Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner: Desert Love – Chapter 1

Author: I saw a picture on Deviantart where Wiley and Roadrunner were kissing, and it inspired this fiction idea. I apologize for the writing being a bit off, it was hard to accurately describe Roadrunners transformation. It will take time for the next chapter, so please be patient.

Attention: The characters within this fiction are the copyright property of Warner Brothers Studios. My only reason for using these characters is for the entertainment of Fanfiction authors and visitors. No intention of copyright infringement.

In the shipping plant of Acme Company, assemblies of employees were busy at work packaging and shipping the company's products.

One of the workers, whose job was to place the products in their containers, was also working, when he was handed a product that didn't match its case. The worker panicked, he knew there wasn't any time to call in this mistake; lest he risk holding up the production line. Quickly, he grabbed some scotch tape, covered the title, and wrote out the product name. The worker placed the item in its box and sent it down the conveyor belt to the next employee. The item continued down the line to where it was packaged and shipped off for delivery.

Way out in the Arizona desert, Wile E. Coyote paced impatiently in front of his mailbox; he was waiting for his package from Acme.

Just then, Roadrunner, coyote's life long adversary, streaked past him at rapid speed giving a short, "meep-meep!"

The coyote glared in anger, and stepped out into the road and readied himself to chase after his prey. But the, a delivery truck drove up without warning and ran over the coyote. Wiley peeled his body off the pavement and began dusting himself off, when, "meep-meep!"

The coyote jumped up in shock and then turned around to see the roadrunner behind him. Wiley tried to grab him, but Roadrunner was already speeding off in a trail of dust. Coyote just snapped his fingers in annoyance, angry that he had just missed the bird again.

Wiley looked at his mailbox and instantly his face lit up; his package had finally arrived. Wiley tore off the wrapping to reveal the products bottle.

Slow Serum: guaranteed to slow anything down.

A sly grin came to the coyote's face, as he headed off into the desert; to prepare his, possibly, best scheme ever.

Down the road, Wiley was preparing his latest plan. He poured out a box of birdseed next to a 'free birdseed' sign and then poured the Slow Serum onto the pile. Then, the coyote hid behind a nearby rock to watch.

It wasn't long before he saw Roadrunner coming to an instant stop in front of the sign, looking down at the pile, and started pecking up the seeds.

Wiley snickered wickedly, this time he was certain nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan; when the roadrunner finishes eating the seeds, he will slow down and Wiley would be able to catch him.

The coyote smiled happily at the product that was finally going to get him his fresh cooked roadrunner dinner. Then he looked closer at the bottle and noticed something; the title looked like it was written on tape. Carefully, the coyote scratched off the tape to reveal the products real name.

Sexy Serum: guaranteed to give women the perfect body.

Caution: for females only; may cause side effects for males.

Wiley's looked up in shock after seeing the caution label. He looked over to Roadrunner, who had just finished eating the seeds. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen, but when Roadrunner looked directly at coyote, his entire body jerked with a twang.

Seeing this, Coyote looked on the back of the bottle for the side effects label

Side Effects for males include: sexual gender-change and love-bond with the first male they see.

Wiley's eyes went wide in worry when he read about the side effects. He looked back at the roadrunner and watched as it began to change.

Roadrunner's neck shortened an inch and then widened. His body feathers slowly spread down until they reached the lower middle of his thighs. His legs then grew longer until he was eye level with Wiley. Next the legs expanded out until they were curved and shapely. Then, Roadrunner's feet became petite with manicured claws.

Next his mid-body tilted up at an angle as it began to change. The rear ballooned out beneath the tail into a bubble shape. Then the mid-body grew long and wide it was that of a swan. And then the chest bulged out, while the waist scrunched in; giving a figure and s-curve to the body.

The next to change was the head and tail feathers. The tail feathers shortened and formed into an upright plume. The head feathers also became shorter and formed into a short vertical stalk on the top of roadrunner's head, and then it curved forward where it hanged above the forehead.

The last to change was the head. The beak became shorter, the eyebrows became thin and curved, and eyelashes grew out and became longer. Finally, the head grew to match the neck.

Wiley stared slack-jawed as the changes drew to a close. Standing in front of him was now a tall, curvaceous, attractive female roadrunner.

The newly transformed roadrunner didn't move or even 'meeped' as he, now a she, stood there staring at Wiley. She had felt the changes in her body, but strangely her attention was focused on the coyote. Suddenly, Roadrunner began to feel hot and her heart started beating faster. She no long saw Wiley as a natural predator, but as a handsome, rugged coyote; the man of her dreams.

Wiley gulped nervously as the roadrunner suddenly smiled and batted her eyes at him. He remembered the bottle talking about a love-bond with the first male seen, and knew that he was the only male there. He began to tremble as Roadrunner walked slowly up to him; swaying her hips sexily. The roadrunner began caressing Wiley's chest with her soft wing, making him sweat in fear. But then, Roadrunner began to pucker her beak and made a kissing gesture towards Coyote. Wiley saw this and, wide eyed with panic, took off like a shot into the desert.

Roadrunner watched as Wiley ran off into the distance. She just sighed with a smile; she loved men who like to play hard to get. Giving a feminine, "meep-meep," Roadrunner raced after her lover; leaving behind a heart-shaped dust cloud.

That's not all folks. To be continued.