Up until yesterday, I just assumed that Annie was a stupid Broadway show. Now, I have been informed that it is the most amazing movie to ever have existed. After I saw it, I knew that I had to twist and adjust it until it was perfectly adjusted to the YJ scene. It might have a little KF/Rob, maybe not. Just live with it. I LOVED this movie, with all of my heart, and I wish I had a copy at home. Annie herself annoyed the hell out of me, but I knew if I made her a sexy little boy beast, I'd like her a little more. And I didn't like "Sandy", so I decided to make it a cute little kid too. Okay, so… this is four years ago. Dick is 9, Wally and Artemis be 11, Kaldur, Megan and Superboy are 12. This is all just winged. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Annie or the YJ kids.

New York is a big state. 62 cities, 19,541,453 estimated people, 348,656 buildings, 800 languages spoken, 6,720 square miles and home to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, the Grand Central Terminal, the Rockefeller Center, the Staten Island Ferry, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many other tourist attractions.

This story is about 1 city, about 11 main people, 2 buildings, 1 language and about 1-2 square miles, depending what you consider the main places. Ignore the other 61 cities, 19,541,442 people, 348,654 buildings, 799 languages and 6,718 square miles for the time being. Right now, let me tell you about the main place.

This story takes place in a small rundown orphanage in downtown New York. It's a small two-story building, made with only dark bricks, missing a few chips and bricks all over. The door was old and it creaked viciously at even the slightest tap. The windows only had a screen cover, not a drop of glass over them. The curtains that were on the inside were covered in holes and tears all over, even though it was obviously sewn over in a million different places. A little plaque stood outside the door, completely shine free, that read, 'Hudson St. Orphanage'.

Now, let's introduce you to the main characters. First one is Richard Grayson, more commonly known as Dick to the other kids at the orphanage. He was a little kid, barely nine years old. When he was 2, his parents abandoned him on the steps of the orphanage in a blanket with half a locket on his neck and a note that promised they'd be back for him later. Seven years later, he still hadn't lost hope. He was positive that they'd be back for him any day. He had mildly long black hair that hung down over his forehead; the kind that was long enough to flip for dramatic effect. His eyes were a dark blue and even when he was scared or sobbing would hold a special sparkle to them.

Another thing you need to know about Dick: he hated the orphanage. More specifically, he hated Mr. Zucco, the owner of the orphanage. More than once, he's run away. Every time, he's gotten caught. All of the times but one. He had planned to hop a train, ride far away until he found his parents. Halfway to the train, he had noticed a group of grubby boys beating something in the alley. He had heard its pitiful screams of pain. He couldn't help but run over and beat the boys senseless before they scampered off, whimpering in pain. Dick had taken the something home with him. That something is our other main character.

His name is Wallace West, but no one in their right mind likes the name Wallace, so they all called him Wally. His hair was a strange orangish red tint that naturally spiked up all over the place while still managing to look neat and tidy. The bridge of his nose was dusted with dozens of cute little freckles and he, just like Dick, was a very pale shade. He had no hope that his parents would ever return, but he was always upbeat, positive and in a good mood. He felt that he owed his life to Dick so he protected him and cared for him like one might love a little sibling, or maybe a little more. He was actually older than Dick which made it even better.

Dick and Wally were the youngest out of the six kids on their floor, but they were definitely the most loved. Out of the other four, there were two other guys and two little girls. Conner was a quiet ebony American; Kaldur was a dominant blonde African American; Artemis was a snarky blonde half-Vietnamese; Megan was a loving redhead who no one was quite sure the origin of. Conner was a failed abortion left to die on the porch steps. Kaldur's parents couldn't afford to keep him and he was put into the orphanage when he was four. Artemis ran away from home and willingly joined after her mom got arrested and she 'lost' her big sister. Megan never said any specific reason, but she mentioned having hundreds of siblings so it didn't take a rocket scientist to find a reason for her to be there.

They had all been together about 6 years, so they roughly considered each other siblings of a sort. Artemis was definitely the bitchy sister who found it necessary to be 'teacher's pet' with Mr. Zucco, reporting a few of the slip ups and being a jerk more often than one would consider normal for a bitchy sister. Mr. Zucco didn't like her though so he ignored half of the junk she whined about and just locked the door on her before taking a huge swig of whatever alcoholic bottle he had in his hand at the time. That was good for everyone.

Maybe I should explain Mr. Zucco to you too, just so you can't whine to me and say I didn't.

As you already know, he's the owner of the orphanage who manages all of the lovely little orphans. As his name implies, he's Italian. He's also very fat. There's your normal fat, your overweight, your obese, and then him. He's like a huge Indiana Jones boulder, minus the toughness. He has thinning black hair, piercing black eyes, somewhere between four to six extra chins, a hoarse voice and stubby fingers. He was always smoking a huge cigar or chugging a bottle of heavy alcohol.

Alright, now you know about the two main characters, the bad guy and where most of this story takes place. That means we can start the story now.

I named it Dicky, special thanks to Mailey143, so it wouldn't say 'Dick' and sound giggity. I know this chapter sucked. Anyway, this is going after the 1982 version because that version is awesome. Hope ya'll like this because I REALLY love this movie.