The violator "Chapter 1"
The Violator

A/n: This is tha best story i've ever written. No joke. no fuckin joke.

Sly was busy playing RAPDUDE2K2 on his new stolen Playbox3sixtwii. it was pretty legit, and he was being a baller. He gave himself a new rapper name, yas, and he was famous for his rapping and theiving abilities. but then a dude showed up and started raping sly.

"Wake up from your gay wet dream Sly." Bently said as he waking him up.

"It was only a fucked up fuckity fucking dream?"

"No, but yes." Bently said.

"Well why did you awaken me?" Sly said triny to sound intelligent.

"we gotta steal from da bank. murry has came up with a plan."

"but murry is a gay tard.

"yeah put this plan is bretty legit. so don't fucking piss him off so he won't try to kill us again. ok?" ;) benlty staid.

"but fuck!"


"OH" sly said as he figured it out. "That is funny."

They went to the bank. It was a big gay bank, available for gay people and not gay people.

"Murry, why are we robbing a gay bank?

murry Was dressed up as a gay person. "It's all part of the plan." He had a fucking devious expression on his face, and sly wanted to rip his skin off and shit all over him and male his shitty body to irack. but bently tranq darted him with heroin so he mellowed out.

they broke inside by walking through the open dorrs. Murry started punching everything and he walked towards the bank.

"man bently this shit is tits! I'm like, fucking everything man." sky said, waving his arms all around like a tard.

"sly quit jumping around this is srs business." be;ntly said. he was getting annoyed. "Murry, when does this plan start?"

"Murry started punching more guys. "soon" he said, staring at Sly.

Then catamarmalina came in through the back door (A/N: hehehehe) and started fucking shooting everything with her shocking shit pistol. Everybody was covered in poop except for Sly, Bently, and Murry.

"Murry! This plan better not involve us getitng killed by elictrecal pooooooooo!" Bently said.

"you mean shit bently." Sly siad. he was feeling fine, and did a little dance to show off for carmalea

"It starts right now." Murry said, and walked over to Carlmeita. then he started making out with her.

"What the FUCK?" Sly said.

"Arrest those bitches." Murry said, and Carmelita set her shit pistol to diahrea. It almost killed them, but then it froze. He did it. Murry betrayed his friends and captured SLY COOPER AND BETNLY. Carmelita smackded murry on the ass, and as the polica dragged sly and bently away to jail, a tear ran down sly's shit frozen face.

far away, in the distant land of Fucked Upia (south dakota) the trix rabbit had finally concocted his scheme as well. he put out some fucked up shit, and he was gonna get some fucking trix. The kids ran over the valley, and as soon as they stood above him, he poured out a perfect batch of acid, melting them completely.

"ehheh I done it. finally, the Trix Cereal is mine." the trix rabbit said as he dove into the cavern for it. He hit face first and almost killed himself. but then he was fine. He raped the box before eating the delicious dtrix cereal. It was so good he came. he went home, and outside was Caprice.

"Caprice, what the fuck are you doing here?" trix said.

"fuck man I got this shit and fuck here you go" Caprice said as he threw the shit at the trix rabbit before running away crying. the trix rabbit was still high from all the trix, but he could see that this was heroin. he had never tried it before but now seemed like a good time. caprice got it from bently cuz he's a drug dealer too.

Trix shoved it up inside of him, making him feel good and high. it was the beginning of the end for the txri rabbib.