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Episode Summary: Luffy, Ace, and the gang arrive at Syrup Village to meet Usopp, the son of one of the men that inspired them to persue their dreams of being a pirate.

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Episode 3: Meeting Usopp!

In the forest outside of Syrup Village-

A young boy with black, curly hair and a long nose sat in a tree waiting for his friends/crewmates. They were just three kids who had latched onto him, but they were friends all the same and he wouldn't replace them for anything in the world. Besides, he was their captain, and he couldn't just abandon them.

"Captain Usopp!" The boy, Usopp looked at the ground, spotting the three kids he was waiting for. Ninjin, Tamanegi, and Piman were the three kids names, Theyw ere good kids, and were fun to hang out with. But right now they seemed really worried about something.

"What is it guys?" Usopp jumped down to meet them, as they weren't the best at climbing trees, especially Piman. Yep, Usopp had had to, on twelve too many occasions, climb down and remove poor Piman from a tree branch, and save him for what was already an embarassing incident, and a painful wedgy. They were funny at first, but it had quickly been decided that from then on, Usopp would meet them on the ground, and until they were bettwer tree climbers, they were to wait for him on ground level, not half way up the tree as he dislodged Piman's underwear.

"PIRATES! REAL PIRATES! AT THE BAY! But there are two girls in the group, and two of them are kids, including one of the girls." Usopp nodded as he absorbed the information. There was a chance that the two kids had gotten kidnapped, but there was a chance that they were really apart of the crew, in which case, Usopp would have to battle them.

It wasn't completely unheard of, but definitely rare of a pirate crew to have kids aboard their ship as part of the crew. Usually they were kidnappings, where the pirates wanted money, and took kids from rich families to get it. But yeah, however small it was., there was a chance that the kids that were mentioned were really pirates. But this showed that they might be friendly as well.

Usopp was going on another thought tangent, and shook his head vigorously to get himself back on track. They had to make sure that those pirates didn't hurt anyone if they were hostile, children or not. Usopp nodded determindly as he began making a huge scene of bravado.

"Okay crew! Captain Usopp will take care of those pirates and beat them down! They'll regret ever missing with us!" The three kids cheered at their captains bravery and all headed in the direction of the ship.

With Luffy, Ace, and the Gang-

Luffy was keeping her little brother entertained by showing him her talent with yo-yos. She had been doing this for a while now, and it managed to pass the time quickly. So quickly in fact, that Luffy hadn't registered that they had reached land until the ship had run itself a-ground slightly. Luffy blinked in shock while Ace swore a bit too loudly. This got him a slap upside the head, which resulted in another swearing session, or rather, almost swearing session, as Luffy slapped him upside the head again and then reprimanded him.

"Ace no swearing!" Luffy chied in a motherly tone, despite being only ten years old. She took her yo-yo and tucked it in one of her pockets as she got off the ship. She grabbe Ace, and much to his own displeasure-'He was a big boy!'-helped him off the ship as well. Nami and Zoro followed soon after and were soon standing by Luffy and Ace's sides. Suddenly Zoro blocked an on coming pellet aimed at his own head, and glared at the bushes at the top of a cliff near by. Luffy and the others looked in the same direction.

"What the he-" Zoro was cut short as Luffy kicked him in the stomach, giving him a warning look.

"Don't swear around Ace. He doesn't need anymore of a bad influence then necessary, got it?" Zoro nodded as he grumbled under his breath. "Good! Now why don't you guys come out from your hiding place. You all suck at hide n' go seek you know." Luffy said in a light tone. She really didn't care if they came out or not, as long as they didn't fire at her crew anymore, especially Ace.

"I am the famous Captain Usopp! You are all surrounded by my 8,000 men. Surrender now and leave or face our wrath!" the voice of a young man echoed out.

"Yeah, face our math!" The four pirates eyes twitched slightly as Luffy bent over, picking up a rock and juggling it a bit in her hand.

"Wait...face our math?" Nami looked at Zoro in confusion. The swordsman shrugged as Luffy drew both of their attentions by chucking the rock at a good speed, and into the brush where the voices were coming from.

THUNK!"OW!" Luffy and the others watched as "Captain Usopp" fell off of the cliff and landed on the beach infront of them, a huge bump on his head.

"Lu-nee-chan! That guy-" Ace said in surprise, pointing his finger at the direction of the boy as he righted himself, grumbling in pain.

"Ow! That hurt!"

"Wait a minute! You're Yasopp's son, Usopp!" The boy, Usopp, blinked in shock as he looked at Luffy and Ace.

"Yeah, wait. You know my dad?" Luffy nodded as she and Ace ran up tot he older boy, eager to have finally met the boy had been told so much about when they were younger.

"Yeah we know him! He's one of the greatest Sharpshooters ever! A true-blue pirate from the Red-Haired Pirates!" Luffy stated excitedly. "It's nice to finally meet that son of his that he spent so much time bragging about." Luffy stated as she pushed Ace closer. Ace nodded as he proceeded to introduce himself with childish abandon.

"Yeah, I'm Ace and this is Luffy-nee-chan!" Luffy smiled as she nodded, both having completely forgotten about the others for the time being.

"Nice to meet you too. Luffy, Ace."

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