I'm going to have to explain myself a little here. I really am very sorry to keep you way from the story, but this is just explaining the formatting and the guidelines ect so if you don't want to you can just skip ahead to the first chapter. I would suggest reading this though.

This story makes me so excited, because I love AlMei so much. It is quite frankly the cutest pairing I have ever encountered in my entire life. When you add two annoying brothers and their respective loves interfering… it's just too much fun.

This used to be a collection of oneshots, but then as I went along I realized and some reviewers made the comment that it was becoming so interconnected and the chapters were following such a strict timeline (seriously, you can ask me the date of any of the chapters and I'll be able to tell you) that it really wasn't anymore, if it ever was. You might be able to see that as you go along. But it's not really one large continuous story since it doesn't follow one plot story (unless you count Al and Mei falling in love/their lives together which I guess you could...). So it's just somewhere in the middle.

I update every Sunday, almost always without fail. As mentioned before, all of the "oneshots" follow a timeline that I have stashed in a falling-apart notebook upstairs on a desk in my room and as such are highly interconnected. They are grouped together based on time periods. For example, most of the stories 1-23 take place while Al's in Xing or in Amestris. Occasionally I will go back and write something in backwards order, but that will be clearly stated in the chapter note. AUs are going to be popping up, not frequently, but every so often.

There will be heavy EdWin and LingFan and probably a healthy dose of Royai too, as well as other canon pairings. Expect lots of cute fluffy shots full of embarrassing moments. There will be dark moments, (you know, blood, assassinations, pain, small scale heartbreak) but on the whole it's happy. I like happiness.

I'll take a moment here to tell you all up front that I don't Fullmetal Alchemist. I don't, never have, and never will. As sad as that makes me.