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Chapter 1: Fallen Angel

The rain poured hard on the city of Steelport, the cemetery was filled with many of the dead.

A lone figure knelt down and left a bouquet of flowers next to the tombstone as he stood up and looked down at what it said.


He was looking down on it and was in deep thought to why he came today.

Why did you have to go?

I come back after several years to your fucking funeral…huh funny…I thought you'd be going to mine but I guess you went first.

Who the hell did this to you? Why won't they tell me anything? It's just like them to deny it all and move on like it never happened.

Fucking government…bunch of pencil pushing assholes, they couldn't tell me at least how you died?

It's not a crime to know right? But wait it seems it is…I get the can for trying to find out, the system is complete and utter bullshit.

Sorry rambling again, guess no matter how much things change they always stay the same right bro?

Anyway I'm gonna stick around for a while until I can think of something, catch you soon.

Leaving the grave as anonymously as possible he was being soaked even though he wore his hoodie and kept walking as he saw while walking a woman wearing black and had an umbrella to shelter herself from the rain and was looking down on a grave as she was just silent, he could only see her from the back but he then got a look at her face and saw she had raven black hair which was tied up and a pair of purple sunglasses and a purple cross chain around her neck, she was holding a purse, she wore a long purple coat, a black turtleneck with a long black skirt and tights with knee high black boots.

But then just continued to make his way out as he left the cemetery and was deciding on what to do next until a car pulled up next to the side of the place.

The car had no licence plate on it, the windows were tinted and all of it looked custom made as then four men got out of it and were all dressed in what only he could see as security suits as then they pulled out automatic weapons as they went into the cemetery's side entrance.

He looked back towards the entrance and took a wild guess at what was about to happen.

Oh goddamit!


"Viola DeWynter."

She turned from the grave and was faced with four armed men and knew what this could possibly about.

"Who wants to know?" she asked.

"Our boss, you either come with us now or we make you."

"I don't go with strange men, you'll have to make an appointment." she said reaching into her purse.

Their guns clicked as the safety was off. "Don't even think about it, now come with us and we'll make this quick and easy."

She knew if they had their way she'd be dead and trying to fight them would make her death quicker.

As then one guy got a tap on his shoulder and he turned to a fist knocking him out as then the others turned to see some guy grabbing his weapon and they went to fire but he opened fire on them and shot one guy in the leg, another in the stomach and the other ran but he got one round in his back.

He rushed up to her to check on her.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm good but who the hell are you?" she asked.

"No time for that, they'll be back up in seconds do you have a car?" he asked.

"It's parked around the back." she said.

"Do you know anywhere safe?" he asked.

"I know where to go, look before we do anything I need a name." she demanded.

"My name's Jason Tyler now let's get the fuck out of here!" Jason said as she led him out of there running for their lives as they made it out of there and they got to a custom made purple, black and gold Raycaster as she got in the driver's side and Jason in the passenger seat as she turned the ignition and just floored it.


The sound of tyres screeching through the city streets could be heard as the two were running as more unmarked cars came in pursuit of them.

"I'll keep them off us, you keep on driving!" Jason said as she nodded.

He opened the window as gunfire was hitting the back of the car as each bullet pierced the metal and shattered the back window he then poked his torso out and aimed and fired at them hitting the tyres and got it in one shot as the car skidded out of control crashing into the other two behind it as then they exploded.

"Nice shot, I'm taking a sharp left hang on!" Viola said as he did so and they were off the highway and using the alleyways.

"I know where being chased by some homicidal assholes but who are you?" Jason asked.

"Viola DeWynter, I can have a guess why their after me." Viola said.

"Why exactly?" Jason asked.

"Because of my friends and our business." Viola said as he was a little confused.

"Would the business be…illegal by chance?" Jason asked.

"I would say yes but I would be lying." Viola said as he guessed it was.

"Okay, then where are we headed?" Jason asked as she made a right back onto the road.

Then right behind them was more of them as Jason went right at them and fired rounds as he got the driver with a shot to the head stopping one car.

But more were coming as he continued to shoot at them as Viola went to make a call on her phone which was attached to her car's internal system.

"Hey it's me, listen I've got a big problem, I've got some guys tailing me I need you to bring the crew outside the building and give us cover." Viola asked.

"Wait slow down Vi, what do you mean we?"

"I got someone with me, he saved me look just get the crew ready and waste them as soon as we arrive." Viola said as she ducked when her window shattered.

"Ok we'll be there just get back to the crib in one piece."

"No problem Boss, we're almost there." Viola said hanging up.

Jason came back in. "Uh goddamit I'm out of ammo!" Jason cursed throwing the gun out the window.

Viola then opened the glove compartment and in there was a couple of fully loaded Shepards as he grabbed them and went back to it.

Shooting at the oncoming vehicles as he hit one of the shooters in the neck as he flinched and he accidentally shot his own guys inside the car as it spun out and into another car exploding.

"How far are we?" Jason asked as he shot at them.

"We're here!" Viola said as she put her foot down and managed to make it to their destination as he did a 180 spin and stopped in front of a massive skyscraper as then they saw them coming at them full speed.

"What the hell are you doing? We're about to fucking die!" Jason said as she said nothing and was waiting for something.

As they got closer he was starting to think this was a bad idea…

They then just halted for no reason and then running from behind them were a bunch of guys dressed in purple and armed to the teeth as then a guy in a black and purple suit came up front wielding a handgun and looked to the attackers.

As then they stepped out of their cars and were at a standoff with these guys.

"Who the hell are you guys? This is Saints territory or do you even watch TV?" the guy up front asked.

"Oh we know and believe you me, the time of The Saints running the show around here and Stillwater…is over!" one of them said as both Jason and Viola got out of the car.

Jason noticed something on the jacket of their attackers and it looked like a pin of a black bird which he could only describe as a raven.

"You fuckers aren't the first guys to say that, or the last so do yourselves a favour and fuck the hell out of my city before we make that decision for you." the guy up front said as all the others took the safety off their guns.

"We'll be back, just remember this…you are all enemies of Raven's Watch!" he said as he turned his gaze on Jason. "And you, you've made yourself an enemy out of Raven's Watch!" he said making Jason sigh.

"If you guys are gonna make an enemy out of me know this…" he then aimed his gun and fired a shot which went right past the guy and hit the one next to him square in the head killing him instantly. "Learn to shoot the target dickheads!" he said as they just got in their cars and left.

Looking to Jason, the guy up front went up to him.

"So this is the guy right?" he asked Viola.

"This is Jason Tyler, he saved me from them." Viola said.

"So who are you guys anyways?" Jason asked.

"You really don't know?" he asked.

"Not a clue, been out in the middle east and other parts of the world for years, haven't caught up with everything yet." Jason said as he chuckled at that.

"Not to worry, I'm The Boss here, of The Saints." The Boss introduced himself as they shook hands.

"The Saints? You're gangsters right?" Jason asked.

"That's right and now it seems you've gotten yourself caught in middle of our fucked up war." The Boss said as he took out his cell. "Shaundi, it's me call a meeting at the crib…we've got a problem." he said.

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