A/N: HEY GUYS! So, it's been awhile since I wrote a new fanfic, huh? Well, here's a brand new one! I got inspired while listening to Booty Call by Ke$ha! How funny? Ha-ha! VERY! Well, here it is…the new fanfic…LATE NIGHT PHONECALLS!

Chapter One: The First Of Many

Never did he think he'd be calling her for this. He heaved a sigh and picked up his cell phone, unable to sleep. He pushed speed dial one and listened to the dial tone. On the other side of the phone Ziva David stirred from her light slumber and reached over blindly to where the sound of her vibrating phone was coming from. Once she got a hold of the phone she tiredly put her phone to her ear.

"David." She answered.

"Ziva." Tony said.

"Tony? What do you want?" She asked, sitting up.

"Wow! Someone's in a bad mood." He remarked.

"It's one in the morning. What's wrong?"

"Can you…come over?" He asked, sounding unusually sheepish.

"What for?" She asked.

This was what he was afraid of. He had no idea how he would explain this to her. Little did he know was, that she was catching onto what he wanted.

"I see." She said when he didn't reply right away. "I'll be right over."

"Wait! Just like that? You're…okay with this?"

"Well, I'm sure you're just a little drunk or…something. I'll be right over, Tony." She said, hanging up her phone.

In reality she wasn't that calm. In fact she was nervous. She knew what he wanted and she knew for a fact that he was undoubtedly sober. She let out a slow and shaky breath before she got out of bed. She pulled on a pair of sweat and a hoodie, not bothering with a shirt. She then brushed her hair a little and opened the top drawer to her bedside table. She drew in a hasty breath as she grabbed a box of condoms from the drawer. She opened it and pulled out about five. She hoped that it would be enough. Then realizing who she would be sleeping with it was a good possibility that he had condoms too. She shook her head and stuffed them into her hoodie pocket in addition to her phone and car keys. She walked out of her apartment, feeling more apprehensive than ever before.

Once she pulled up to Tony's apartment building she let out a slow and deliberately exaggerated breath and looked towards the door. She was so unsure of herself and that was completely unlike her. It made her feel so uncomfortable and she wished that somehow Tony had not meant what he "said". Maybe this wasn't what she knew Americans called a "booty call"? Maybe she overreacted and he didn't want sex from her? She timidly stepped out of her scarlet red and jet black mini cooper and walked onto the sidewalk. She went to the door of the complex and went inside. The doorman named Logan Kinkade smiled to her and watched as she went to the stairs. She smiled back and made her way to the third floor. Clearly he was wondering what she was doing there at one twenty in the morning but he knew it was not his place to question it. The closer she got to his apartment the more scared she felt. As her sandal clad feet slowly made their way up the blue-colored carpeted stairs she guided her hands along the beige walls. She felt her heart start to race with anticipation. When she got to Tony's apartment door, her heart was practically pounding out of her chest. Her hand shook as she balled it into a fist and softly knocked on the door.

On the other side Tony could hear the familiar sound of knocking on his door. He walked from his kitchen to the door and looked through the peephole. He then saw the beautiful Israeli standing on the other side of the door. He opened the door and smiled at her.

"Hey Ziva."

He certainly wasn't drunk. In fact, he seemed rather coherent in every single aspect; which made her wonder why he would want her to sleep with him.

"Tony, I got your call and…"

Her words were silenced by Tony stepped closer to her and wrapping his hands around her mid torso. He pulled her towards him and kissed her rosy lips. They tasted of her toothpaste and mouthwash. He loved this taste and he would never be able to forget it. Meanwhile, Ziva's head was spinning. She couldn't believe what was happening her. How the hell did she end up in this situation? He moved his lips away and pulled her inside his apartment. He shut the door quickly and pushed her against it. He looked into her dark brown eyes and noticed her heavy breathing. Ziva meanwhile was praying that Tony couldn't hear how her heart was beating out of her chest. She and Tony were friends and co-workers. If they were to do this she had no idea where this would leave them. That morning no more words were exchanged. Any and all communication was done via their hands and bodies. Tony kept her at the door for several moments, his hands roaming her sweats clad body. The navy blue fabric which covered her petite frame grazed his fingers every time his hands went around her body. Finally he reached for the hem of her hoodie when he heard a sound. He pulled away from her and reached into her hoodie pocket. It was then when he found the condoms. He narrowed his eyes at the slightly shorter Israeli and smiled.

"You came prepared, Ms. David." He whispered in her ear.

He stuffed the condoms into his back jeans pocket and lifted her hoodie. This automatically took Ziva by surprise. She couldn't believe how fast this was moving. When Ziva pictured their first time she figured it would be much different. She knew that there would be a slim chance of them having a first time but she didn't picture it happening like this. Tony meanwhile could only think of one thing. He could only think of having sex with Ziva. He pressed his muscular frame into hers and Ziva instantly felt it. She felt his hardness pressing into her thigh through their intrusive clothing. Her heartbeat went up even more, fearing that she would never be able to stop this. When Tony's lips made contact with Ziva's she could feel electricity flowing through her entire body. She couldn't help but becoming wrapped up in the kiss. What neither of them realized at the time was just how far this would go.