Standing against the tub in the middle of the bathroom at Willow Pond, Jennifer waited impatiently for the timer to ding, three minutes of the longest of her life

She had known something was wrong when she realized she had skipped a period, was irrationally angry over nothing and had started recently crying at Cereal Commercials, she had originally chalked it up to grief after Max's death but after falling asleep while making love to Jonathan one night, she had to wonder if there was an underlining condition

And so she stood staring at a home pregnancy test, wondering how she could have let this happen, she didn't want kids and had gone to extreme measures to make sure it didn't happen, she had used the patch, the pill.. everything except going that one final step and getting her tubes tied

But then again, she also realized that Jonathan could have a low count and that somehow through all their years of making love, everywhere and every moment they could had somehow managed to not connect ..her well protected uterus and his lazy swimmers

But here she was, staring at the test and her watch, wondering how could she have been so stupid and ridiculous, she was a woman in her mid 40s and this baby was not in her plans..compromise her body her mind and her marriage, After all Jonathan never expressed any interest in having kids and Max, well He was enough kid for all of them.

Could she really terminate a pregnancy without telling the most important person in her life, someone who she'd gladly die for and she knew he'd die for her as well

But this..a whole new responsibility that she wasn't sure she could take on by herself even with Jonathan ..

The timer dinged and she stood up from her position on the side of the bathtub, taking a deep breath she walked the two giant steps to the edge of the bathroom sink and looked down

A few hours later, She sat on the edge of the couch in their spacious living room waiting for Jonathan to come home.. Usually he was home at exactly 6pm but for some reason he was running late and it was nearly 6:30

Where could he be? She nervously rearranged some flowers on the coffee table and paced looking out the window

Her mind was racing a thousand miles a minute and she couldn't escape each situation she created in her own mind, Freeway must have sensed her heightened anxiety because he was wrapped around her legs begging for his little ears to be scratched, she bent down and he licked her nose in reassurance and love ….

She heard his car door slam and straightened up, making sure her skirt looked perfect, ran her fingers through her hair and plastered a smile on her face

Jonathan came through the door with his briefcase, smiling with those amazing dimples and even that moment of heightened panic, she couldn't help but smile back and her heart skipped a beat

"Hello Darling!" He greeted her with his usual excitement as Freeway barked along with his kiss, "Hey Pal…did you miss Daddy"

"Hello Darling," She nervously bit his lip," How was your day?"

"Oh crazy, five board meetings then a half dozen conference calls all before lunch, which I didn't even get to eat so I'm starving …What do you say to La Scala?" He went over to the bar and poured himself a drink and started to pour her one as well.

"I'm pregnant!" She blurted out, she meant to drag it out and have him guess but she just couldn't seem to get a hold of the words until they came spilling out

"What?" He stopped pouring the gin and stared at her

"Jonathan, I'm pregnant"