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By: Orange Star Express

Good Night, Travel Well

She was there; no fear plastered on her face, no lifeless eyes peering out into the vastness of an unseen world, no bloodied cloth torn about, just a glowing fount with a kind smile. In the center of the room she stood, and as if in a trance, he was drawn to her side like a lost puppy. No words, none would suffice.

How could this be? Was it the cruelty of dreams lashing out for all those sleepless nights? No, this had to be real, yet it couldn't.

Eyes of glimmering crystal, heart of gold, flawless creamy complexion, object of an undying affection stared back at his onyx pools extending a small soft hand as if offering to take him away from all of this. 'Videl' he mouthed her name yet no audible sound left his parted lips. His gaze remained fixated on her gentle features, desperately trying not to blink as if she would simply cease to be once more.

[The unknown distance to the gray beyond

Stares back at my grieving frame

To cast my shadow by the holy sun

My spirit moans with a sacred pain

And it's quiet now

The universe is standing still]

Mere seconds had passed, each one seeming to last an eternity, yet it would never be long enough. Whispers fluttered throughout the deepest corners of his mind, caressing and exciting his spirits with a faint, familiar voice.

'I know you tried…In you I reside forever'

The room brightened with her every movement, and he would reach out to her to no avail. Nothing, nothing to feel… Nothing, nothing to hold… Whispers now came in a mocking tone, a voice so alien, yet so a part of his very essence.

'This is your fault; you could not save her, what is your worth?'

Silence, painful silence… He could not answer.

[And all that stands between the soul's release

This temporary flesh and bone]

Breath quickening, heart racing, he choked out her name in qualm whimpers as he fell to her feet. Her gaze fell on his quivering frame, no judgmental flare in her eyes, no disgust at the pathetic display before her, just compassion

She ran her luminescent fingers through his coal-black locks, a sentiment he could only imagine the feel of—it would not be enough. How much longer would he have to wait? Condemned to a fate of hopeless existence rivaling the darkest circles of hell.

[And know that it's over now

I feel my fading mind begin to roam]

Why must he be forced to bear such a behemoth weight? This life has given everything and nothing, and all before him he has failed as their 'savior'. Whispers came and whispers faded, no more comforting than those which came before.

'On your knees you vehemently weep, and continue to live in a place you've not earned your keep'

"Gohan…" Her firm voice rose above all others, quelling the chatter wreaking havoc in his conscience. The pale moonlight which pervaded the dark room shifted over their frames with each passing cloud.

[Every time you fall, and every time you try

Every foolish dream, and every compromise

Every word you spoke, and everything you said

Everything you left me, rambles in my head]

Tragedy, so many years, yet the scars still run deep. He could not put the words together to speak to her; he always had trouble with that.

"Y-you…I—There's nothing for me here anymore!" he picked himself up, forcing himself to meet her at eye level. There was no way of knowing this wasn't his imagination, whatever it was—he was angry. How could she just stand there, watching him die? Why would she torment him like this?

[And there's nothing I can say

There's nothing I can do now]

Silence, heart-wrenching silence… No whispers, no warm embrace. Those sapphire orbs said nothing in particular, but he knew what they saw. There was no hiding from her; she could see him for all he was and all he wished he could have been. His deepest fears and thoughts, vulnerable and undeniable to her piercing gaze.

"You know, you always did beat yourself up for things you had no control over" she paused attempting to brush a stray lock of hair from the demi-Saiyan's face, frowning as her gesture proved fruitless. He shivered inadvertently as the sensation of chilled air reached his cheek.

"I always understood how you felt… But you never understood the moving on part, did you?"

Her words hit him like a sack of bricks, did she hear herself? Sure there was moving on from an old pet, a terrible accident, or even the passing of some relative, but this? His friends, his family, and the planet; he'd let them all down far too many times, but most unforgivably he let her down.

She did not narrow her eyes at him as she usually did when trying to discern his unexpressed thoughts bubbling behind a deteriorating façade of nonchalant, there was no need.

'Where could I possibly move on to?' he mused, searching for a sense of purpose in a sea of doubt. Nothing made sense—but when had it lately? Discombobulating signs and voices with no way of knowing what they meant, and truly everything felt as if it would dissolve into sand right then and there, as it eventually would.

'Don't think too hard because you might just figure it out'

'Underground, forgotten…'

They would not stop, and all of the strength in the world would do him no good. Only she could have silenced his inner demons. And now she faded, her bright glow extinguished and her features growing vague as she vanished as quickly as she'd appeared.

[Everything you loved and every time you try

Everybody's watching and everybody cry

Stay, don't leave me

The stars can wait for your sign

Don't signal now]

There she was slipping from his grasp again. Incomprehensible noises escaped his mouth as he choked up and the contents of his stomach spilled before him in strained coughs and wheezes. His sickly pale expression turned blood red in agonizing stress. 'Why…' He'd asked that question so many times before, but there was really nothing more he could say. Death, death and failure rest on his sore shoulders causing him to collapse under a heavy load he could not possibly face on his own.

'You forge the chains which keep you bound and down, you are not alone…' came the hushed disembodied voice which now only served to haunt him. Silence followed, and silence remained. His heavy eye lids swept over his bloodshot orbs at a slower pace as the scene of her passing replayed for the millionth time. Cold and lifeless in his arms, taken by the beast locked away in his mind which mocked him so cruelly, slain by his hands…


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