He… he shocks her.

Not literally, though, even if he is the son of Jupiter. But he jumps of the Greek ship, Argo II, with an enormous smile on his face.

Not for her to be self-centered, but, at first, she thought the smile stretched across his face was for her, for seeing her again. But no, it's for the choppy-haired Cherokee girl; the one who's clutching his hand tightly.

She stares at their intertwined fingers. He stretches his neck down and meets the girl's lips lightly before pulling quickly away. He straightens to his familiar I'm-a-Roman-and-proud-of-it ramrod posture, searching the crowd. His eyes lock on hers, and he seems to droop.

He walks over with the girl's hand still in his, and stands in front of her, staring at her studiously. He pulls his hand away from the Cherokee girl and whispers something in her ear. She nods, looking suspiciously at him before walking away.

She, Reyna, shakes her head. "Jason," she acknowledges.

Jason breathes in, sucking in a deep breath. "Reyna," he says, and it seems like he's mocking her like he did before, but he's too serious right now.

"Reyna," he starts, but Reyna sets her hand on her forehead, rubbing it vigorously. "You know what, Jason? Just go," she motions with her hands at the Cherokee girl, "to her, and I'll be fine. You'll be happy, and if you are, I am."

He doesn't catch the faint sarcasm or fake sympathy in her voice as he joins the Cherokee girl. He took it seriously, and Reyna regrets it.

She watches helplessly as he dives in for another kiss with the Cherokee girl. Reyna gulps, her hand slipping from her forehead to her face. She traces the outline of her face, her nose, her eyes, her eyebrows, her chin, and her jawline.

Was she not pretty enough? Was she not good enough? Was she too… stupid? She continues to trace her face, a blank expression set upon it.

She sits on the stump of a tree as she stares silently at the couple. They intertwine hands and the Venus girl leans into him, and they watch the stars peacefully.

But Reyna's all alone, sitting on her own tree stump. She scowls at the couple, watching their every move. The Venus girl got him, the Venus girl got him, was a chant that continues in her head. She sighs and stretches out.

She faces away from the couple and falls asleep on the cold, dark forest floor.

At least it wasn't as cold and dark as her heart's become.

He's gone.

He proposes to the Venus girl, and he's gone. He'll never be hers, but she'll always be his. And it saddens her that he chose a daughter of Venus (a Greek one no less) over a daughter of Bellona. Bellona was a war goddess, and she knew she would get revenge on the stupid, lovable, caring, idiotic son of Jupiter.

But what if she leaves? If she's gone? There's still another side, with Atlas deciding to take over the rebellion his brother (Kronos) led. Maybe he'll feel the same pain she does. Or will he?

Either way, it's better than watching him look at the Venus girl with his eyes glazed over.

She leaves the home she's known for so long, ever since PERCY&ANNABETH destroyed Circe's Island.

It's not like PERCY&ANNABETH could have stopped her. She had her heart and mind set. She was not going to be stopped.

She managed to join Atlas' ranks, starting as a grunt. She was valuable to Atlas; she knew information about the whereabouts of demigods and the two camps.

But she always withheld info if it had anything to do with the son of Jupiter because, maybe, just maybe, she was still in love with his quirky smile and his I'm-always-right face.

But would she ever get to tell him that?

She hears that he breaks off his engagement with the Piper girl after she leaves.

By then, though, she's cold-hearted and mean. Every ounce of the once-caring woman has left her system. She's DARK&COLD&MEAN&BROKEN. Only thoughts of the son of Jupiter cloud her mind, but they aren't nice ones of them roaming through meadows and kissing.

Instead, it's of her slashing her spear through his neck, blood pouring onto the floor. Or of her snapping his neck back and hearing the sickening CRACK his neck makes as the bone breaks. Or taking a gun and shooting a bullet straight into the place he broke of her; heart.

But she doesn't get the chance. At least, not yet.

It's Christmas Eve, at eleven fifty six.

Her sword is at his heart, and she's about ready to drive it in when she looks up at his hurt and terrified face. He's bruised and bleeding, and she's about to kill him. Hospitality much?

But he still broke her heart, and she's still mad. Deep down, she still loves him, and she knows he loves her.

11: 57

She steps backs and she hears shouting from Atlas' army. "I can't," she whispers, and faint smile flickers on the son of Jupiter's face. He's still terrified, and she can see that perfectly. So she steps forward and embraces him tightly.

She pulls him away from the fighting, and they get to the outskirts of the battle. She doesn't care that she's leaving it and he doesn't either. He leans down to kiss her and she melts.

11: 58

But she spots an arrow flying straight at the top of his back, and she twirls him around. Because of their height difference, the arrow lodges itself into the back of her neck.

Her eyes widen as blood pours from her wound. He's scared, and he tries to apply pressure to the mortal wound.


She slumps in his arms. She manages to reach her hand up and caress his face, and whispers something. He leans closer to her lips, and she manages to say, "I always loved you."

Her eyes turn glassy, and he holds her in his strong arms and cries. It's one of the only times he's cried in his life, and he makes sure to pull out the arrow gingerly and carefully, as if he's only moving the pillow under her head while she sleeps.


He carries her to the ocean, knowing she'll never get the respect she deserves if he brings her to camp to bury her.


He bends down and sets her in the water. A light rain appears, and the waters start to churn. He sits and watches as her body is carried out to sea. A dot on the horizon she is, until she submerges, never again to be seen living or in a solid embodiment.

She's in Elysium, despite what decisions she's made.

She doesn't try for the Isles of the Blest, knowing then it would be longer for her to see Jason again. And she knows that Jason will not try for rebirth if she's there.

She spots the Venus girl, Piper, in Elysium. She scowls at her before returning to her thinking.

She sits down on a rock, settling her chin on her fist. She shifts slightly before she's more comfortable. She sits and waits for the love of her life, Jason, to come for her.

He comes. But not for her.

He's reuniting happily with the Venus girl. Suddenly, Elysium seems like the Fields of Punishment. Turns out he only kissed Reyna after Piper died, and the reason they never married was because Drew charm-spoke him into kissing her.

Their kiss was a lie, his love was a lie. It always was, and always will be.

But she meets a charming man in Elysium, under the name of Luke Castellan. He's a son of Mercury, or, as he likes to put it, Hermes. He relates to her, by betraying his friends and family (even a girl he loved who now loves another) before then making things right.

She falls in love with Luke, and Jason leaves her mind forever.

Jason will never be hers, but now she'll never be his.