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What if instead of Mukuro, what if Hibari was the one who met her? He was admitted into the hospital the same day Nagi had her accident and needed a heart transplant. Nagi's mom wrote her of so the doctors decided to use Nagi's heart since they're both are compatible and have the same blood-type. When Hibari woke up from his operation, he found himself haunted by a purple haired shy ghost.

Chapter two: the Purple-haired ghost.

Nagi couldn't believe her eyes. One minute she was on the field (afterlife?) and the next she found herself standing in a hospital room, looking down at the black-haired boy she talked to back at the field. Hours had passed when Nagi found out she just died and the doctors had used her heart to save the boy in front of her.

She was dead.


And yet she was still here.

If she really dead, why is she still here?

Cursing at his temporary immobility, Hibari struggled to sit up when he noticed her.

There, the purple-haired girl in his dream was sitting at the corner of the room, staring at him in surprised horror. Both of them looked at each other before Hibari quickly grab for the nearest item near him (a pillow) and tries to throw it at the girl.

"Get out of my room, herbivore." He muttered before dropping back onto the bed, feeling the darkness claiming him back. Last thing he could remember was the girl's horrified, hurt expression.

Hibari woke up a few times for the next few days to find the girl still in the room, staring at him. He would try to threaten the girl before collapsing back.

By the time he woke up for good, Hibari decide to ignore the girl, waiting instead for Tetsuya to come.

The pompadour haired prefect walked into the room, carrying a basket of apples and a sheaf of papers for the skylark. He found Hibari sitting up, weakly trying to pull the tubes attached to his arms apart.

"Ah, Hibari-san! You can't do that! You still need them!" Tetsuya tires not to cringe under Hibari's deadly glare.

"Tetsu, how long have I being here?"

"Two weeks now. You got stabbed and pushed off the school roof by a Yakuza member trying to revenge their underlings you bitten to death a month ago."

Hibari grimaced, now remembering the incident. He could still hear the stupid herbivore, Sawada Tsunayoshi's shrieks as he fell off the roof.

"I'm going to bite those herbivores to death." He grated out, trying not to touch the bandage wrapped around his right eye.

"They're already being dealt with, Hibari-san."

Hibari was surprised. "Oh, by who?"

"Sawada Tsunayoshi, Yamamoto Takeshi, Gokudera Hayato and pink-haired girl dealt with them. And Sawada-san's tutor cleared up the mess they made to our school."

Hibari nodded, making a mental note to repay the favor to the herbivorous group. He suddenly broke from his reverie to stare at the purple-haired girl sitting at the corner of the room, playing with her fingers, occasionally would look up to stare at Hibari, looking away when he caught her.

"Tetsu." Tetsuya looks up to see Hibari now staring at the corner weirdly. "I don't like crowding. Can you please get that girl out?" he points at the corner. Tetsu turned and only saw a lone stool.

"B-But Hibari-san, there's no one here." Hibari glared, glaring at the corner.

"Yes there is." The skylark said stubbornly. "Can't you see her, herbivore? There, the girl with the purple hair." Hibari kept pointing at the stool.

Tetsu quickly went to the stool and waved his hands there. Other than the momentary feeling of coldness, Tetsuya's hands went back and forth several times. "See, Hibari-san? There's no one here. Should I call the doctor?" he asked uncertainly. He ran out to call one of the doctors, but can still hear Hibari muttering to himself.

"But there's someone there."

Nagi squeaked indignantly as the hand went through her several time. She can see Kumo-san staring at her, couldn't believe that others can't see her. She watches on as a doctor and several nurses came in trying to inject some morphine into the tube as the boy struggled to hit the people around him, still muttering about the purple haired girl.

"There's not such thing as ghost. There's not such thing as ghost." Hibari muttered on and on, trying his hardest to ignore the cowering girl standing at the corner of the room.

If the situation wasn't so serious, she would have laughed. But right now, Nagi felt hurt as the boy in front of her keeps on chanting.

Screwing up some courage, the purple haired girl walked up to the boy and tentatively touches his hand.


"Hibari couldn't help but flinched. And stopped. The ghost hand was warm. He looked up to stare into the dual eyed girl (one violet, one steel-gray; didn't she had violet eyes?) and saw the pain lurking in it.

"K-Kumo-san can see me right? I know Kumo-san can see me." The girl was now crying. "Please tell me, you can still see me."

Hibari tries to look away but failed. "Stop repeating yourself, herbivore. I can see you." He watched as the girl collapsed onto the bed in relief.

"Thank god. I thought I was dreaming when you saw me." Nagi tried to smile but failed.

Cautiously, Hibari tries to touch the girl and found himself touching her delicate hand. "What are you herbivore?"

Nagi stared at the grey-eyed prefect in front of her.

"I'm a ghost…I think."

"There's no such thing as ghost."

"Y-yes it is."

"No it isn't."

"Y-Yes it is and I'm not a herbivore." Nagi point out, now sitting on the bed beside Hibari. "If I'm herbivore, that make you one too, K-Kumo-san."

"No, I'm a carnivore."

"H-Haven't we had this conversation before, K-Kumo-san?"

And it was a start of a wonderful, tragic relationship between the violent prefect and the little purple-haired girl who was haunting him.


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