Author's Note: I don't own the character's, of course. This is a song that Frodo wrote before leaving Rivendell - and Bilbo - behind on the quest to destroy the Ring. Please review.

Frodo's Farewell to Bilbo

Adventure shall I find
Wond'rous sights I'll surely see
The only thing I'll miss
Is you there beside me

One last day to see your face
One last day to hear your voice
May your days last ever long
And meet with peace at last

The gifts you gave to me
More num'rous than they seem
Not just sword and mail and Ring
Imagination stories bring

You were magic to my eyes
In my mind you were a king
In my heart you ever dwell
Uncle Bilbo - as for the Ring

Tomorrow is farewell
The Ring to be destroyed
To come so far and leave again
You I won't forget

One last day to see you smile
One last day to hear your songs
One day perhaps we'll meet again
And talk of olden times

The day is growing late
Though I wish never to leave
Tomorrow takes me far away
Behind me you shall stay

One last day to spend good times
One last day to dream
The road ahead is long and hard
In my mind you shall remain

Farewell Bilbo, Uncle, friend
We'll meet back in the end
Thoughts of you rest in my head
I'll come back when I can