Thank you all for reading this story. I'm so glad that you've all stuck with it even though it's gone through cancellation and many other things. (writer's block being one of them.) The original idea to this was that we'd follow Eileen for awhile and somehow there'd be one more really large fight between the nations and Italy would end up dead. HOWEVER! I thought this ending would be too sad so I tossed that aside and made this ending!

Thank you all again for reading. And if any of you want to use Eileen for fanart or a story, you may. Please give me credit for her however and give me a link to the final product. She's not only Italy's daughter, but she's mine. I've even used her for a school project once. Got an A on it.

Enjoy and grazie~

"Higher Vati! Higher!"

"You're high enough."

"Higher! Higher!"

Germany sighed and pushed the swing when it came back to him. The girl sitting in the swing laughed and kicked her legs out as she went up into the air. It had been ten years since the entire kidnapping event. Eileen had grown up into a cute little girl.

Despite being ten years old, she was really tiny. It was expected for a country of her small size. Eileen took more after Germany in her looks, but her actions and speech patterns were closer to Italy. The young nation had long blonde hair that was usually pulled back into a pony tail. Just like Feliciano, she had a curl on the side of her head.

She was adorable and Ludwig was glad to say that he was her father. It had been a nice Saturday afternoon and Germany took the girl to the park that was in walking distance of their house. Eileen always wanted to be pushed on the swing and Germany happily pushed her.

Ludwig looked at his watch as he pushed the girl.

"It's getting late. We'd better head back before your mutti gets worried."

"Nein! I wanna keep swinging!"

"Alright, but don't be surprised if he comes looking for us."

Ludwig continued to push his daughter and she laughed happily. They stayed in the park for another five more minutes, then Germany saw Italy walking into the park. His face was worried just like Germany had expected. The Italian spotted them and headed in their direction.

"Ludwig! Eileen!"

He jogged over to them and was about a couple of feet away when their daughter noticed her mother.


She jumped.

Germany shouted and Feliciano reached his arms out in an attempt to catch her. Everything felt like it slowed down. Eileen flew threw the air and landed in Italy's arms. The impact made him fall over into the dirt. Ludwig ran over and saw Feliciano hugging Eileen to him tightly.

There was dirt on his face and in his hair. Eileen looked at Italy, and he looked at her. The two began to laugh and soon all three of them were laughing. Germany helped his lover to his feet and pecked him on the cheek. The girl crawled out of her mother's arms and took Italy's hand.

"Ve, it's time to go home." Feliciano said with a warm smile. "It's dinner time. I'm making pasta."


Italy began to walk home with his daughter and Ludwig watched with a smile. This was his family and they were happy. To think, only a couple of hundred years ago he was alone and thinking about trying to end it all. If only he had known back then he would end up this happy.

"Ludwig!" Germany snapped out of his thoughts to see his lover looking back at him. Those two large amber eyes made his heart melt. He smiled and jogged over to them.

"Coming, Liebe."

"Eileen, go clean up dear. Mattie will be here soon."

"Si, mama."

The little nation left the table and ran into the hall towards the bathroom. Germany chuckled and turned the page of his paper.

"Why are you making such a big deal about this?" He asked the Italian. Italy reached over and picked up the German's empty dinner plate. He walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

"We're having guest, Germany! Ve, what were you like without me?" He washed the dishes in the sink then placed them in the dishwasher. Italy returned to the dining room and collected the glass. One of them still had water in them, while the other two only had ice left.

"Living in my old house with Gilbert in mein basement." Germany replied without even missing a beat.

"Well could you help me? America and England are bringing Massachusetts over and I don't want him getting scared like last time!"

"It's not mein fault!"

"Germany, you're the one who scared Mattie!"

Feliciano continued with clearing the table. He grabbed the bowl of left over pasta and pecked the blond on the cheek. Germany smiled and sat his paper down. He got up and followed Italy into the kitchen. The Italian was covering the top in saran wrap and placing it in the fridge.

Ludwig came up behind him and wrapped his arms around the smaller male.

"I remember when hearing Alfred's name made you go nuts."

"Doitsu, he stole Pradovia."

The German tipped the boy's head back gently with his hand and kissed his lips. Feliciano pulled away and hugged the German. The door bell rang and Italy pulled away. He headed towards the door as the bell was rung over and over again.

"Eileen! You'd better be ready! Ve, I'm coming! I'm coming!" He said, turning his attention to the door. Italy opened the front door to see America, England, and Massachusetts. Alfred was poking the doorbell with his tounge out while England was telling him to stop it. Mattie hid behind Arthur's leg.

"Ciao guys." Feliciano said cheerfully.

"Oh! Hello Italy! I am sorry about America." England said at once.

"It's fine. Eileen! Mattie's here!"

She didn't show up.



Germany sighed from where he was sitting in the dining room.

"Eileen Pradovia Beilschmidt! You get out here when your Mutti is calling you!" He shouted. The girl appeared in the doorway and ran over. She hid behind Italy's leg. Feliciano chuckled and ruffled his daughter's hair. She was terribly shy when it came to people who weren't considered family.

The trio came in and soon the two kids went off into the backyard to play. (Italy went with them to help entertain them.) The remaining three males began talking and soon found themselves outside in the backyard on the patio. They watched the kids, and Italy, playing in the grass and laughing.

"How old is Mattie turning?" Germany asked.

"He's going to be eight soon." Alfred replied with a smile. "I can't believe how much he's grown!"

"At least he didn't grow as fast as you did." England teased.

America got up from his seat and ran into the yard. "Alright! Daddy's turn!" The kids laughed and began to attack America. Feliciano retreated back to the patio table and sat down.

"So, Italy?" England said looking at him. "Spain just told me the news."

"Si, it's fantastic!"

"Was? Liebe, you didn't tell me anything.."

"Whoopsie! Scusa, Ludwig~! Well, guess what? We're about to uncles!"

"Uncles? Wait, you don't mean-"

"Si! Fratello's pregnant!"

Germany stared at him, then just facepalmed. Feli cocked his head to the side and let out a curious "ve."

"What's wrong, Germany?"

"Nothing Liebe. Nothing at all."


"Well, let's just say Antonio had better be good with a gun."

Feliciano sat there processing his words. Memories of the last ten years flashed in his brain. Giving birth; taking Eileen home; feeding her and taking care of her. What did any of that have to do with a gun? He looked in the yard and saw Pradovia jump onto America's back while laughing. He remembered the other parts.

The shouts; the blood; the gun smoke; France in the hospital on the day of her birth; the kidnapping. Italy sat there for a few more moments, then he felt a smile tug on his lips. He smiled brightly which caused the other two to smile as well. For once, Italy had the joy of knowing that this was no longer his problem. He had taken all the shit and dealt with it. He had gone to hell and back.

For the first time in ten years, Italy Vargas laughed.