Arthur and Alfred were the last to walk into the conference room, STILL talking about pirates as they found their seats and sat down. They failed to notice the other nations becoming quiet and turning to stare at them.

"I can't believe that's the end of the story," Alfred moaned. "I really liked it."

"What story, aru?"

"Ve, story time is fun!"

"Ohonhonhon, I wonder what kind of story this was?"

"SHUT UP! Fine, I'll tell the whole thing again," Arthur said. The whole world (literally) leaned in to listen as Arthur started all over.

"So, it went like this…"

THE END…or is it? Keep reading for a sneak peek at the sequel: Anarchy vs. The Pirate Empire!

-And Here's The Preview-

Arthur turned and ran; he didn't know where he was running to, but he just had a feeling he had to get away from the freaky body builder guy he had just seen. The Brit escaped all the way to the old, ruined little chapel on the edge of the village. As he stopped to regain some energy, Arthur mentally cursed himself for not running back towards the inn where Alfred was probably still safe in bed.

He heard the crunching of feet on gravel, but Arthur turned too late; a large, muscular arm caught him around his slim waist, the other pressing a handkerchief to his face. Arthur panicked, and accidentally took in a breath; big mistake. The smell of chemicals was sickly sweet, and it made him feel dizzy and tired. That was when the British nation/angel passed out.

He awoke about an hour later to find himself leaned against the outside wall of a ship's cabin. As Arthur came to, he noticed a man checking his pulse, poking him, feeling his hair and inspecting his skin. As Arthur became fully aware, the man looked him straight in the eyes. Arthur took in the man's clothing, and decided that he had to be the Captain.

"Hmm, very nice," the man commented. "I'm sure you're just the type of lad someone will be looking for, hmm?"

That was when Arthur realized that this wasn't just a modern-day pirate ship; these pirates specialized in HUMAN treasure. Dammit, where the bloody Hell was Alfred when you needed him?