to impress anyone" I said finishing the toast off.

We arrived at school shortly. "Wait here Alice I'm going to ask where the Main Office is?" she said then ran off. "Wait…Damn" I said, to late she was long gone. Why do I even try? I yawned, why does school even start this early? I yawned again, stretching my arms out. "ow" I heard someone say. "Huh?" I said and turned around.

A very tall boy with spiky dark brown hair and green eyes was rubbing his head. I blushed "s-so-sorry" I said quickly. "No problem I should have watched were I was going" he said laughing. I laughed with him but I came out uneasy. "Are you new?" he asked me. I nodded, "Well welcome to QuinRose" the boy said and kissed my hand.

I blushed even redder. "Th-tha-thank you" I stuttered. God why am I stuttering so much? "Maybe I'll see you around" he said. I nodded not trusting my voice. "Bye" he said and walked off, winking at me just before he turned away.

"Hey Alice I found it let's go… Hey what's wrong?" she asked touching my forehead. "Nothing let's go" I said walking away. What was this feeling in my chest? I didn't even ask him for his name?

Later that day…

Turns out I only have one class with my dear sister Lorina and zero classes with mystery man. It was lunch now and I was walking to meet up with Lorina till I saw a familiar face, well the back of it. "Hey wait" I yelled as he started to walk away.

I ran up and grabbed the back of his shirt, well attempted but it was more like a punch. "Hey wait up" I said out of breath. He stopped walking. "Sorry about that how's your head?" I said. "What are you talking about?" he said. Huh this isn't his voice?

I looked up, he looked the same as before but wasn't his hair lighter? "Hey Blood who yah flirting with" this boy with curly orange hair said. His uniform was all wrinkly and only half his shirt was tucked in. He looked like a bum. Blood? I was starting to think I had the wrong guy?

"Um sorry I thought you were someone else" I said then ran off. "Look what you did Blood you scared her away" his friend laughed. That was definitely not him. I finally got to the meeting place and saw Lorina waiting for me.

"Hey what took you so long?" she said. "Sorry lost my way" I said. I wonder who that boy was? He was kinda cute but he looked liked my mystery boy.

A week past and I haven't seen mystery boy but I have seen his double. "Weren't you the girl who asked about my head?" he said sitting on the seat next to me. I blushed :Oh yah about that sorry I mistook you for someone else" I said, my bangs coving my face. "I get that a lot" he said and smirked.

Was I missing something? I think he caught my distressbecause he added "You must have hit my twin brother" he said. "Twin? You're a twin?" I asked in amazement. He laughed, "what?" I said. "Out of all the friends I have told your face was the funniest" he said.

"What I've never met a twin" I said. "And I'm guessing you've developed a crush on him" he said. "HUH? NO WAY" I stated. "Judging by the look on your face when you saw it was me and not my brother I think you do" he said. "Well think what you like" I said and looked away. "Would you like to know my brother's name?" he asked me.

I took a peek at him, "go on" I said. "Blood" he said. "Blood?" I said.

"Hey Blood who yah flirting with"

"Isn't Blood your name?" I said. "Very good" he said and smirked. "What about-" "Alright students settle down class is in session" the teacher said walking in. Damn, I was just about to give up on my mystery man's name until a note appeared on my desk. It said:

I'll tell my brother to meet you by the fountain after school, by the way his name is Alec.

- Blood

P.S. Sorry I didn't tell you his name before I just wanted to hear your voice say mine.

I blushed furiously and refused to look at him. I mean who would say something like that. Apparently him. I was grateful though, he was really going to help me. At lunch I ran to Lorina and asked her to apply some make-up on me. She giggled but didn't ask questions. I told her to go home without me and after school I waited after school by the fountain for Alec.

"Don't you look pretty?" someone whispered in my ear. "Blood what are you doing here?" I asked. "Just came to say he wasn't showing up" he said. Oh… "Just kidding he's on his way now" he said and laughed. "Don't play with me like that" I said. "Why you really dolled up didn't you" he said. "Shut up" I said hiding my face with my hair again.

"You look pretty" he said, I looked up at him. He was face to face with me. "But you look beautiful without it" he said and walked off. "WHO ASKED YOU!" I yelled as he walked away. "Alice?" I heard someone say behind me. I looked and it was mystery man I meant Alec. "Um my brother said you wanted to meet me here?" he said scratching his head.

"Oh um yah um" I stumbled with words. Damn Blood couldn't you just have made something up for me… "Would you like to get a cup of coffee?" he asked. I looked up and saw a hint of blush on his cheeks. Smiling I said "Sure" and that was my first date with my new boyfriend.

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