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Five Things the Guys Learned About Logan

and the One Thing They've Always Known

1. He can play the piano

James ran his lucky comb through his hair one more time, just sitting behind Jenny Tinkler in chorus class was enough for his hair to stand on end. And standing on end wad not good! It was the total opposite of good...in fact it was bad, very bad!

"Dude," Carlos laughed. "Relax, your hair looks fine."

"'Fine?'" He hissed. "Fine is not fine!"

Logan rolled his eyes and put a hand on his shoulder. "James, your hair looks perfect. If you brush it anymore and we'll have to come up with a completely new word to describe how amazing it is." He was half truthful, half sarcastic.

The taller teen gave him a bright smile. "Thanks Logie," he said sincerely.

He flushed, his ears turning pink, and rubbed the back of his neck. It wasn't that much of a big deal. "No problem," he muttered.

Mrs. K clapped her hands, interrupting their conversation before it could go any go anywhere else. "Okay people. Today is the day. The day were some of us are going to show off our music skills that don't have to do with singing. You ready?"

The class did a harmonized note, the equivalent to "yes" on this class. No matter how much James liked singing this always made him feel idiotic.

She nodded and smiled proudly. There was a point when James was the only one who ever did anything, whether he felt like an idiot or not. "First up we have Kendall Knight, who should be back real soon from getting his guitar."

"I was wondering where he was," Carlos mused.

Logan faced palmed and James sighed in exasperation, but they were use to the younger teen not paying attention to his surroundings.

"It's okay Carlitos." James patted his shoulders. "We still love you."

"Yay!" He cheered jokingly.


Logan gave her a sheepish smile. "Sorry Mrs. K." Always the polite one.

She shook her head with a smile at their actions, glad they were still the same crazy boys and that high school hadn't changed them. The four (plus Kendall) of them were a legend around this town ever since Logan moved here in the third grade. Even though she was a high school teacher many conversations at the district wide teachers' conference was about them, horror stories and praises.

Kendall chose that moment to walk in, acoustic guitar in hand. He flashed a smile at his friends and took a seat on the piano bench.

"Give it up for Kendall Knight!:

The blond started playing "Edge of Desire," hitting every note perfectly. He started humming the words quietly and he knew the guys were singing under their breath. It was one of their favorite songs and Kendall had played it over and over again for the past week.

When he finished with a little improve flourish of he own the whole class clapped wildly. They all know Kendall played bu they also know he didn't like playing in front of people.

"That was amazing, Kendall!" Mrs. K gushed.

Kendall blushed and set his instrument down before heading up to his seat. He sat down and was immediately bombarded with compliments.

"Thanks guys."

Logan laughed. "You deserve it. That was awesome!"

They fell silent when a couple more people came up with a violin, a harmonica, and a cello respectively. Mrs. K almost has a heart attack when Jenny offered to play the trombone, but the guys managed to convince her not to.

"Thank God," James breathed out in relief. His friends grinned at his reaction, secretly think the same thing.

Mrs. K wiped her brow then pulled the cover up off the piano keys. "Okay, out last performer for the day is Logan Mitchell on the piano."

Three out of four of the guys frozen in shock, eyes widening. A single thought entered their minds...What?

Logan refused to make eye contact with them, opting for looking straight ahead as he walked down to the piano. He took an uncomfortable seat at the piano bench, feeling twenty or so stares on the back of his head.

The guys were in shock (as stated before). They didn't know Logan know how to play the piano, why didn't he tell them? Kendall felt a little hurt, Logan and him told each other everything. Why not this little detail?

Soft music filled the room, it was sad but there was a little bit of hope behind it. Everyone held their breathe and felt their hearts break, it was so beautiful and so sad.

Logan ended the song , letting the notes fade hauntingly with the press of a pedal. He sighed and let his hand slip in his lap, eyes falling close. Loud clapping jerked him back to the present. He turned around in surprise and saw the whole class clapping louder than ever, even louder than for Kendall.

A deep blush rose to his face. "Th-Thanks," he stuttered.

"That was beautiful, Logan," Mrs. K said, eyes shining. "How long have you been playing?"

He shrugged. "A few years. Since I was seven, I think."

"That long?" Carlos exclaimed. "How come you never told us?"

He shrugged again. "It wasn't that important."

Kendall walked down the risers and swung an arm around the smaller boy. "We could've started a band! James as lead singer, Carlos on drums, me on bass, and you on the keyboards. We could've made it big time!"

Logan ducked his head. "Sorry," he murmured.

"Don't be sorry!" James bounded down. "We can always start now!" He did a popstar pose. "My garage, 2:30. I bet I can wrangle up a keyboard." It was no secret James has a tone of bend equipment he never used, most of it as gifts from his father.

"'Wrangled?'" Kendall raised an eyebrow (they're not that busy!). "That's something I'd expect Logan to say, he's the cowboy."

"I am not a cowboy!" Logan growled.

The guys laughed and James went on and on about their new "band".

Turns out, thought, they ended only having one practice, because the next night Gustavo Rocque came to Minnesota to find his "fire".