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"Do you hate me?"

Alice lay with his back to Hatter, listening to the cold rain as he stayed warm beneath the covers. The Mad Hatter sighed, exhaling a cloud of almost sweet smoke, but he didn't look up from the book in his lap. "What is it with you and asking stupid questions?"

"I know I'm stupid. We've clarified that much," the fair man snapped. Even so, he kept his back to his protector. "I just want to know: Do you hate me?"

"Why, pray tell, would I hate you?" The dark man put out his cigarette on a nearby saucer, but swiftly returned his dark gaze to the pages of his book.

"Because of me…Duchess…those kids…so many people were killed…"

"It's the way things have to be," Hatter said, turning a page. "It's a crappy way, but that's the rules."

"I killed Alice too…"

At this, Hatter went silent and still.

"You should hate me," Probably Alice said. "You, the White Rabbit, Duchess, Cheshire Cat—"

"Don't talk about that bastard in my house!" Hatter growled.

For a long moment, only the sound of the rain hitting the roof and windows, and the steady 'tick-tock, tick-tock' of the clock filled the house.

"All I wanted was a name…" Alice said at last, quiet and small. "All I wanted was for someone to call me, to need me, to want me there…" He rolled over to look up at the Mad Hatter from beneath his sunshine-gold bangs. "But you don't want Me. You want 'Alice'."

Dark eyes met pale blue, but the older man didn't answer.

"If I wasn't 'Alice', you wouldn't want anything to do with me, would you?" His smile was sad, his eyes shimmering with tears.

"Stop it."

"I wish I could be the 'Alice' that you want…" He sighed. "I wish we could go home together..."

Hatter placed his hand over Alice's pale blue eyes. "Shut up. Just go to sleep."

"I wish…"

"It's alright. Go to sleep."

Alice's breathing began to slow, sleep reaching up to claim him and draw him down into dreams. But he used his last bit of strength to reach out and take hold of Hatter's hand. "You're warm…" He breathed. "People…are warm…when they're…alive…right…?"

Moving his hand after a long moment, the dark man found his charge's countenance to be completely serene. But upon attempting to take back his hand, the blonde's expression turned to discomfort and fear. So, with a heavy sigh, he left his hand in the grip of the 89th Alice.

And somehow, the Mad Hatter was content with the warmth that held him in place.


I honestly have no clue where I was going with this. _ ;; I just wanted to write SOMETHING for these two, and this is what my brain churned out. I love Alice x Hatter pairings, but these guys have to be my absolute favorite. I adore this manga, though I'm honestly terrified of how it may end, but I'm hoping these two can be happy together somehow. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE, ALICE! WAKE UP, LEWIS CARROL!