So I definitely know this has been done before, but I wanna make this good. I really think I can make this goo because I've been where Bella is going. Not quite as bad, but definitely similar. Review and tell me what you think. I came up with the idea for this while listening to "Gotta Get Me Some" by Nickelback. If you like rock music, or if you want to really get into the story I suggest reading it.

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Midnight Queen


"This could be my last goodbye. You cross your heart. I hope to die." Boys Like Girls "Up Against the Wall"

The blade was no longer enough against my scarred wrists, the needle and the rush no longer enough. I needed him, the ultimate drug. But I am too stubborn; I have grown too strong to run back to him. This is entirely his fault anyway. If he had only stayed away! I could go on with my life like I have been. He thought he could save me, I thought with a bitter edge. Well, I'll show him safe. No one's safe on a twenty story ledge. He can't just walk back into my life and run it, my drunken thoughts echoed. I will show him that my life isn't up to him. I can't live this way much longer. The only way to prove it is to show him.

I throw the blade to the ground with the discarded syringes and stand up dizzily. Looking around me there is only empty bottles and needles. It's all I need. I walk towards the window, tripping on each step. The world is spinning when I open my window and put my foot onto the ledge. The only thing left to do now is jump.

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