I'm sooooo sorry for not having this out as soon as possible. I've got those other stories going on at the moment and two and three aren't easy to write when one story is more interesting than the others. You can blame my dreams for interesting things to write. I have like...five ideas going through, but I won't get myself too far behind. This story may be slowed down a bit until the other ideas are written out. So, bare with me on the slow writing in this story.

I handed Dani a cup of tea and she was finally sitting down on the couch. Despite of whatever of the situation is going on with her, I wanted to be able to read her mind and know why she's so angry like this. Hardly, I get this mad, but something tells me we're going to have a guest tonight to be sleep here. Should I let my parents know where she is for the night? I wasn't sure much myself, but I rather wait to see.

"Alright, talk Dani. You're obviously mad about something and you decided to be here." I sat down on the couch.

She avoided my eyes, "Dash…he, ugh, he's the reasons I'm mad at!" She tried to keep it under her cool.

I sighed, "What did he do this time?" As if he hasn't done the worse to me based to my experience.

Dani's hands were glowing green, creating a crack in the tea cup, and I blinked. I whisked it away from her and set it down. I scolded at her for doing so with her powers to possess her feelings in.

"Danielle Masters Fenton! Seriously, you should know better by now on using your powers to break something so useful!" My head shook, "Seriously, all I asked is what he do this time?"

Dani scoffed, "He has forbidden me to use my powers at all! He said I am not allowed because I keep hurting myself even worse! I'm healing just fine!"

I muttered to see her like this and can't believe Dash crossed the line to demand her to do something. In a way, I learned the hard way to never upset the girl worse or they will definitely bite. I sat down and thought this thoroughly.

"Dani," I called her attention, "What did you do?"

"Grr, I told him that I needed to help Valerie and she's fighting the ghost that keeps aiming at me so many times with destructive powers. The ghost was kind of powerful for me, but I wasn't going to stop. Dash has been trying to heal me up, but I didn't need it at first. All I wanted was to help Valerie out and Lionel wasn't in condition since he went invisible and protected Jasmine." She rolled her eyes, "So, he quit trying to help me heal and told me I should quit being a hero. I said no, I won't and he got all mad about how dangerous it is and that I'm not healing the right way." She shook her head, "I went to fight the ghost on my anger and finally won. I was brutally hurt and Dash didn't bothered showing up at the usual meeting up team. He bailed on me for a couple of days and he suddenly acted like he's in charge. He told me to stop using my powers for good or he'd stop helping me heal all back to normal." She muttered furiously than I ever could imagine.

Somehow, I wanted Lavada home and let her deal with Dani in this problem. Then again, I would end up protecting Dash's life with Lavada on line. I know how much Lavada/Vlad hates him despite of the past problems. Dani didn't bother say anything else, but there wasn't any lying in her. Normally, her heart beats skip a few beating if she did. I got up and took care of the dinner meal.

"So, basically, Dash is worried that you're killing yourself out there, Dani. Unlike Vlad and me, we heal faster. You need to consider the fact your own person here, you're more human than ghost." I pointed out, "He's probably worried about others around you and thinking about you may be abused by our Fenton parents." I shrugged and started to stir the pasta noodles in the boiling water.

Dani was quiet, less angry than she was before, and became more confused.

"You can stay for the night, but I will call mom and dad. Even your dad here will be having a fit about Dash."

"Thanks, Danny."

I chuckled off, "Anything for my little cousin, but please…don't make it as a habit." I held up my spoon, "Wait, why you aren't in school?"

"…ghost trouble during eighth period and um, I saw Dash in the parking lot where he'd normally pick me up at. We started to have an issue there."

I muttered about how stupid she's being, but I returned to stir the food. A door clicked open and someone came through. Lavada dropped her bag and froze at her sight.

"Welcome home, Lavada." My tone was neutral.

I was unsure what was happening behind me due to stirring and not facing the living room. Then, I started to move some of the meatball in the pan and gathered a pot to put the tomato sauce in this time. It was getting quieter here and somehow, I wished we had a television in this room.

"How's your day at work, Lavada?" I turned around and started to wash my hands.

Lavada didn't really look please to see Dani at all, "Danielle, why are you here? Why aren't you in school?"

Dani rolled her eyes, "I'm going to find the bathroom, Danny. You tell…her." She got up and went upstairs.

I glared at Dani for being utterly stupid here with her own father, even if Vlad is Lavada at the moment. Lavada glared at me for not being serious here. I sighed at to my defense.

"Danny, you didn't take her out of school today, have you?"

I shook my head and glared to the fact she assumed, "Lavada, seriously, that would be the last thing I'd do. Secondly, she came here upset about something and I had to get her calm down. By the way, she broke my favorite tea cup!" My head shook again, "Anyway, Dash forbids her to use her ghost power and they had a fight about it. Personally, I think Dash is worn out for trying to help out so much, but Dani has been over doing it. I noticed the serious bruises on her neck and her hands."

I started to put the meatball into the tomato sauce and cooked that up. Lavada groaned and muttered about Dash and nonsense.

"Personally, I never liked him. She is better off without him." Lavada pointed out, "But, I will have to take care of the damage. I know some plants and herb that will speed it up for her."

I slammed down the spoon.

"Lavada! You know how serious Dash is about his feelings and for once, would you forget what he has done to me? It's over, you already have me and married me. Do you need to drag it out on Dani? What, are you going to refuse if he proposed to her and object their wedding?" No doubt Dani could feel my anger by this point.

Lavada glared at the counter. Why do I have to fight for Dash's defense? Dani should be the ones to do that.

"He keeps holding it over my head, Danny! It may be easier for you to forget and forgive him, but I won't!"

My hands clenched up, "At least I'm moving on from the rape! I'm still not over Raven and what he has done to me! He caused me pain that carried out forever! What he did was permanent! The scar is still there! The electric pain makes me relive the night over and over! The pills only help to get rid of pain and calm me down, but it doesn't get rid of it!" I felt shaky and collapsed onto the floor to hold myself together.

"Danny!" Lavada leaped and hurried over to me.

"DANNY!" Dani flew to me out of worried.

I kept pushing them away, shaking it all away, and pushing those horrible memories! How demeaning and evil Raven was to me. How much of this effort to scar me emotionally and physically. There was never a way to escape to what I have been through with that horrible and cruel man. Dani held me face up and the tears slipped down on my cheeks. Lavada hugged onto me, wondering when I'd come out of this shell, and only Dani can feel that great fear. It brings me down so much, all I wanted was to move on, and forget it for good.

"Danny, it's okay. You're home." Dani told me.

I blinked, trying to remember where I was, and how protected I was. My teeth clenched up, holding those fears in, and not forgetting I am married, at a home, and the baby. My arms wrapped around to the both I loved the most.

I tried breathing it all away and I gulped.

"Tell me how was today, Danny. Tell me what you did?" Lavada begged to know, out of her sweet heart.

I closed my eyes, "I packed the things up in our room. I saved Ginger's life from a shooter today, and learned that girl is deaf and she signs. She thanked me and adored my smile for her. I studied for three exams ahead of time…my boss, he called today. He gave me a first piece for a journal. He wants me to go to the New York City and find out more about this teen hero. It'll be after graduation day to start and a hotel is already arranged for two weeks." My breathing started to restore back to normal, "Now, I'm making dinner. I'm making spaghetti and garlic bread with melted cheese on them." A little smiled start to show up on my face.

They both helped me up and kept hugging me. There were times I go through a trauma and it became much worse. Even when I try to talk about it, that made it seem so worse and Lavada or Vlad became careful around me in certain things.

"You're packing things?" Dani got a little curious.

I looked over to Lavada, "You think we should tell her since she's here, Lavada?"

She sighed, "Otherwise she's going to pester us with her questions all night and morning. She is you, Danny."

Dani gave us a weird look about our conversation, but I guess that's just us. I chuckled to ease up the moment and nodded.

"Well, Lavada, do you mind taking care of her bruises. I'm going to call my parents and let them know where Dani is and tell them she's staying here for the night."

Lavada glared at the both of us, "What?"

"I told her she can stay for the night considering how mad she is at Dash about all of that drama."

For some reason, I can feel Dani disagreed on the drama part. I hurried over to the lab and let them deal with other things. I started to make a phone call with my parents.

After a few rings, someone finally picked up to answer the phone.

"Hello, you're calling the Fenton family. Are you in ghost trouble or is this normal business?" Dad went way overboard on this.

I chuckled, "Dad, you're going to scare people like that."

"Danny, son! Oh, it's great to hear from you! I miss ya, son!"

I grinned, "I missed you too, dad. Could you give the phone to mom, please?"

"Sure, son. Give me a minute."

I could hear the phone being handled down to the next person. It wasn't much surprising to know they're alone at the moment.

"Hi Danny."

I smiled, "Hi mom. Listen, I'm not sure if high school ever does or not, but have they called you for any reason?"

"Hm, no, not that they have. Why?"

"Well, Danielle is here and apparently, she feels upset. So, she will be staying for the night to cool down a bit and Vlad will heal her up too."

"She's hurt?"

"Mom!" I complained to even think of that, "No, she isn't. She's fine. I thought letting you know that she's staying for the night. Even I know using teleportation is rough on her for the second time to use it in a day."

"Fine, dear. I worry about her as much as I do with you. Why didn't she come home?"

My eyes rolled, "Boyfriend issues."

"Oh, I could have helped."

"…I guess she wanted me, maybe next time she will come to you." I doubt it.

"Well, thank you for saving our worry trouble, dear. Tell her we will be going to Sam's fashion night show we all promised to do."

"Funny, I didn't think Danielle would get into those. Sam must have figured out how to get to her already." I chuckled, "Anyway, I'll remind her about it and make sure she comes home before the time even show up."

"Thanks, dear. Tell her she still has to clean her room."

Somehow, I wondered how the heck I survived with them for those two years.

"Mom, she's a superhero. She will get to it." I sighed, "Anything else?"

"Yes, I'll see you next week for your graduation day."

"Hehe, thanks, mom. I'll see you guys then. Tell Jazz and Lionel I said hi."

"Will do, honey."

We both hung up. Somehow, I felt irritated to even talk to my parents, but at least I can enjoy that for now. I headed over to the living room and Lavada really putting on some serious herb cream on Dani's bruises. Each touch, she kept flinching harder than ever and I started to make sure dinner wasn't burned or anything. Thankfully I had them set low purposely.

"Stop moving, Danielle!"

"I don't like being touched with my pain!"

"If you keep moving, the pain will take weeks to go away! Just stay still!"

"Then, be softer!"


I came up to them and couldn't believe their attitude.

"Lavada! You shouldn't be this upset!" As much as I wanted to smack her in the head, "Too much stress is dangerous, now stop it!" I looked over at Dani, "You, stop fussing! I know it hurts, trust me. I can feel your pain along with your feelings. Just try to keep your mind busy and you won't feel anything." I walked off and finish up making dinner.

I muttered to the fact they are getting ridiculous more than ever. I started to finish cooking and gathered the plates and cups. I set the food onto the plates and put them on the table for everyone. Dani groaned a few times, but they finally stopped arguing this time. I can't always promise this was going to work out.

I went to gather the bread and cut them into slices. I remembered mom making them and how much she put into her cooking and now, I ended up following her cooking skills. It's amazing to see that will never disappear, but the recipe would be harder to do if I let her teach me all of her homemade. I know I'm going to miss that.

"Dinner's ready, guys." I sat down in the chair.

They came over, keeping themselves at distance, and being very quiet. This began to irk me even more.

"Dani, about the packing up. We're planning on moving back home."

Dani blinked to hear the news we had already going. She didn't see that entirely.

"Wow, you're coming home? With Fenton mom and dad?" She started to flavor her spaghetti.

I nodded, "Well, our own place, but back in Amityville." I grinned.

"We thought it would be better for us considering Daniel got his first career down the line. Daniel, you mentioned your boss called about the job in New York City? About a teen hero?" Lavada sliced up her meatball.

I shrugged, "He literally meant that city, but I had no clue about that teen hero. He wants me there for two weeks to get all the information I can get."

"Hm, when are you going again?"

"After the day of the graduation, it seems. My boss already paid for the hotel and everything, which I am surprised. He must be serious about my part or something." I shrugged.

Dani looked lost in between our conversation and the fact Lavada is a woman at the moment.

"Uh, not that I'm happy for you, Danny. But, why is Vlad Lavada right now?" Dani pointed at my husband.

Lavada bits her lips and started to eat her food. For me, I knew I had to tell and she had no clue. Our feelings were limited by distance until we're within half a mile of each other. My fork started to dance in the spaghetti.

"We're…expecting a baby." I said calmly enough with a soft smile.

Dani blinked and smiled brightly after hearing the announcement.

"Oh, my gosh! A baby! For real?"

Lavada nodded, "Yes, I took the test and it says positive."

Dani hugged onto Lavada, "Oh, my! I can't believe it's dad who's pregnant!" She giggled, "When do you think the baby will come out by?"

I thought the math through my head, knowing how much I have learned, and figured it out.

"Well, according to my calculation and everything, which could be different depending on the situation? The baby may be born around the end of December to the middle of January."

They both didn't expect me to do something so intelligent, but then again, they aren't used to the fact I was a nurse temporarily.

"What?" I asked before taking a bite of my spaghetti.

"Since when you know all that pregnancy stuff?"

I glared, "I took a nursing course last year."

"Weird, I never thought you'd be into that."

I rolled my eyes, "I took it so I can help out with injury or something. It's helpful to know all of this stuff." I took a bite of the bread.

Dani was so happy to see how all of this falling into our plans, but something about what my boss wanted me to do was something unusual. Why this teen hero? What did he do? Well, I guess I'll find out on next week Saturday and learn from there.

"Danielle, are you sleeping on the couch or do you prefer to sleep on an air bed?" Lavada bought up.

"The couch is fine. The airbed makes me feel like flying and it causes my flying ability to go off for some reason."

I clicked to what Dani mentioned and fixated my attention on her.

"Wait, you're flying out of your control?"

She nodded, "Yeah, but it's nothing."

I set my fork down, "No, it's nothing Dani. It's serious! What if you're sleeping in class and the next thing is that everyone going to notice you're 'Levitating' in your sleep! It's too risky!"

They both stared at me like a freak, but I knew it well myself. I knew that I almost exposed myself to Mr. Lancer during his lesson and that my powers controlled its own.

"Have you been training your powers lately?" Lavada joined in.

She shook her head, "I hardly have time. The ghosts are coming out more than usual, the homework kept piling higher since we have exams in a month, and joining the club makes it impossible to stay actively involved. Even when Jasmine tries to make sure I keep up, I keep missing out more and more." She sighed, "I hardly have time to myself."

I can feel those self-depression and miserable when being worn out. I stood up and went over to the kitchen cabinet to retrieve something. I tossed Dani the small object and she glanced up at me with confusion on her face.

"Use this, you'll be able to sleep without letting your powers taking over you. All you have to do is wear it and you can teach your powers to stay in control during your sleep."

Dani observed this weird bracelet in her hand and seeing how unusual design between ghostly glow and more detailed material. It's not every day a human could see this unless you're part ghost or ghosts. If anyone cleaned the place, they wouldn't see this thing.

"It's not going to hurt me, is it?"

I glared, "No! It just helps you. Trust me, I'd be staying away from things that want to hurt me more than I expected."

I took a sip and started to leave my food behind. All I wanted was to study right now, forget the pain for a while, and left them alone.