A/N. This is a request by Weirn018. I seriously wouldn't have thought of making this into a fanfiction, gotta love people who think of things you don't, makes for great brain stirir upper-I'm gonna stop before I hurt myself. Bright side is, Akainu is no longer trying to kill me. I will tell you all I am willing to do requests, long as they give me room to work, you guys have to remember, I have zero plot in mind when I type these things up, and I'm making it up as I go. But anyway, this is a sibling role reversal thing where Luffy is the big sister, and Ace is the little brother. I'm also putting a spin on this, by putting them on the same crew. Let's see how much chaos I can wreak with this.

Summary: What if Luffy was the big sister, what if Ace was the little brother? What if Luffy was 10, and Ace was seven and Sabo was alive? What if they were both Gol D. Rogers kids? Meet the product of my insane imagination and weirn018's idea. Monkey D. Luffy and her younger brother Ace have set sail to become famous pirates. Much to their 20 year old brother Sabo's chagrin. Watch as they wreak unnecessary havoc across the seas, leaving everyone else, to clean up the mess.

Note: Luffy will have a different Devil Fruit, like always. She ate the Soar Soar Fruit, explanation is at the end of the chapter. Also they changed their names to match Garps, a lot easier to pass themselves off as a marine heroes grandkids rather then some dead woman who was actually associated with the dead Pirate King.

The idea for Luffy being Roger's daughter as well, came from the fact that Whitebeard said that Luffy acted more like Roger then Ace, and the fact that in canon, when Luffy was about to be executed by Buggy, or as the stupid clown says "Flashy Execution" I think, he smiled, and even bothered to state that he was sorry and about to die. Like a true out of the blue D. Also, I made Morgan worser then he already was, but I doubt any of you actually care.

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece, nor the original idea for this fanfic. But please enjoy!

Episode 1: Big Sis & Lil' Bro!

Shells Town-

One Monkey D. Luffy and her seven-year-old little brother Ace, stood outside the Marine Base of Shells Town. Ace was staring defiantly at the wall, contemplating on burning it down, when Luffy abated it herself.

"Ace, want a piggy-back ride?" Luffy asked as she smiled gently at him. Ace took on a defiant look, before finally sighing in defeat, the temptation of getting a piggy-back-ride from his beloved older sister too much for his childish mind to deny. Luffy moved infront of him, getting down on one knee so her smaller brother could climb onto her back. Luffy activated her Devil Fruit powers, causing a pair of wings to grow from her ankles (think either cardcaptort sakura's Jump card or hermes). She took one step and then lept off, floating in the air for a few seconds before coming down on the other side gently. She knelt back down once she was sure that Ace wouldn't hurt himself, and let Ace down.

"That was fun!" Ace declared happily as he hugged his older sister gratefully, before finally letting go and allowing her to approach the man they had come here for.

"Who the hell are you kids? And how'd you jump clear of the wall like that?" Luffy just smiled at him as she pointed to herself,

"I'm Luffy! And this is my little brother Ace, we're going to be pirates! And we want you on our crew!" Luffy stated as she then pointed to the man. The man, beaten as he was, and quite sorry looking, laughed slightly at that, before finally answering,

"HA! How old are you two anyways?" The man asked as he glared at Ace, who was silently debating between cooking the man right there for laughing at his big sister, or just convincing her to leave him here.

"I'm 10, and Ace here is seven! And don't laugh at us! We're gonna be famous!" the man just proceeded to ignore the young girl, and Ace was starting to sway more towards burning him. "Don't you have a dream too?" Luffy asked as she stared at the man with a seriousness in her eyes that should have been found in adults, not a child. For almost five seconds, the man, a swordsman, thought he saw an older woman with long black hair and the same exact look in her eyes. The man shook his head slightly, convincing himself that it was just a hunger-induced halucination. The little girl continued to pesture him,

"Well?" The man sighed as he finally answered Luffy.

"Yes, I do have a dream. To be the greatest swordsman in the world, not just in East Blue!." The man stated. Luffy smiled as she began to think.

"Your names Roronoa Zoro right?" The man, Zoro, nodded his answer, sinking into old memories from when he was younger, and of a promise made to a friend now long dead. "Well, we have a dream too! And we are going to follow through with it regardless of how many people laugh at us!" Luffy stated determindly. Ace, who had gotten Zoro thinking he was mute thanks to the fact he had not said a word since he had met the kid, finally spoke up in agreement with his older sister,

"Yeah!" Luffy smiled as she pat him on the head. "We're gonna be the greatest!" he said even more determindly as his sister gave him a reassuring pat on the head. Zoro smiled down at the kids, beginning to believe that they would actually suceed in the seemingly fruitless endeavor. But they couldn't if they were dead, he couldn't if he died either.

"Fine, I'll join you guys. You've somehow managed to convince me to accompany you two on this crazy adventure of yours.-" The two's expressions brightened a their success, and Zoro, to save face, and his reputation, continued "-...Besides, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night with the knowledge that I let two Gaki get themselves killed when I could have done something about it." Luffy and Ace just giggled at his attempt to cover his pride as Ace then proceeded to undo the ropes tying Zoro to the pole.

"Halt! Stop right there you brats! You do know that you could bet in big trouble with my daddy if you get caught helping the prisoners right?" Ace stopped for a moent, before getting an extremely look on his face. Before either Zoro or Luffy could do anything, Ace set fire to the blindingly blonde headed idiot's hair. Luffy all but collapsed in laughter as the guy proceeded to run about like a headless chicken, trying his best, or rather worst to put out the heated blaze, considering the fact that all he was doing, was screaming like a little girl, worse then Luffy, the only actual little girl in the group. Zoro chuckled as Ace went back to setting Zoro free so that they could get going, already bored and tired of the island and the people in it.

"Lu-nee-chan! I got him free, let's go!" He said as the last of the ropes burned away and Zoro touched ground. Zoro raised his hand, catching Luffy's attention quickly, who then proceeded to grab Ace by the shoulder, stopping him from leaving. "What?" Luffy tsked at her brother, showing that he needed to slow down for a bit and wait, as their new friend/babysitter needed to get something.

"I need to get my swords, that idiot over there took them." He stated as he signaled for the kids to follow him.

Inside the Marine Base-

Luffy, Ace, and Zoro walked through the halls of the base, checking rooms for Zoro's blades. Luffy was only half working on it though, as she had devoted the other half of her attention to keeping Ace, the little pyromaniac, away from anything flamable in the halls, not wanting an early death just yet. Luffy just smiled as she looked into a particularly extravegent room, and found three blades in the corner. She called to Zoro,

"Hey! Isn't that them?" Zoro looked into the room and nodded.

"Yep, let's get them and get out quickly." Luffy nodded as she made sure she had a good hold on Ace's hand, and followed the swordsman into the room. "Okay, c'mon you two-" He cut himself off when he and the others looked behind them only to see what was most likely going to be just the beginning of a long list of bad things that happen to them. Captain "Axe-Hand" Morgan was standing in the door way, looking close to killing them,

"Uh-oh~" Ace said, pretty much summing up everyone's thoughts. Luffy did even better by putting it in actual words,

"We're so screwed!" Luffy stated as she grabbed Ace and picked him up, made a mad grab for Zoro and then jumped out of the window. Luffy activated her Devil Fruit powers, and despite the fact that she had a current limit to how much weight she could carry when using them, she managed to actually stay in the air longer then would have been expected, as she was far over that limit carrying Zoro and his swords, and even managed to land near the wall without hurting anyone. She gently put Ace and Zoro down, before turning to face the direction they had come from, just in time to see Morgan jump from the window and land a meter or two infront of them, steam coming out of his ears with how angry he was.

"You. All. Will. PAY FOR DEFYING ME!" the man hollared as he swung his axe in Luffy's direction, she allowed Ace to stay put, and instead grabbed ahold of Zoro, who wasn't like her, slicing proof, and took to the air once again. The slice took out the wall behind the two, but went straight through Ace, who had eaten a Logia-type Devil Fruit. His body just turned to flames where the cut would have been and then turned regenerated. Luffy landed, looking worse for ware after having picked up someone near ten times her own weight, plus his swords, and before that her brother, swords, and the same person, with no real break inbetween. Ace knew Luffy would need a good nap and meal after this, preferably with a lot of meat involved.

Morgan looked at the two kids in shock before stating,

"A couple of Devil Fruit users huh? Ha! I know just what to do with you two, how's about being some Celestial Dragon's slave huh?" The corrupt marine sneered at the two thinking that he could beat them easily because for the exact reason that they were little kids. He had said the wrong thing though, as Luffy did not like the term "slave" and threatening her little brother with it, was inexcusable.

"Don't...You...Dare...Lay a filthy hand on MY...LITTLE...BROTHER!" Now, a girl is scary, a woman in even scarier when scorned, as afterall, doesn't Hell have no wrath and fury compared to a woman cheated upon and scorned? But none of these, not even a girl during that time of the month, could compare to an older sister when her younger sibling is threatened. Neither Hell, nor God's wrath combined, has anything on an angry Luffy when you have threatened her little brother, or any of her nakama and family. In short, "Axe-Hand" Morgan, was royally screwed.

The man only got one sound out of his mouth, before Luffy efficiently, and gruesomly took care of the corrupt captain, in such a way, that if it were to be made into a movie, they'd have to come up with a whole new rating for just the first action alone. And that was how Morgan was defeated. Beaten and left at Death's door step by an angry, near demonic ten year old that he had pissed off.

Later that day-

Luffy, Ace, and Zoro sat in Ririka tavern, eating their fill. Ririka, was Rika, a young girl that Zoro had saved from Morgan's son Helmeppo's pet dog, mother. The woman, and the entire town plus the marine base was grateful for the three's help in ending the cruel man's tyranny. Suddenly the door opened as a group of Marines walked in.

"You all are pirates right?" Luffy nodded as she watched the marines carefully. Oh she didn't mind them, it was just that everything about their posture was screaming at Luffy to keep a close watch. She was afraid they might hurt her little brother. "Then I'm sorry, but as a town governed by Marines, we cannot allow you all to stay here. We will allow you to leave peacefully though. Please take your time preparing to leave. Luffy relaxed slightly as she nodded at them.

"Thank you for allowing us to leave peacefully." Luffy stated as she and her brother thanked the proprieter for the food, and dragged an already full Zoro out of the restaurant and toward the docks. They board the ship and set sail, taking the time to wave good-bye tot he nice marines and people, before finally disappearing in the distance.

A/N. Hope you guys liked it! Please review and thanks for reading. Now for the explanation I promised for Luffy's Devil Fruit so you guys wouldn't get too confused.

Funfacts for Luffy's Devil Fruit:

Luffy's Devil Fruit is called the Soar Soar Fruit. Despite it's appearence, it is actually a Paramecia type Devil Fruit. It allows Luffy to grow wings from any part of her body, be it her wrists, ankles, or even lower and upper back. Luffy usally uses these wings to power her jumps and temperarily boost her speed. She can also harden the feathers on the wings and use them like bullets or arrows.

Luffy can fly with this Devil Fruit, and it holds true to it's name, allowing Luffy to "soar" through the air. As of now, Luffy has no named attacks for the Devil Fruit ability,

She can however, supercharge her kicks by allowing gravity to some or most of the work for her.

She can materialize multiple sets of wings all over her body, but the limit is two areas. Which means she can sprout wings from either her back and wrists, ankles and wrists, or back and ankles.

The Fruit also makes Luffy's bones hollow, but surprisingly, they are not easy to break, and infact harder then steel.

There is also a limit to how much additional weight Luffy can carry when she's flying or jumping, as shown in the chapter.

There is one uniqueness that Luffy has, that makes her especially different from other Devil Fruit users. Luffy does not have a weakness to Sea Stone and can even swim, thanks to a unique hereditary gene from her mother's side (Luffy and Ace share a father not a mother) which displaced the supposed "curse" that Devil Fruit users have.

Well, that's all the info I can think of right now. Thanks again for reading and see ya!

Luffy & Ace: Bye-bye!