When living in a whole new place for a few years, sometimes being a stranger disappeared forever. The weather warmed up so much better, the year has a rushing up and panic attack to the deadline. Being a student at college was a lot of effort to put through and getting ready for a few exams before graduation.

Four years really flew by in my life and couldn't believe where I have gotten to. It's nothing to compared to my original life back at home and living seven hours away from home was something else. College has gotten me buried in studying, preparation, and settling into a job before graduation. Heck, so many things changes and it's hard to keep up. I'm in my last class for the day of the hour and so glad it was science. This meant the last homework I'd ever work this week and worries the rest next week for exams to come.

I headed out of the classroom and tried to jam everything into my bag. When it comes to walking on campus, people waved and smiled at me.

"Hi Danny-o! Will I see you in art class tomorrow?" The brunette college kid called out.

I grinned, "You bet I will! I need to finish that project anyway before the exams! I need your opinion, dude!"

He thumbed up for me, "You know it!" He waved.

I waved back, "See ya, tomorrow."

While my classmate walked away, my cell phone vibrated like crazy and I hurried up to answer it in a panic attack.

"Hello-hello, you got Masters here." I grinned.

"Ah, hello Daniel, it's your fruitloop here. I was going to ask you if you could pick up milk, I seem to use it all this morning for our breakfast meal." He chuckled.

I sighed and brushed up my hair, "Vlad! I thought we bought four this week! Seriously!" I groaned.

"You realize we normally go through six a week, especially your nervous wreck with the exams. Next time, I am shopping with you."

Sometimes, Vlad was definitely the best fit for the husband and I'm the wife here. For four years, we have been married for and I was almost done with college for this part of life. He has been paying for my entire college out of my interests. We ended up living in Wisconsin nearby the college he used to attend. I picked it because they had some of the amazing courses here.

"Ugh, Vlad. Seriously, even though we have all the money in the world. You're not watching how much we need at home, like what if we need soap? Hm?" My head shook, "You know my parents, my sister, and Dani are coming in two weeks, right?"

Vlad gotten quiet over the phone and I had no idea why. For four years, we have been going through several phases in our relationship of our marriage and Jazz tries to help by using her psychology method into it. She helped wonderfully on some part, but the rest remained hidden or forgotten. We didn't need too much stress on my account, I was the one attending to colleges at the moment and it's filled with so much to deal with. It wasn't like I had enough to deal with.

"Anyway, I'll get the milk. I better hope to see the living room is cleaned, mister." I scoffed, remembering he made a huge mess of his invention.

"It's clean, relax. You are way too worried about everything, relax! Honestly, you need to distress yourself, dear."

I gagged, "Vlad, I'm not a woman. Find another nickname." My eyes rolled, "Anyway, I'll be home in a few." We hung up.

I was glad Sam sent the new clothes last month because being this hot was getting annoying than ever. I started to hurry up to a store after getting off campus and went straight there. I entered into the store, racing up to the refrigerator section, and picked up a couple of milks. I headed over to the counter that had short line and paid for the stuff.

"Busy day, sir?" The cashier asked.

I chuckled, "Yeah, college and finals are colliding into one." I started to get changes back.

Cashier nodded, "Yeah, I had to go through that last semester and definitely a little nervous for college myself."

I grinned, "First year of college will be alright, just the last year being at college is brutal, but it's worth it." I winked.

Cashier smiled, "Thanks, sir."

I waved and picked up my milk. I hurried over to the dark allies so no one could see. My altering to Phantom wasted no time and I flew quickly to the apartment. The building of the apartment was huge and royally like. Vlad found this place four years ago as of our wedding present and I fell in love with the place. It's perfect to come home to and I started to enter in the main center. I headed up the stairs while transforming to Masters Side of me. Funny, I was used to calling myself Fenton, but I married Vlad Masters into the conclusion. I unlocked the door and entered in normally.

"I'm home, Vlad!" I glanced at the living room in front of me.

The living room was finally cleaned up and the stuff was put away. I can see the three couches with the coffee table in the middle. An extra couch was just bought today for a purpose because of my family was coming in two weeks for my college graduation. Vlad offered them to take a stay at our place and that he'd provide a few airbeds for everyone. Dad couldn't refuse it, mom felt awkward about it, and Jazz didn't minded. Dani, she didn't want to miss out on my special day and I didn't blame her at all. It was on the weekend too, so it was perfect for everyone. Vlad knew how to influence everyone in the family, even if they knew what he has done in the past.

"I'm in the kitchen, Daniel."

I looked over to the right and saw him cooking a few things. I came over and set down the milks on the counter. I leaned onto the counter and watched him cook.

"You're up to something, Plasmius." I chuckled.

He smiled, "Uh huh, can you figure out what I'm up to, Phantom?" He played.

I groaned to see this might take forever and shook my head.

"Can't, Vlad. I got serious science and English homework. It's due tomorrow." My head fell onto my arms.

Vlad shook his head, "I can't wait for your exams to be over, Danny. It's crazy to put up with your stress." He started to take a good mixing his cooking.

I sighed, "No kidding, remind me to take a community college next time." I lifted the strap bag off and headed over to the couch, "I'll be working on them now."

Vlad nodded and my butt glued itself to the couch's cushions. Homework to be started right now would be best to start and tackling down English was something else. I had to do some finishing up reading the book we're supposed to read and write an essay up to four pages. It wasn't so difficult as long I was aware and understanding what it was about. I became completely independent to English and really hit off my literature field. Sure, four pages was a lot, but as long I knew what to say and how to explain. It would be easier to deal with and that's why my first career would be a journalist. Vlad was shock to see my first career and he was amused to this advantage I could do. No one could handle the superhero section and I nailed that down good. I could get into serious world and hard cases like crime scene where no one would get into easily. Hey, with being a half ghost there's some way to earn my way into it and Vlad thought it would be fun to get information through me to know what's happening on this planet.

After fiddling with English, I joined into science homework and half of it was kind of easy since my major used to be science. It was much more difficult than high school level could be and I didn't care. It was exciting to do something with science and I knew my passion for astronaut was kind of a dead or over because the space program was out of the country now. While half way through with my homework, I started to smell Vlad's cooking and grinned. He cooks amazing! I couldn't wait to see what he's making for dinner.

"You missed question twenty one, Daniel." He was hanging from behind me.

I glanced behind me, "Oh, thanks, Vlad. Damn, I'm tired."

Vlad started to massage my neck while I was answering the missed question and return to the question I was originally on. Oh, gee, the neck massage felt so good! Oh, wait, I need to focus! I forced my brain to think and went onto question eighty-eight. I was two questions away to finish and Vlad really deepens in the massaging.

"Vlllllaaaaaad! You know I can't focus on my homework when you do this!" I complained, "Aren't you supposed to be cooking?"

He grinned, "I'm finished cooking dinner for us. I'm letting it cool down since it's steaming hot already." He eased up with the massaging.

I blinked, "Oh, right…give me three minutes and I'll be done with homework for the night."

Vlad nodded and sat next to me. His arm went behind the couch and he waited for me. Nailing down the last questions were impossible at first, until I started to read back and finished up the rest within instant reality shock through my brainwave. I hurried up and shoved them into my bag. I hopped onto Vlad's body with full of joy.

"I'm done, I'm ready to have dinner with you, fruity."

Vlad rest his hands on my waists, "Good, I cooked your entire favorite today." He snuck a kiss on me.

I giggled and kissed him back, "Oh? Since when do I get all the good food now?" I started to tickle him.

Vlad tried to fight me off, but he failed so much. Once he couldn't take it, he phase right through me, and I could almost drop myself after feeling that blazing heat of his core. My cold core rushed over my entire body to regulate normal temperature. I stood on my knee on the couch and smirked at Vlad.

"You really want to know, don't you, badger?" His finger wanted me to follow.

Okay, he was quiet about my family, then he was up to something, made wonderful food, and massaged me in a most stressful moment. Vlad has a big plan and I can't seem to figure it out yet.

"Come on, you need to eat, Daniel." Vlad grinned and pulled me over to the dinner table.

He's having us eat at the dinner table and I started to scratch my head. We're eating at the dinner table? Last time we did that was for…our celebration of the day we became a couple. We helped ourselves to put food onto our plates and started to eat.

"…you want to go out somewhere on the weekend or something, Vlad?" I assumed.

Vlad disagreed, "No, not that. I have been thinking…"

I dropped my fork, "I'll do more work around here, Vlad! I promise!"

I clung onto his arm and he chuckled. I was way off, wasn't I?

"No, Daniel. I was going to say that maybe it's time we start having a baby." He decided.

That hit my heart and hugged him.

"Oh, Vlad! For real? Are you sure now?"

Vlad nodded, "I'm sure, Daniel. We had plenty of time for our lives and you're finished with college. It felt right to have a child now."

I kissed him, "When, Vlad?" Somehow, my hand was rubbing his stomach already by natural instinct, "Our child, oh, it's been a while." I purposely lowered my head and teases his stomach by kissing him, "You'll have to get use to that, Vlad."

Vlad chuckled and blushed. It's been a while since he was blushing, but we were going to be a father! Of our own child! How amazing was that?

"I was hoping maybe tonight?" His eyes were setting into a calming mood.

It was rare to see Vlad that calm, he must be serious about it, and I held his head. I kissed him one more time and everything in the world disappeared. I finished all the things we needed to do and my arms wrapped around him.

"So, that means I get on top tonight for a change?" I grinned.

Vlad laughed, "Of course, Daniel. I did say some day you will be on top and I trust you will do well."

Wow, knowing we're going to have a child would be amazing. Tonight was finally the moment our entire life would change its course.

"Oh, man! I can't wait to tell mom and dad! They're going to be psyche to hear!"

We started to eat our food, enjoy our loving early evening, and couldn't get over the idea we're having a child!

"Of course, you realize I have to be Lavada for a couple of months in order to keep the baby growing until my body can adapt." Vlad mentioned.

A couple of months of Lavada? I pondered on that and chewed my food. Vlad was saying a couple of months and it doesn't sound so bad.

"Okay, I can live with that. I will miss my usual Vlad, though." I shrugged, "But, I did fall in love with Lavada first." I giggled.

Vlad rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say, honey."

Then, I thought of something, "Wait…are you going through all those actual pregnancy phases like mood swing, morning sicknesses, cravings, and sex cravings?"

Vlad started to chew on the pasta meal and he was thinking about it. Yup…wait, should I be worried or panic?

"Well, when I become Lavada. My entire body actually does act like it's normal, so in another word. A possible chance I may go through some or all or none." Vlad shrugged, "But, it's me who is going to be dealing with the baby."

Vlad did have a point there. If it was me, I don't think he would be able to stand much with my hormone seeing I'm still fourteen at to this point. Eight more years and I'll be fifteen years old, but luckily for our ghost powers. We were able to illustrate our age and people never realized it. This town shocked to discover Phantom living in Wisconsin of Madison. It's funny how that all came to happen and then, something came along.

"We need another bedroom, Vlad." I put the pasta into my mouth.

Vlad nodded, "Well, that office here can turn into a bedroom for the child."

Damn, he's giving that room up? Whoa, that's something else.

"Where are you going to put that stuff in, Vlad?" I took a sip out of my coffee…yeah, shocking to even drink one.

"Put them in the lab, it's not like I'm going to explode if I don't have an office here. I can use our room or the lab to do some work. It's the child that's going to need the room." He grinned.

I hugged him, "Then, I guess I'm set and ready whenever you are, Vlad!" I giggled with exploding excitement.

Vlad and I started to get into our dinner, enjoying our romantic time, and wishing our last moment of parental free lives. Oh, man…this is unbelievable! We're going to be the daddies! Yup…oh, boy, this is going to surprise everyone we know! Vlad gave me that awkward look whenever I keep rubbing his stomach.

"I'm not pregnant yet, Daniel."

I grinned, "I know, Vlad, it's just can't help myself. I'm so happy to see it's finally happening."

He agreed, "I know. It was just few weeks ago, I had dreams of being pregnant and thought now would be a perfect timing for us. You're graduating from college, we're married, and that we live pretty decent life."

"I totally agreed with you, Fruitloop."

We were so excited to have a child of our own, related to the both of us, and that was more than enough to be ready. It's that feeling where everything has happened so much like the day of the wedding. It's rewarding feeling and gleeful moment. How can we not want this? We continued to finish our dinner, cleaning up our mess, and shower was a start.

"Vlad? You are joining in the shower with me?" I could feel the hot water coming down at me.

I heard his amusing laughter going off and his damn and fine body started to enter into the shower. We took things slow by cleaning up, washing our hair, and rinsed off good. We were used to showering every day and feeling each other. I was so drawn to his good touch and felt relaxed.

"Kiss me, Phantom." He insisted.

I growled with happiness, "Here I come, Plasmius." I leaned in and kissed him.

Our dripping wet lips formed as one and our tongues played together like dancing for rock concert music. The thrill was entering through us and there wasn't anything to stop us.

The phone rang off loudly and we both growled at the phone. Oh, come on now! No one has ever called us during this time! I hurried out of the shower and wrapped myself in the towel. I answered the phone, trying to breathe here, and shook my head off.

"Hello? Who is it?" I answered.

"Danny, could you come home? We can't find Sam! Tucker said they both were going to meet up at her house!" I could tell that was Dani.

I could tell her feelings were a bit over by stress and worried. The thought of anything happening to Sam worried me the most. I transformed immediately and scoffing to the fact tonight wasn't special.

"I'll be there soon, Dani. Just keep looking, alright?"

"I-I will." She hung up.

I hung up fast and groaned to the fact our night was happening. I transformed to Phantom and Vlad came out of the shower while being wrapped in the towel down the waist.

"Is everything alright, Daniel?"

I shook my head, "No, Sam's missing and no one can find her." My hands curled up, "I'm going to help them find her."

Vlad sighed, "I'll be waiting for you."

I nodded, "I'll be back as soon as I can, I promise!"

I hugged Vlad to make things up. Ugh, why did it have to be tonight? Now, I need to know what the heck happened here. My hands struck out in the air and swirled around to teleport to Amityville. I could see that I was back home and it wasn't exactly how I pictured visiting. I flew up high into the sky and located some of the places Sam might have gone to. Rushing around to places and listening out to Sam's voice. What happened? Did something catch her off track? How long has she been missing for? Would someone kidnap her?

"Tucker, Dani, and Val, give me an update here other than Sam's missing and we're trying to find her?"

My night wasn't going to be wasted and finding Sam soon was the first step. Damn, I hope she's alright! If she was kidnap, more than likely I'm going to kick someone's ass tonight. This isn't what I have in mind for tonight! Why can't I even enjoy something special without any interruption? Vlad and I had a good moment settling in and there's no way I was retaking the shower all over again! Sam…helps me find you soon!