The Truth

Sleeping Beauty

As he looked at her limp form, all he could think was that he should be able to wake her. But she would never wake again; those crimson lips would never again part to whisper his name or promises of forever. Her eyes, so clear and perfect, were forever hidden behind closed lids. The true prince should be here, he thought, because it can't be me, I couldn't wake her.

The prince should be able to wake her with a kiss, but the truth is that the beauty will not wake no matter who tries to rouse her because this is no children's story. This is the story of a girl who trusted the wrong person and a boy who fell in love and lost everything.

That's just the beginning though. The real story starts when he gets up off his knees and leaves the tower. Fate has given up on him. This is where his life begins and the fairy tale ends.