Jonathan sat back in his large leather chair, absorbing the story his wife has just poured out after nearly 25 years, 10 of them being married, Stunned didn't begin to describe what he was feeling, now he understand what she often looked over her shoulder and how she was insistent on all the doors locked before she went bed and that despite their passion and love for each other, she often got nervous before they made love like she had reassure herself that she wanted this.

"What happened after you went to Havenhill that summer," he croaked out after several minutes of silence

"Well, the police kept questioning Maddy and I, they did arrest Nico and the others but because back then sexual assault wasn't considered a federal crime, he got off on probation and was thrown out of school eventually the frat house was shut down,"

"Where is he now?,"

"Last I heard he was killed in Barcelona train bombing, the others I don't know, Maddy knows more about it"

"Speaking of Gresham, didn't Maddy graduate with you?"

"Yes after I convinced her father that she had saved my life and she didn't deserve to be railroaded because of one poor decision, after that she really settled down from wild child to Adult,"

"She hit 40 and went back to wild child?"



Jonathan realized that she was starting to shake from telling him and he went to her, pulling her into his arms "I'm so sorry darling, I never imagined that and I understand why you kept it from me but I want you to promise me something"


"That we won't keep secrets from each other, we need to be open and honest with each, I could have helped you deal with this "

"I didn't want you to look at me as a victim"

"I would never look at you as a victim, only my wife and my love,"

She smiled and kissed him and they began dancing in the moon of Jonathan's office

The future looked bright and her past was slowly being erased

It was time to prepare for the next stage of her life and it all began now

Emma Edwards Hart was born on a cold December night, the first time in nearly 30 years that it snowed in Bel Air. Her birth was normal but her arrival and the events leading up to it were speculator,

The previous night, Jennifer had been having minor contractions during the annual Hart industry Christmas party but her due date wasn't for another two weeks and so she simply thought they were Braxton hicks, it wasn't until they were back at Willow Pond that they came fast and furious

"Darling," She breathed deeply while trying to undress for bed, "Can you help me soak in the tub for a few minutes?"

"Sure Sweetheart, Are you alright?" He looked at her curiously, ever since she entered this last trimester, he hovered over her every move and reacted to every kick the baby gave and sometimes when she slept, he would put his hand on her belly and count how many times he felt the baby move, the doting father he was and more than often, his secretary caught him reading "What to expecting when you're expecting" during his lunch hour.

"I'm fine, just feel like taking a soak," She didn't want to tell him she might be in labor because she knew he'd go into panic mode and they would go to the hospital only to be turned away because she wasn't either dilated or wasn't dilated enough, it had happened twice before …

If this baby didn't come in the next few days, Jennifer was going to ask to be induced, she was sick of being pregnant and just wanted get on with meeting the one person aside from Jonathan who could make the world perfect again

In the days and weeks after her confession about her attack, Jonathan had insisted she go to a psychologist so that she could properly deal with what had happened and learn to cope, She was adamant that she was fine and that she didn't need some shrink, as long as she had Jonathan and their baby she was fine but he'd insisted and went as far as to drag her to the sessions by her elbow, physically push her into the couch and sit beside her, to which she cold shouldered him for about four days afterwards

But in the end, she had to admit that he had done the right thing, she had kept this secret inside of her for so long that it was actually eating away at a piece of her heart that should have been taken completely over by Jonathan and that she had somehow transferred her anger from Nico to Jonathan because Nico wasn't around to suffer her wrath

The whole concept was horrifying; she never realized she did that, she always thought that she had always been loving to Jonathan, and considering the amount of times they made love during the day, she naturally thought he felt the same way but in retrospective she could recall moments when she would get angry over something ridiculous

Like when he left his tennis racket on the stairs, she tripped, fell down the stairs, picked herself and the racket up and proceeded to jam said racket in the garbage disposal, or when she prepared an special anniversary dinner and he showed up two hours late with flowers, a diamond necklace and a sexy apology, she took the necklace and locked herself in the bathroom sobbing he didn't care.

All those little moments she took for granted, blaming it on hormones or just being in the moment, she never knew that she was possibly ruining her otherwise perfect marriage, she felt awful and cried for days afterward begging Jonathan for his forgiveness, he held her and said that it was unnecessary but for the benefit of her sanity as well as his own, he forgave her

And then came the week that the psychologist forced her to relive Sophie's birth, from the time she learned she was pregnant, throughout her pregnancy and up to the birth, her subconscious blocked out most of it.

The doctor had asked her to remember each moment and dissect it so carefully; she remembered that she realized she was pregnant in the frozen food aisle of the supermarket with her father, when he sheepishly asked her if she needed any "Ladies Items" and it occurred to her that she still had an unopened box of Maxi pads from when she left school that June day and it was nearly the beginning of September, she was usually so vigilant about keeping track but ever since the attack, her head had been up in the clouds and the dense fog she had been made her completely unaware of how late she was.

She remembered telling Pa that she was all set but when he went to the bread aisle, she went to the Health aisle and slipped a pregnancy test into her sweater jacket. She'd never stolen anything before but now she wasn't above anything especially now.

Pa had to go out of town on business leaving her to stay with the houseman Joe and as soon as his cab took off she followed her own car telling Joe she was visiting a friend, he assumed a friend in Maryland not all the way in New York City

She drove in silence just thinking that maybe it was just from her attack and that it was the trauma to her vagina that caused her to miss two periods

She remembered sitting on the steps of Maddy's building, because she wasn't home and the doorman wouldn't let her in and when Maddy finally arrived home after shopping, it seemed like hours later and Maddy was shocked to find Jennifer sitting there, She remembered that she held up the unopened pregnancy test and Maddy without a word took her upstairs to her bedroom and pushed her into the bathroom.

Together they watched the test tell them she was positively pregnant and how she collapsed onto Maddy's bed, and for the next few days Maddy took good care of her because she felt like she couldn't physically move.

The counselor noted that Maddy seemed to be quite the caregiver and that despite Jonathan's low opinion of her, She maintained a constant confidant that Jennifer needed, almost as a replacement for Jennifer's mother, which made Jonathan feel awful for all those times he insulted her, behind her back and to her face.

Those sessions weren't as bad as the sessions when the counselor made Jennifer relive the birth of baby Sophie which came days after a sonogram showed that Emma was healthy and thriving, her name having been decided by her Daddy.

The counselor told them that by denying Sophie's birth, they weren't preparing themselves for Emma's arrival and were in fact downplaying her birth, causing her to become second place in her parents' eyes and fighting a ghost.

It was awful to learn and Jennifer nearly hyperventilated herself into premature labor, and so after much begging and pleading with Jonathan to stay home and let her have this session alone.

She remembered that they were back in the dorms and She'd been getting dressed to go to class, she wasn't that far in her pregnancy, maybe six months in and She had been putting on her shoes when the cramps started and When Maddy came in from the shower, still wrapped in her towel, she could see that Jennifer was in distress and called 911.

Jennifer didn't remember what happened next, just that the doctors kept telling her that the baby's heartbeat was too low and that if they didn't get her out, she risked bleeding to death..she didn't care as long as the baby was alright but in retrospect, in 1985 she knew that the odds weren't great and she begged The doctors to let Maddy in the delivery room.

She remembered how much pain she was in and how she begged for them to knock her out, she was sure she was dying and the nurse kept insisting that she needed to calm down, that getting excited wasn't helping anyone especially the baby and when they finally gave her some drugs, she slipped into the darkness that had happened when she was attacked.

She remembered waking up hours later, to Maddy crying over her and placing a rosary bead in her hands and she knew instantly that her baby had died, she ordered Maddy to tell her what happened but Maddy would only say that the baby's oxygen had been cut off possibly by the cord and that although she was tiny at 3lbs, her little organs just couldn't sustain her and that she had died less than thirty minutes after being born.

Jennifer had begged her to continue but all Maddy would tell her was that the baby had already gone to the morgue and to the funeral home where she would be buried but refused to tell where she was going to laid to rest

She knew that the truth would shatter Jennifer even more..if it were it possible

At that point the counselor pressed Jennifer to ask why after all these years did she never ask where her baby was buried

It took Jennifer just a moment to say "Because then it would become too real and everything would come crashing down and life as I knew it wouldn't matter."

"But enough time has passed; do you think now that you are having another baby and also Jonathan to support you, you could visit the grave?"

"No because that part of my life is over and I refuse to step back into those days, what I need to do is make sure Emma is healthy and happy, and knows that her mother is strong and would stop the world if necessary"

"What's different this time?"

"I'm not a victim anymore" and with that Jennifer stood up, belly and all and walked out of the counselor's office

Back at Willow Pond, where the nursery was being finished, the whole room was done in pink with a pink canopy bed and matching crib, a Pink-a licious design on the wall and every corner of the room held either a princess doll house, a toy chest filled with dress up clothes and enough dolls to make Toy's R Us blush

Jennifer Found Jonathan standing in the middle holding onto one of the pink blankets

"Hey Stranger," She whispered "Whatcha doin?"

"Just imagining what Emma will think of her room" He kissed her on her nose

"She'll probably hate pink with a passion," Jennifer laughed

"I can see why, this place looks like a bubble gum factory threw up," Jonathan laughed also then turned serious "What happened at your session"

"I'm not doing it anymore and I won't discuss what happened, suffice it say I got the most out of it and I'm ready to move on with your help, Darling," She smiled and placed his hand on her belly and the baby kicked back in response

"But what happens when Emma is born? Are you going to shut down?" Jonathan's only concern was for her and the baby if he could he'd take away her past and fill it with wonders of the world.

"Are you worried I'll hurt her?" Jennifer wasn't sure what he was thinking or aiming at and she was starting to get angry

"No, of course not! I just want to make sure you both are healthy that's all" Jonathan would never admit that that was his biggest fear but he knew she'd lay down in front of a train before she'd ever harm Emma

"I can't believe you, I thought we knew each other better than that" She turned to leave but he grabbed her halfway out the door and kissed her showing her that he trusted her more than he trusted himself

She succumbed to his kisses and suddenly their passions grew and they made love on the floor of their daughter's nursery. Something that had been seriously lacking since her confession.

In the days following her last therapy session and that night in the nursery, Jennifer really did seem to lose her edge and just enjoy being pregnant, it was a time to just take in every kick and every flutter. There was no doubt in her mind..

Emma would be coming to Willow Pond, where she belonged.

Where they both belonged.

The last few weeks had been uneventful, they had finished up the nursery, putting a bassinet in the living room and upstairs as well to make it easier so that they wouldn't have to worry about tripping down the stairs with the baby

One of the best moment came just a few weeks before Emma was born, When Jonathan a wrestling match with the car seat.

" I don't see why you just don't pay someone to do it" Jennifer said from her swing on the porch watching him

"Because any moron can fasten a seatbelt, it just takes a bit of maneuvering," Jonathan's face was red and his normal brushed back hair was tousled

"You know from here, you look a little like Martin Sheen," She laughed sipping her lemonade, lately she had been craving all sorts of sour things and frequently sucked on lemons just for the hell of it

He didn't hear her, he just kept muttering "Stupid fucking cheap plastic," and taking it out, studying it and putting it back in the car

"Where are the directions?"

"Please woman, I don't need directions I work with Satellites on a regular basis, this is duck soup,"

"Uh Huh," She rolled her eyes

She let him fuss for a little while longer until he threw it on the ground, swearing that it wasn't made for the Tahoe

She waited until he went into the house and into his office, she could see him through the windows outside talking to himself about where the box was, She picked up the car seat, put it back in the car and after studying it for a few minutes, clicked and belt it securely, giving it one good tug making sure it wouldn't go anywhere

"Emmy, I think Mommy going to be putting together your Christmas presents," She laughed out loud

The night she went into labor, After the Christmas party and was soaking in the tub, her contractions started, at first they felt like tiny cramps but they weren't too bad…

Jonathan was sitting beside her, reading a magazine out loud when he noticed that every so often her face would crinkle in pain

"Are you alright, Darling,?" He finally asked

"Yes of course," She flashed him a toothy grin knowing the moment she said contractions, he'd be off and running.

"Alright" he went back to his reading and she soaked for a little while longer, just breathing deeply trying to anticipate every contraction

She stayed in the tub for little while longer until the water was cold and he helped her out, helping her dry off and into new pajamas but instead of her night gown she asked for her sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt, figuring she was cold because the air conditioner was on, even though it was December..hormones made her often flip between hot and cold. Poor Jonathan had been reduced to wearing a parka while he slept because she was so hot during the night.

He helped her into bed, and went to go clean up some plates that she'd left on the table because every night at 9 oclock like any good husband he brought her milk and cookies to help her sleep and was just about to do some laundry when she called to him from the bedroom

"Jonathan, I think it's time." She would remain calm through this

"Time for what?, Time for bed?" He called back

"No, time to have a baby,"

"What?" He wasn't sure he had heard her

"Emma wants to meet her Daddy," she rolled her eyes

"Oh my god," He raced back up the stairs to find her sitting on the edge of the bed," Are you alright? What happened?"

"My water broke, we need to change the sheets," She struggled to get herself off the bed

"Forget the sheets, let's go!" He grabbed her arm to help her up

"Relax, it'll be hours before this baby is born, I just don't want to ruin $900 dollar sheets, help me," She started stripping the bed and was half way done when the contractions started.

"That's it, we're leaving now," Jonathan said searching for his car keys and wallet.

"I need to pack a bag," Jennifer had been putting it off for weeks, she thought she would have until the last week of December to pack

"You haven't packed a bag?" he was surprised, usually she was so meticulous about everything.

"I packed a bag for the baby but I didn't get a chance to pack my own bag," She picked up her Chanel travel bag, throwing in extra underwear, her warmest night gown, some extra sweats and an extra sweater, her supplies had been separated and put into the bag earlier, she just needed clothes

"Where are my shoes?" She couldn't remember where she had thrown them off earlier

"Just pick a pair and let's go!" Jonathan was a bundle of nerves

She rolled her eyes at him and found a pair of slip on sneakers while he paced the room,

"Before you wear out the carpet, can you grab my body pillow?"

"If we don't leave in the next five minutes, I'm carrying you to the car," He told her as he grabbed the pillow from the bed

"Alright let's go have a baby," She said kissing his nose

They went to the car and she was suddenly so nervous, this was actually happening …

"Wait, I forgot the video camera" Jonathan jumped out of the car

"Oh Sure but you give me crap for stalling" She called after him

He came back 5 minutes later with the video camera and a box of crackers,

"I think they have a cafeteria," She fiddled with the radio because it was nearly Christmas, every station was playing some form of Winter Wonderland

"those are for the car ride," he laughed backing out of the garage when he noticed it was snowing , "Look!"

"I can't believe this, it never snows in California" She looked out the windshield in amazement, "I think it's a sign"

"Of what?"

"That good things are going to happen,"

They drove to the hospital in silence, Jonathan concentrating on the road and Jennifer watching the snow, she couldn't wait to show Emma her first snow flake.

They checked into the hospital where Jennifer was hooked up to the monitors, fetal for the baby and heart monitors for her, so far her contractions hadn't been too bad and when the doctor checked her dilation, she was only at 4 so the doctor said she was there for the long haul and to get comfortable, In order to get her epidural, she would need to get to six.

After the doctors and nurses had hooked her up, she fell asleep exhausted while Jonathan made a secret phone call.

To the one person he knew she needed during this time.

The door opened around 3am, Jonathan was fiddling with his new video camera when the person walked in.

"Hey John," the familiar husky voice whispered

"Madigan, thanks for coming" He kissed her cheek "Sorry to pull you off whoever you were on"

Maddy smirked before answering "You think I'd miss the birth of my niece, please…how long have you guys been here?"

"Around 9ish I think" time had been passing so slowly but in those moments in rushing from the house it had sped up. "Is it still snowing out?"

"It's a full blown blizzard out there" Maddy took the snow out of her hair and sat down on the couch under the window, "did they say how long it would be."

"She's only at four centimeters so it's going to be awhile,"

"Only four? Damn Johnny, you could called me when she hit six and I still would have made it on time," Maddy rolled her eyes

"Like I knew you'd actually get here on time, first time for everything," Jonathan shot back

"You know, I don't know whose the bigger baby, you two or Emma" Jennifer said through closed eyes

"Sorry Jen-Bug"

"Sorry darling do you feel?"

"So tired I just want her out…" Jennifer continued to speak with her eyes closed

"Soon Darling,"

Soon turned into 20 hours, by the following night Jennifer was exhausted and her contractions were right on top of each other and Jennifer had had enough

"Why won't she come out?" Jennifer pleaded to Jonathan, Her face was sweaty and her eyes spoke of exhaustion

"Maybe she's just so comfortable she doesn't feel like moving," Jonathan tried to comfort her but even he was exhausted and sleeping on the chair through the day, he felt like he'd taken the beating of a lifetime.

"That's how you know she's your kid Jen, Stubborn as hell" Maddy said sitting on the couch checking her cell phone

Jennifer was so tired, she didn't even reply to Maddy, she just kept chewing on her ice chips, she was supposed to get her epidural hours ago but when the time came, she felt like she was wonder woman and could do it with drugs.

A decision she was regretting big time

Dr. Kendall bounced in and quickly the monitor, "Well Jennifer, nearly 25 hours that's gotta be some sort of record, what do you think?"

"I think if this baby isn't born in the next few hours, it'll time for a forced eviction," Jennifer chewed frantically.

"Well let's see how far dilated you are and take it from there," The doctor put her gloves and checked her cervix "Yup, 10 centimeters let's get this girl out…We're going to move you into labor and delivery and get this party started," Dr. Kendall left to talk to the nurses

"Well, I think I'll go camp out in the waiting room," Maddy said knowing that this was the last moment the two of them would have to be alone.

"Well, here we are,who'd have thought we'd wind up here?" Jennifer said feeling nervous

"I always hoped we would, who knows maybe someday we'll come back to give Emma a little brother or sister?"

"Someday," Jennifer wasn't making any promises at this point, "Was there anything we wanted to do before we had a baby?"

"Well, We've seeen the world, gotten into scrapes minor and major , made love everywhere.. I think we've done it all, this pretty much takes the bucket list right over the top" Jonathan kissed her nose

"Alright ,are you ready?" The nurse asked placing a scrub cap on Jennifer's head

"Well, there's no turning back now I guess," Jennifer smiled but inside she was freaking out that her body would actually push out a human body

"We're more than ready," Jonathan said watching them pull the gurney out to the hallway

"Mr. Hart, We'll bring in a moment then we'll come for you, but first we have to get you some scrubs, Wait here" Another nurse told Jonathan.

" know, you look more worried than I am," Jennifer smiled

"Nah, I'm alright I've never been more proud or in love with you before," Jonathan looked down at her

"I should have done this a long time ago," Jennifer said laughing tiredly

"Alright Jennifer, are you ready? Is it just Jonathan coming into the delivery room?" Dr. Kendall asked standing behind Jonathan

"No, Jennifer's sister will be also coming too," Jonathan decided that whatever differences he and Maddy had, Jennifer needed her as much as she needed Jonathan.

"Alright we'll have the nurses bring her an extra set of scrubs," Dr. Kendall nodded and walked into the delivery room

"Thank you Darling" Jennifer knew that this concussion on his part was a giant step forward

"Well I figured you having a baby and me allowing her to go in there, we're about even," Jonathan kissed his wife one last time before they wheeled her off

"That's what you think" she called as they rolled her the double doors and into the labor room

A nurse had grabbed Maddy in the waiting room and pulled the two of them together into a linen closet

"Okay these are basically one size fits all so here you go, and Miss…"

"Patrick" Maddy said staring at the scrubs which were about five sizes too big and in a horrible shade of green, "Say do you have these in another color"

"Madigan, it's not fashion show" Jonathan was exasperated with her already, he just wanted to be with his wife

"Jonathan, if you had any taste aside from what Jen picks out for you, you'd realize that these aren't my color"

"Excuse me, when you two are done, I think your wife would like to get on with her delivery" the nurse thrusted the scrubs at them and walked out the door.



"You know, when we get in there, we can't be at each other's throats, we have to have some sort of truce otherwise she'll kick us out and you'll miss your daughter's birth, so truce?"

"Truce until the baby's born, and then all bets are off"

They shook on it and put the scrubs on as well

"Alright Jennifer, let's get this pushing started, ready 1,2,3" the doctor ordered from her position at the of the bed, there were three nurses, one for the baby and two for Jennifer

"Maddy, why don't you take hold her leg while Jonathan films this" a nurse who'd been on since Jennifer arrived was on a first name basis with all three of them

"No Pictures!" Jennifer said in between pushes

"Oh come Jennifer, we'll want to remember this," Jonathan said filming her face, bright red and sweaty

"I think Emma will be a constant reminder," Maddy remarked

Jonathan ignored them and continued filming as she pushed for another hour

"Come on, Jennifer!" Maddy coached her, "Big Pushes come on girl"

"You come on, this hurts" Jennifer sobbed, she should have gotten the epidural when she had the chance

"Jonathan, do you want to see the top of your daughter's head?" Dr. Kendall

"Sure, " He walked around the bed and looked down to find his daughter nearly born, "Oh my god this is amazing! she's got the most beautiful head of dark hair"

"Really?" Jennifer leaned back in exhaustion, "Dark Hair?"

"What'd you expect..a blonde?" Maddy asked crying and laughing hysterically

"I can't believe this, she's almost here.." Jonathan was completely blown away

"Jennifer," Dr. Kendall stopped maneuvering the baby out, "do you want to pull the baby out?"

"Can I?," Jennifer reached and simply tugged her baby out and put her on her chest, "Oh my god she's gorgeous"

The baby immediately began screaming as she was cleaned off, She had dark black hair and from what Jennifer could see because the baby was squinting from all the gunk in her eyess was that she had brown eyes

"Oh my little Emma" Jennifer continued sobbing, after the baby was semi cleaned off she laid on Jennifer's chest simply exhausted

"Jen, you did so good" Maddy

"Oh Darling, I can't even..She's the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life" Jonathan leaned over the bed and kissed both of them

"This is so crazy right?" Jennifer said trying to calm down and focus on the baby

"Who says great things don't come from amazing sex," Maddy said watching Jonathan interact with them, Emma immediately grasped his finger and he felt his heart expand a thousand times over

"We have to take her to get cleaned up and tested but we promise we'll bring her right back" Dr. Kendall promised "I'll stay with her every second while she's being checked out"

"Thank you Doctor, I mean that," Jonathan hugged the small woman

"I'm just glad I was able to help" Dr. Kendall smiled

"You did it, Bugs I'm so proud of you," Jonathan went back to his wife who was being cleaned up and stitched up

"We did so good," Jennifer was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, she couldn't wait to get Emma back in her arms

"I can't believe you just delivered your own baby" Maddy kissed the side of Jennifer's head

"Hey someone had to do it, I hope your prepared to step up for Godmother duties," Jennifer said

"Spoil her rotten then return her to you guys, got it!" Maddy said …

Jennifer was returned to her room to recovery and anticipate Emma being brought to her, she laid down her body aching, Jonathan had gone down to film in the nursery to film her first little bath and them doing all the tests.

He came back about a half hour later with Emma in his arms wrapped in a pink blanket, He sat down on the bed and Jennifer got her first real glimpse of her daughter who looked like a tiny Buddha

"Where did Maddy go?" Jonathan noticed that she was gone from the room

"I sent her home, she hasn't slept in nearly 24 hours and she was dead on her feet, she said she'd be back tomorrow" Jennifer said as Jonathan sat down on the bed, "How did our girl make out?"

"5lbs 12 ounces, 21inches long " Jonathan said studying Emma little face, she had some freckles across her nose and her eyebrows were reddish brown, she was all sorts of different colors with her black hair

"Wow, she certainly felt so much bigger," Jennifer laughed playing with her little hand, "I can't believe how serious she looks,"

"I think she looks like you," Jonathan kissed his wife

"I think she's the best combination of both of us," Jennifer's heart grew, she couldn't believe how already in love with this baby already and because of that, she loved Jonathan even more.

For the next few hours They watched their baby's first moments, from watching her stretch her arms to listening to her click tongue, she slept quite a bit and when she did wake up, she observed their faces like she was committing them to memory

"Do you think Max would be happy?" Jennifer asked breaking the silence

"I think he would be thrilled, In fact I have it on good authority he sent her to us?" Jonathan leaned back against the pillows now watching Jennifer feed the baby

"You do?" Jennifer broke her stare with Emma, to look at Jonathan's tired face

"Yep, Max always said "If you don't hurry up and get that girl pregnant, I'll personally come back if I've died and haunt you to your own dying day" Jonathan did his best impression of Max which always came out quite gangster

Jennifer laughed hard despite the pain in her stomach

"Mr. Hart, I'm sorry but visiting hours are over and Mrs. Hart needs her rest," A nurse poked her head in the door

"Do I have to?" Jonathan whined

"Yes but I promise first thing tomorrow, we'll let you come in and spend the whole day," the nurse said

"I hate to leave, she's only an hour old" Jonathan grumbled

"Rules are different for the recovery room than in Labor and Delivery," the nurse said before leaving

"Darling, we have the rest of our lives, besides you look like the walking dead and I feel like the walking dead we both need our rest especially with our baby" Jennifer lightly pushed him off the bed

"Alright but I'm not happy about this" Jonathan kissed his wife and brand new daughter, he was angry he had to leave but better he leave on his own terms than security escort him out, "I love you both"

"And we love you too" She leaned in for one last long kiss

With a lasting look at his wife and baby, cradle in her arms, He left

"Well Emma, it's just you and me kiddo," She felt silly talking to the baby but somehow Emma understood what she was saying

"Mrs. Hart," the nurse came back in "Do you want me to take her?"

"No I think we're alright" Jennifer nodded, she had never felt so comfortable or at ease with anyone before but then again, this wasn't just anybody

This was her daughter

"I want you to know that you are wise and you will always be loved, no matter how many mistakes I make and trust me, there will be plenty and I can't make up for the first weeks when I knew you were coming but I promise I will never stop loving you, In fact little girl, I've been waiting for you, you are the daughter we were meant to have"

As if in agreement Emma smiled

Jennifer realized the most important thing in that moment of the hospital with her brand new baby and her past completely erased with the birth of this new beginning.

Some Accidents are worth it.