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Ahem...well, it's a oneshot.

And since everyone knows I like yaoi...and Gozu...tehee~ here's a short fluffeh story about them!


...or else.

"Alone in the Nightmares"

Run! Keep running! Dont stop!

Gozumaru leaped away from hands that shot out to grab him. It was a river of arms, threatening to drown him any second now. He gave a scowl and landed safely on a brick road. Without even thinking, he continued to run.

Darkness swallowed the path infront of him and left him spiraling in a void of pain.

Pain of being alone.

'Anybody!' He yelled out, but couldnt even hear himself. He turned, his blue eyes widening as he called again, 'Gyuki-sama!'

Damn it... Suddenly, voices echoed in his head. Unfamiliar ones that still gave him a sudden pang of guilt. He clenched his head between his hands, sunk to his knees and panted as a cold mist advanced towards him.

'This cant be happening!' He gritted his teeth as those misty figures grab hold of his arms, then shoulders and a painful fire shot through his skin.

He screamed, bowing down slowly as the fog enveloped him in darkness. He couldnt move, couldnt speak, not even register the event around him. He opened his eyes, finding everything around him blurry, and he blinked. A wet trail rolled down his cheeks, to his chin, and to the nonexistent ground.


Was he...crying?

Gozumaru, of the Gyuki clan, was...crying?

Suddenly, he found himself unable to control the tears forming in his eyes and he let them slip. First, a sob, a whine, and then, a full blown yell. He was crying like hell.

'Mezumaru!' He screamed, 'Anybody!'

The mist burned against his skin, the eerie wind chanting in his ears was driving him crazy.


Again and again.



He say up, alarmed, as he stared at the twin tailed yokai infront of him, looking at him with a panicked expression and with both hands on either of his shoulders.

" Gozumaru, are you alright?" Mezumaru asked, worry in his voice.

Gozumaru continued to stare for a minute, then averted his eyes away. "What did you hear from me?" He dared ask, slightly facing him.

" Screaming." Replied to blue haired yokai, "Was it a nightmare?"


There was silence in the room. Gozu was about to lay back down on his bed when he felt an arm snake around his shoulders and tugged him backwards. Another arm locked him against Mezu's chest.

" What's it about, Gozu?" He asked childishly and smiled.

" It's not a big deal, Mezu." The black haired boy hissed and tried to fix himself up, settling himself between Mezu's legs, back facing his chest, and within a friendly hug.

" But I heard my name~!" Mezu whined and nuzzled against the boy's hair.

" S-shut up!" His face was flushed, and he knew that. "J-Just don't leave g-got that?"

Gozumaru looked down, slightly embarassed that he, the more mature one, was saying something so childish to Mezu, the idiot.

" I promise, Gozu." The arms left his body, and Mezumaru retreated back to his futon, his back facing the black haired boy.

He blinked, nodded shyly, mentally slapped himself, and laid back down, "Thanks..."

Mezu smiled under the covers, " No problem. Good night, Gozumaru."

" Goodnight...Mezumaru..." Somehow, he felt that it was really going to be a good night, and that the nightmares wont be returning back any time soon.


Author's note:

As you all know, I did a oneshot. I dont know if i did, please comment! w

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