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"Oh, hello Denya, how are you today?" Denya asked herself.

"Oh, stubborn jackasses are keeping me from doing what we're supposed to be doing." Denya replied back to herself.

"Good, good..."

This was torture. Well, to Denya anyway. Being stuck out in the heat was not good for her.

Denya stared at the muscled man who was leaning against the Hummer. He wiped sweat off from his forehead, and flicked his eyes towards Denya, who was slowly dying from the sun. Well, maybe not dying, but definetely suffocating.

"Sorry for being such a bitch," Denya began with a sigh.

Chris looked at her, she wasn't being immature, she sounded sincere. It was funny though, because Chris was about to ignore her, and start the car back up anyways. But, Chris decided to let Denya continue with this small apology.

"I'm just... ah, nevermind."

So close. So close to getting that apology. Oh well, better get on with the mission anyways.

Walking down a dirt road with a bunch of foreigners was very uncomfortable. Denya rubbed her eyes, and mumbled something about wearing sunglasses.

Chris narrowed his eyes at some Africans who beating the living shit out of an animal. They were at a distance of course, but it still made him feel uneasy.

Denya looked horrified, as she heard the animal's cries. She covered her mouth with her right hand, and merely said;

"Let's go, Chris."

With wide eyes, Denya simply slipped by the locals who kept staring at the wide eyed woman.

Chris simply followed, and flicked his eyes at the locals who were now focusing on him. Apparently Americans weren't exactly the most likable people in Africa.

A wide eyed Denya gestured frantically for Chris to get out of the local's attention. She was practically flailing her arms to Chris.

"I already hate it here," Denya says.

"You hate everything..." Chris mumbled, as he kept on walking.

Chris kept on walking, but stopped when he saw Denya wasn't walking with him. He turned around to see the woman, but she seemed confused. She kept whirling around, as if she was looking for something.

"Where is everyone? Gregg must've come early this year," Denya says.

Chris furrowed a brow, and was probably going to regret asking.

"Who is Gregg?"

Denya whipped around, and looked at Chris.

"Why? Why do I even bother?" Denya let out a sigh, and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Gregg. The Grim Reaper."

Okay, Gregg?

Denya just stared at Chris, and threw her hands up in the air; "Conker's Bad Fur Day."

"Why do I even ask..." Chris mumbled, as kept on walking.

As they walked to what seemed to be a dead end, Denya pointed to an ally that was next to the building.

Chris followed, and walked into the allyway. Chris found a red, rusty, metal door, and kicked it open.

A man, with banadges around his head, was leaning nonchanlontly against the wall. Okay, maybe not banadges, but that's what they looked like to Denya.

"Good, you're both here. Come," the man said, opening the red door behind him.

Chris and Denya followed, and the first thing that caught Denya's eye, was the raw, carcases hanging from the ceiling.

"Ah, nice," Denya muttered sarcastically.

"You two, this way," the man began, leading them further into the room. "It may be because of the goverment, but people around here are little on the edge," the man went on, and turned to both Chris and Denya.

"You should do what you came here to do, and go home."

"Yea, they really roll out the red carpet for us Americans," Chris says with a slight sigh in his voice.

They were lead back further, and Denya took a look at the hooks hanging from the ceiling. She stared at them, a look of distance and fear in her eyes.

"Hey, you okay?" Chris asks Denya.

Denya just shook her head; "It's nothing."

"Your weapons are over there. Check them," was all the man said. He cocked his head towards a silver attache case sitting on a desk.

Ignoring the raw meat, Denya and Chris opened the sliver attache case. Two pistols, and two shoulder like vests. A holister was in the back for a large knife. Denya took one, and strapped it to her back. It was better than wearing a normal tee-shirt. Chris took his, and took one of the pistols.

"The operation has already started," the man said.

Denya took the second, and reloaded it with some ammo that was loosely packed into it.

"Where do we go now?" Denya asked.

"Town square's up ahead. Go through there, Alpha Team is waiting at the deal infestation," the man said.

"Alright then," Denya said, looking at, what she assumed to be, a butcher.

Seemingly, out of nowhere, the man asked; "Tell me, what do you know about, Uroboros?"

Uroboros... Denya knew little about that. She had heard some gossip around the BSAA about the 'Uroboros Project'.

Chris faced the man; "Mostly just rumors... Something about visions of a doomsday project."

"Doomsday sounds about right. And apparently, it is no rumor."

"You're screwing with us, right?" Denya asked, becoming a little serious.

"You must find the man named Irving. He is our only lead," the man said, beginning to walk away. "And becareful out there." and the man left.

Denya stared at Chris.

"Why would he want us to worry?" Chris mumbled.

"Geez Chris, I'm not sure," Denya said sarcastically, as she took her lead to head out of the door the man exited out of.

They took their lead, and walked back outside, kicking down the door in the process.

"Remember, we're a team. Whatever happens, we stick together," Chris said, walking down a dusty path.

Denya only let out a sigh, and followed Chris down the path. Denya cringed, as smelled the scent of rotting animal flesh. She saw a dead cow, and a puddle of fresh blood under it. It's feet tied together, and a small murder of crows, picking at the remains of the dead animal. Metal rods on it's sides, and a crow let out a 'caw'.

"I love crows... but that," Denya said, pointing to the fresh carcass, "that is sick."

"For once, I agree with you."

Walking by the dead animal remains, the crows took their leave when they saw the two humans come down closer. The lavender haired woman kicked down a rusty red door, and went into a shaded building. Another dead animal carcass was spread out over the table. Hooks and chains hung from the ceiling, all around this dead animal, and Denya could only urge Chris to get the Hell out this building.

Hooks... Denya stared at them, but shook her head.

Chris kicked down the red door, and Denya practically bolted from the building.

"I am so sick of this place," Denya groaned. "Dead animals, people that practically want to rape everything they see, this place sucks."

The pair made their way onto the dusty stairs, and screaming was heard not to far from where they were at.

"See what I mean?" Denya said, with a sigh.

"It came from that building," Chris said, now beginning to pick up his pace.

They came to a blue, metal door, and both got ready. With their pistols ready, Denya pratically burst through the door, while Chris was slow and quiet. Two African men, pinning down another man. Screaming ripped through the air, and one of the men shoved something into helpless man's throat.

"Stop right there, you bastards!" Denya roared, shooting a warning shot at the man who shoved something down the helpless man's throat.

The men looked at Denya, but only fled afterwards, slamming the door as they made a break for it. Denya shot one bullet as they fled, but decided against it, since they were already gone.

Chris ran over to the helpless man, who was coughing, clutching his chest, as if he wanted the thing out of his throat. Not wanting to see this man suffer, Denya ran over, gripped his torso with all her strength, and pressed roughly on the man's chest.

She was trying to help him.

Chris didn't know she even cared. Hell, she didn't even have any care for Chris.

With one final press, the man coughed up the thing that was forced down his throat, and he was desprately gasping for air.

Denya let go of him, and with her combat boot, she crushed the pulsating thing the man had coughed up. She twisted her ankle for good measure.

"You... saved his life," Chris said, in almost disbelief.

The man got to his feet, and said something rapidly to Denya in a foreign language. He grabbed her hand, and kept speaking rapidly.

Denya nodded, and the man ran out the blue door from where they entered originally.

Chris looked at Denya; "What did he say?"

"Honestly, I have no idea," Denya said, "but, he seemed thankful."

The black haired marksman went through the room, looking for ammo, and money. Denya did the same, and found a window. Denya got a running start, and burst out of the window, landing on the dusty path.

Denya took a turn to the left, and went straight. She heard Chris land on the ground, and quickly caught up with her.


Ending it here. Why? Because I can. Hoped you guys liked that longish chapter. See? Chris is seeing the good side of Denya, little by little. And... why was Denya staring at those chains and hooks with fear? Well... it isn't paranoia, I'll ya that.

By the way, you guys are going to LOVE the Monarch Room. I swear to God, you'll be laughing you asses off.

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