Kiri to Kumo

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Warning: Canon up to 'Target 67: Guardian Search." AU from there on, for obvious reasons.

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Chapter 14 : Of Rain and Thunder.

Yamamoto!" Tsuna couldn't help but cheered to see the happy-go-lucky rain fame-user. The brunet watched in awe as the swordsman sheathed his weapon and turned to Lal.

"As much as I enjoy the reunion, we should go. Having guys like these as our opponents is no laughing matter." The swordsman suddenly turned and stared at the two of them. "You know, my mission was to meet up with a CEDEF agent, but to find you guys here…Did you guys shrunk or something?" The man briefly laughed as Gokudera tried to swat at him before turning serious again. "Come on. The base isn't that far from here."

The four of them quickly legged from the place, Lal looking weirdly at the man. "I thought we supposed to meet up near the base."

"Nah, the base isn't that far actually." Yamamoto suddenly stopped and pulls out a small box from his pocket. "Keep up and stay close, ok?"

The heavy rain almost pushed the two teens to the ground, but both rain-users were still perfectly standing (though Lal threw Yamamoto a dirty look for not warning her about the torrent of rain).

"Come on, this way." Grabbing hold of the male rain user jacket, the two teen edged forward until they suddenly go out of the heavy rain. The brunet opened his eyes to see they were inside a man-made tunnel.

Tsuna couldn't help but stared in awe as the architectural structure of the underground base. "W-Wow! The Vongola built something like this?"

Yamamoto laughed, "Wanna know something more interesting? You're the one who built this, Tsuna." The brunet couldn't help but felt proud with his future self. Helping the collapsed CEDEF agent, the sky flame user finally asked the one question he was itching to ask to Yamamoto.

"So do you know where Reborn is?"

"You took awhile, dame-Tsuna." The brunet turned to see a familiar figure sitting on the couch, waiting for them.


Tsuna could feel his world crashing around him. As Reborn and Lal (and Yamamoto) droned on the massive destruction on Vongola and their allies, his future life seemed to be bleak and dark.

Reborn, who didn't notice Tsuna's predicament, or if he did, ignored him as he continued to plan, "So, we're going to decide the order in which to gather the guardians."

The brunet suddenly spoke up, looking a bit wild in the eyes, "Wait, what about the others? Mom, Kyoko-chan? We can't just ignored them." He was getting more frantic when Reborn merely stared at him blankly.

"The range of the Millefiore goes after keeps growing. I'm afraid that they are targets too."

"That's horrible! What do we do, Reborn? We can't leave them like that."

"We already made our move." Yamamoto continued, "When I went to meet Lal Mirch, Haru went out to escort Hana and the kids."

"She did?" Gokudera asked. "Huh, it kind of make sense, she' a guardian too, remember, Juudaime?" The silveret tried to placate the mafia don, "They going to be alright."

"As for mama," Tsuna turned to the miniature hitman, "the timing was bad. She went on a vacation to Italy with Iemitsu, and we're unable to determine their status."

"Italy?" Gokudera frowned, "Juudaime, she said mentioned that Vongola HQ had been annihilated."

"They couldn't have…Mom," Tsuna reeled back from shock, the fear threatened to drown him. The brunet blanked out after that, the only thing he remembered was the unknown fear keeping him conscious that night.

Tsuna was staring blankly at his cup of coffee that morning when Reborn came into the kitchen, bearing some shred of hope.

"The first guardian we want to find is someone who could quickly bolster our forces. In other word, someone strong. Hibari Kyouya is our biggest hope." Reborn pushed a picture toward the brunet, "we have some clue where he can be found."

The two teens stared at the yellow bird in the photo. "Isn't that the bird that likes to follow Hibari around at school?"

"Apparently the bird is called Hibird." Despite of the dire situation, Tsuna can't help but sweat-dropped at the lame attempt of naming. "Knowing him, he wouldn't be far from this city."

"So if we find the bird, we find Hibari."

Meanwhile at an abandoned industrial area…

A group of people was hurriedly running through the area, one of the women suddenly stopped. Miura Haru, Vongola Decimo Thunder Guardian, quickly looked around before signaling the group she was escorting forward. Lambo and I-pin looked cautiously as Hana hugged her bag to her chest. "We're nearly here, Hana-san. Just a little more." The young lawyer merely nodded, her chest was heaving from trepidation and exertion.

"Haru-nee, I think someone's following us, "the Chinese teen whispered, figuring the blue gem ring.

"I know, but there's nothing we could do." They were startled when a loud explosion echoed behind them. "Black spell squad." Haru hurriedly pull out the mammon chains out of her rings. "Lambo, escort Hana-san and I-pin-chan to the hideout. I'll stall them." Her bracelets crackling.


"Go!" Haru watched the three of them run away before turning at the speeding figures toward her. They stopped in front of her, one of them eyeing her.

"Lookit 'ere Aniki, one little prey." The pinkette sneered, "Mebbe we could play around for awhile. What do you say sweetheart?"

Haru merely replied by turning her bracelets into a pair of electric green gun-gauntlets where she shot a round of flame bullets. The two men cursed as they scattered to avoid the crackling bullets. She pushed her long hair back as she sneered at them. "Instead of sweetheart, how about you refer me as sir?"

"What the fuck? Tazaru-aniki, I say we teach this bitch." The boy spat, absently rubbing one of the scratches the bullet made.

"How rude. Didn't anyone teach you not to be rude to women?" Haru nonchalantly reload her guns, her rings crackled loudly.

"A young woman with custom-made gun gauntlets that uses thunder rings. As I thought, she can only be the Vongola Guardian of Thunder. It seems, Nosaru, we caught a big one. Gamma would be very pleased."

Tsuna squinted from the strong sunlight as he exited one of the entryway from the underground base. "Where are we?"

"The factories on the fifth block." Yamamoto answered, "It's ruined, though." After making sure the coast was clear, Yamamoto quickly led the two teens toward their destination.

"So, what do you mean by 'Vongola Rings are our hope?'" Gokudera suddenly asked, "You said the rings were lost. Why aren't there any Vongola Rings in this era anyway?"

"Oh, that." Yamamoto continued to walk, "a while back, Tsuna destroyed the rings and threw the remnants away."


"Dunno. Some of us disagreed, but Tsuna seemed to have his own reasons." Yamamoto laughed, "Never told us the reasons though."

Feeling a bit awkward, Tsuna quickly asked, "So, Yamamoto-kun, what happened to all that dream of being a baseball player?" if Tsuna was looking right at him, he wouldn't have noticed the weird look on rain-user's face when a loud explosion suddenly echoed in the empty district.

They could see a group of people running out of the smoke, the boy was yelling loudly. "I-pin, hurry!"

Lambo was holding Hana's hand tightly as he was trying to find the Chinese former assassin. "I-pin, we have to go now!"

"But Haru-nee!"

"We have our orders!"

"Is that…Lambo! I-pin!" Tsuna yelled in surprise. He yelled again when the two teens turned and pounced in him in relief. "Vongola/Tsuna-ni!" Behind them, they could see Hana smiling in relief to see them. "You're late, Sawada."

"Where's Haru?" Gokudera looked warily at surrounding; he couldn't help but flinch as more loud noises echoed loudly behind them.

"Takeshi-nii, Haru-nee's in danger!" the two teens grabbed the man, holding him tightly. "You have to save her."

"Go and escort Hana to the base." Yamamoto pull the chains from his rings, "We'll go and get Haru."

Haru spat out some blood, hurriedly rubbing the dirt out of her eyes. She glared at the two henchmen, storm flame crackling around their scythe. Despite of her numerous injuries, she couldn't help but smiled as the two black spell were also severely injured.

"Nosaru, are you alright?" Tazaru hissed as he watched the pinkette tried to stay afloat after Haru blew up his Storm Boots. "Give up. You can't stop the inevitable." The huge man turned to her, "it's only the matter of time we beat you and drag your carcass to Gamma."

"You know what? This is wasting my time." Haru pull out another box from her jacket, "I'm ending this." With loud burst of light, a squirrel cavorting around her. "Let's go Flora-chan."

Feeding abundant amount of thunder flame into the squirrel, the small mammal turned bigger, its bushy tail crackling with energy. "Weapon mode." The squirrel suddenly burst into globes of light around her, and the gun gauntlets turned into a huge white shotgun with an electric green underline. A green quartz monocle floated in front of her right eye. "It's time to get serious."

Tazaru couldn't help but breathed in awe. "To destroy the enemy before they can get close and the woman who rides the turbulent storms; Vongola's sky witch."

Haru merely smiled before the sky exploded.

Author Note: Reaching this point, this story from hereon will be obviously AU, and will only following loosely (very) to the original plotline. Why? Despite of its creator a woman, KHR is severely lacked in badass women and their only role are on the support level. I mean, look at Chrome! So many potential wasted..

Anyway, this fic will have more women having an active roles, esp. exploring the idea of BAMF! Haru and BAMF!Kyoko.

For people who are curious about Haru's weapons, her gun gauntlets are based on RWBY's Yang Ember Celica (awesome trailers btw, you guys should check it out) while the Gun are based on Nanoha.

As for the name change for Lal? I find Lal Mirsch are more badass than just Lal Mirch. Eh, it just be me though...

Chapter 15: Sky Witch

In which TYL! Haru reveals why she was given the moniker 'Sky Witch."