Hello! This story time is at the ending of episode 17. There are some changes of course! So to start I'll tell you a few! Chiaki hasn't start sending her notes and Maron doesn't know Chiaki is Sinbad. Well on to the story~!

Maron layed in bed hugging a pillow. Her clock read 2:17 A.M. The day before she had won the rhythmic gymnastics competition and realized she might be in love with Chiaki. She was glad she had won and Miyako was hugging her. She thought of Chiaki and looked at him. He was with Yashiro, his fiance. They looked as they were arguing, then they were in embrace. Maron didn't remember what had happened and found herself at home. There she layed, going into deep sleep in despair....

Sunshine peeked through her curtains. Maron was wide awake but she was still tired. Yawning, she went and made coffee. She stood outside in her balcony. It was still early and it looked as if it were going to rain. She sighed.

"Whats with the big sigh so early in the morning?" A voiced asked her, startling her. She looked at the voice.


"Whats up?"

"Nothing, I have to go do something, bye." She went inside, quickly. She got ready to go out and get her mind off things. As she was heading out, she checked her mailbox. She had a look of sadness on her face as she was staring at her empty mailbox. Chiaki came down the elevator and saw Maron.

"Ma-" He started but saw the look on Maron's face. Chiaki had noticed that Maron always checked her mailbox but didn't know why. He wanted to know but didn't want to ask. Maron sighed and closed her mailbox.

'No letter again.' She thought. She spent her whole day in town at the shopping center, library, and beach. She came home and went to sleep, since there was school. She fell asleep again feeling alone and despair.

Maron woke up to a pounding door. She looked at the clock and saw that she was late. She rushed to get ready but dreaded to see Chiaki and Miyako. She then decided to go something crazy. She went to her room grabbed something to support her bag onto her bag and went out to the balcony. She started to climb down. In about a minute she was at the ground and was dashing to get ahead of her friends to get to school. She made it in time and sat at her desk.

When her friends arrived Miyako looked annoyed and Chiaki looked like he usually did. Then they say Maron sitting at her desk and they had a look of surprise.

"Maron-" Miyako started in a loud voice, but was interrupted by her teacher, Ms.P.

"All right, class is starting take your seats." Their teacher said. The class sat down and the day went on. Every time there was break time, Maron was no where to be found. Miyako and Chiaki were wondering what was happening to Maron. She never did this before, according to Miyako.

Maron didn't show up for practice. She went to a plaza that her friends didn't know about. The plaza was like a pier made out of stone. It went out for a mile and at the end was circled with benches and a fountain in the middle. The pier plaza overlooked the ocean and was hidden deep in the forest so people rarely knew about this beautiful paradise.

She sat there doing nothing. On the day she won the competition, Fin had said that there shouldn't be trouble for a while, and that Fin had to go to an important meeting, concerning the demons, and didn't know when she would be back.

"Sorry Maron, this is really important." Fin had told her.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine." She replied, smiling.

"Thank you Maron! I'll be back as soon as I can!" Fin said, and then disappeared in thin air. Maron's smile faded and she had a look of sadness.

'I'm alone.' She thought.

"I'm alone." She said out loud, staring out at the ocean with a look of sadness

Chiaki was wondering what happened to Maron. He noticed she seemed out of it. In the middle of his deep thinking, he bumped into a girl.

"Sorry." He simply said.

"Ah! Chiaki-San!" A voice said. He turned and saw a familiar girl. Her dark purple hair fell over her shoulders, and had eyes that matched.

"Reiko Yamada." He simply said. She smiled at him. She was the daughter of his fathers closest friend.

"Want to have some tea?" She asked, and he agreed.

She told him that she had moved to America with her father and was in town for a man was here that she was in love with. He had come here from America for some unknown reason. She moved there with her father and met him. They spent some time, she fell in love, he left, and she followed. That was it. She had an apartment knowing Chiaki's father lived close by, but didn't know where his father or the man was. They chatted and they parted. It was when Chiaki was at the main square when he saw a man sitting on a motorcycle. The man saw him and went over to him.

"Excuse me, sir. Can you point out where this place is?" the man asked, showing him a paper. He noticed it had the address of the apartment complex he lived in, but no apartment number.

"Um, yeah, I'll take you there, I live in this apartment complex."

"Oh really, thank you. Here, I'll give you a ride."

Chiaki got on the bike and they went to the apartment complex. Chiaki led the man to the entrance. That was when he got a good look of the man. He was a little taller than him and looked like in his early 20s. He was wearing black jeans, some black sneakers, a black jacket, and a gray shirt under the jacket. His hair was dark as was his eyes. They were dark but you could notice the specks of green and brown in them. He had a necklace. It was half of a silver key. It had a M where the person can hold it from and the bottom, where you put the key in the key hole, was half of a star.

'A couple's key.' Chiaki thought.

"Thank you very much. I'll just wait here for the person." The man said and Chiaki left the man.

Maron came walking home. It was dark and had started to rain but she didn't notice. She entered the lobby. She went to her mailbox and saw that it was empty again. Sighing, she closed the mailbox and saw the man. Maron was in shock. As she stared at the man, her bag fell to the floor.

"Akemi..." She said, tears running down her shocked face.

"Maron." He simply said, spreading his arms open, and the girl dashed into his arms.

"I missed you, Aki. So much." She said, softly crying.

"Remember, you are mine." He said

"Yes." She simply replied.

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