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Aang was practicing firebending with Zuko, particularly refining their moves to The Dancing Dragon. Zuko was blushing since Mai and the rest of the gaang were staring at them while they went through the moves. Aang didn't mind the attention; being the Avatar he was used to people staring at him.

"That was amazing, Aang!" Katara said when they finished. The airbender walked over to the group and placed a soft kiss on his girlfriend's lips.

"Come on, guys! I thought I said no kissing in front of me!" Sokka complained. He walked over to Suki, grabbed her hand, and led her away from everyone else. They had been spending more and more time together, and Aang wasn't sure what they were doing, he just knew that no one else seemed to want to tell him.

"You could learn to do it too, if you'd like," Aang said to her. She smiled and tried to insist on him not teaching her, but he wasn't going to let her go so easily. "Come on, I'll teach you." He took her hand and instead of teaching her how in front of everyone else, he brought her towards a spring they had found one time during a walk through the woods near Zuko's summer home on Ember Island.

Aang placed his body in the first formation, intending for Katara to follow. Katara was distracted by the Avatar's strong muscles and how they flexed while he danced. She remembered his dance party, and how he had returned the hope back to the fire nation children. While Aang closed his eyes and danced, Katara sneaked closer to him and surrounded him in her arms from behind. Shocked, Aang bended her away from him, expecting her to be an attacker.

"So that's how its going to be, huh?" Katara laughed, and drew water from the spring, ready to fight back. Aang smiled at his girlfriend, glad she was playing with him. "Well, Avatar, you might want to reconsider who you mess with. I'm not some helpless girl," she whipped the water toward Aang, which he blocked with ease. He knew Katara better than anyone else. He could predict her movements before she even started to make them.

"I wouldn't think so highly of yourself, little watertribe girl. Haven't you heard of the things I've done?" He blew a gentle breeze toward her, messing up her hair. She tried keeping her face from smiling.

"Oh? What if I did this?" She dropped water down on his head; she had moved so discretely he hadn't seen her bend the water above him. He earthbent the ground below the water over his head, providing a small U shaped shelter for himself. He was about to clear the water from falling over the opening of his little hut, but Katara came bursting through and kissed him before he could do anything. He went to raise his hands to her face, but he realized they were frozen down to the sides of his body. "I caught you, Avatar." She laughed openly, now.

"You win this time. Next time I wont just blow air at your face. You just watch." He pressed his lips to the tip of her nose, and she smiled. "Let's get back to the others. They probably are wondering what happened to us.

"Alright," Katara said. They made their way back to Zuko's summer home.

~a few hours later~
Katara couldn't sleep. She kept thinking of Aang, and how they had played in the water earlier. She had been with him for 3 years now, and she was still just as in love with the boy as she had been when she first realized she loved him.

There was a soft knock at her door, and she tentatively said "Come in." Aang peeked his head into the open door, a sheepish smile on his face.

"I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about things. Meditating couldn't even help me." He walked over and sat down on the other half of her bed. "Do you mind if I stay in here with you for a while?" Katara just patted the bed next to her, and he scooted under the covers next to her. She sighed with content when she felt his arms surround her thin form.

He started kissing down her neck, slowly, and very softly. She loved that he always knew how to please her. She flipped over and met his lips with her own, loving how soft his lips were. He was shirtless, she noticed, like he always was when he slept. She was also only in her bindings. They had seen each other in these clothes before, but now it seemed different.

"Aang," Katara whispered as she ran her hands down his chest…

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