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The world, fate, life in general, and God just seemed to hate Yukimi Kazuhiko. They had tricked him into thinking everything was good what with his writing going so well, Yoite deciding to spend more time with Miharu which left the house mostly empty, and there hadn't been a mission in a while. Everything had been going great, perfect even.

Then it crashed and exploded into fire about two days ago.

He really shouldn't have picked up the phone. Especially when the caller ID was '. ORPH' he really shouldn't have answered but of course he did, like the idiot he was at times.


"Hello, Sir, my name is-"

"I'm not buying."


"I'm not interested in whatever the hell you're selling. I never got my watch from the other company!"

"Sir, CONGRAGULATIONS! Your prize will arrive tomorrow!" The man quickly got out.

"Wait a second! What did I win? What are you talking about! Hello? Hello!" He'd yelled into his home phone before placing in back in its cradle with a groan. "Stupid kids and their damn pranks. This is why children shouldn't have phones." He mumbled as he went back to his computer to finish his final article for the week.

It was that very night when things started to go wrong. He got a call around eight that evening from his editor. His final article hadn't been sent properly. With a string of curses and flash-drive in hand he left his apartment to meet with the editor at a local café just an hour or so from his apartment.

The smell of ground coffee beans was heavy and filled his nose as his ice coloured eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. He'd never liked this shop. The atmosphere was too suspicious and secretive. The only reason he'd gone along with this place was because the coffee was legendary and actually kept him awake when he needed to pull an all nighter or two, though the price for even a small cup was a little too high for his taste.

He spotted his editor, a female of medium height with long black hair and dark eyes. She was dressed in a gray suit but though professional looking, blended into the shop's atmosphere. Keiko Sakamoto was his newest editor after his former one retired. It wasn't common, he had a few different editors to be honest but she was one of the only females.

"Mr. Kazuhiko, thank you for coming on such short notice. I hope you don't mind but I've already ordered what you usually get." That was another thing; she had a very good memory. She had the ability to remember a person's likes and dislikes even if she hadn't seen them in months. It had been unsettling at first but Yukimi grew used to it and just accepted it after awhile, it was simpler that way.

She opened one of her two bags, taking out a laptop and handing it to him as she began to flip through her agenda book and notes. "I'm afraid only half of the article was sent properly, the other half was jumbled. Your report for last Wednesday has done well and you have many letters from the publisher." She flipped one of the pages, "The interview with Gakken Co Ltd. has been approved. They've scheduled a meeting for next Tuesday at four."

Yukimi plugged in his flashdrive, clicking on the document needed and handing the computer over to Keiko to look over. Several minutes later she stopped, "the fourth paragraph needs a bit more revising, can you list more examples?"

They went back to their respective activities until their drinks arrived. Yukimi sipped at his coffee as Keiko drank her plum tea. "The meeting you wanted with Bungeishunju was cancelled. They couldn't meet this Friday. Should I reschedule for the next available date or not bother?"

"Reschedule, the next available date is fine." Yukimi stated after stopping to think. He really wanted that interview. Being a freelance writer was great and all but he got lazy from time to time and with things quieting down he wanted to occupy just a little more time for something else. Maybe he'd take his sister's advice and write a book or a picture like she suggested. Though he couldn't see himself writing a picture book, it just seemed stupid.

"I also have a few other projects my boss has for you. There optional but could help you in the long run." Keiko said as she poured herself another cup of tea. She had already laid three folders on the table before him. He picked them up, one by one and browsed, looking for anything that caught his fancy. He sighed and placed them back on the table, nothing.

"I can dig up a few more and have them sent in three days time, if you'd like." She offered and Yukimi nodded, "Do you want anything specific?"

"No more make-up and just make sure it's interesting." He was really getting bored of weather, make-up, clothing, and regular articles he didn't care about. He wanted something different, something that made him think and not want to call up his sister and have her help write half of it.

It was almost ten when he left and drove back towards his apartment. Yukimi was ten minutes away from sleeping when his cellphone rang. With a groan he answered and after a heated discussion he turned around on his way to a meeting with another editor. Somehow two of his papers hadn't been mailed correctly and to avoid that problem again they needed him to come in. It didn't help that he would have to drive for another twenty-five minutes and spend who knows how long there and then leave. Tonight was really turning out to suck.

He stumbled into his apartment around two in the morning, just barely managing to make it into his bed before passing out fully clothed and not caring. He'd been hounded by one of his editors and yelled at by someone else for making the wuss cry. His night hadn't been a good one and all he wanted to do was sleep.

Yukimi stirred from his slumber at one in the afternoon only he could faintly hear the television in the other room blaring a commercial about juice or some new phone, he really didn't care. 'When did I turn the TV on?' He thought as he shuffled to his bedroom door. He sleepily opened the door only for smoke to bombard his nose and make his eyes water. He coughed as he placed his hand over his nose and mouth, heading towards the living room to open the window.

He nearly tripped over a huge box in the middle of his living room and then a…doll(?) before finally reaching the window. He flung it open, breathing in the sweet, clean oxygen as the smoke began to drift out. With a sigh he looked down only to meet a pair of russet coloured eyes. The intruder screamed when Yukimi reached to grab her, even biting his hand before running towards the kitchen.

"Shit!" Yukimi yelled as he grasped his injured hand and brought it closer to inspect it. He could see almost a perfect set of teeth marks on his hand but thankfully they weren't too deep. With an angry grunt he moved towards the kitchen, glancing around until he heard a small noise coming from under the sink. He bent down and pulled open the small wooden doors and quickly scooped up the kid by the waist. "NO! The ogre got me! Kiku, Kiku save me! He's gonna eat me!" She shrieked and Yukimi sighed, there was more than one.

"Kiko, please calm down. He isn't an ogre." Yukimi turned around only to see another kid who looked exactly like the one he'd caught only with shorter hair and was male.

"Living room." Yukimi stated as he began to walk in that direction. Kiku climbed up and sat down as Kiko was let go, climbing up to sit next to him. "He's gonna eat us, Kiku."

"I'm not going to eat you." Yukimi barked as he turned off the TV, "Why are you in my house?"

"We came earlier with the others, you signed the form and when we all awoke we were in that box."

"Whoa, wait, there are more of you brats?" Yukimi asked, he felt a head ache coming on.

"Yes, you found Kiko and myself. It's only a matter of time before the others appear also." He stated and for someone as small as him he seemed very intelligent.

"How old are you two?" He found himself asking and didn't really expect the answer he received, "Six."

"Kiku! There you are and Kiko's with you also! Man you gotta see-" The new arrival stopped talking when he noticed Yukimi standing there. He rubbed his scruffy chestnut coloured hair that let his ears poke through and show off that one was pierced, taking his red bandana off revealed his dark amber, almost auburn coloured eyes. "I guess I'm caught also, huh?"

He retied his bandana on his arm before walking over and jumped onto the couch next to the twins, smiling a mile a minute. "Sup dude? I'm Noriyuki, Magician extraordinaire! You met the Sakurada twins here already I'm guessing?"

"How old are you?" Yukimi asked, this one seemed really annoying and would be handful.

"Eight! How old are you? Forty?"

"No, brat, I'm twenty-seven!" He yelled and the kid held his hands up with a mischievous smile, Yukimi noticed he had sharp canines.

"So thirty, wow, you're really old!"

"Why you little!" Yukimi started but was cut off by the arrival of three more children.

"There you all are." He was a boy no older that the smartass sitting on the couch only he had long navy blue hair in a loose ponytail that cascaded over his left shoulder. His eyes were cloudy gray and looked everywhere but at Yukimi.

"Yuu! Dude, this guy's thirty!"

"Twenty-seven." Yukimi muttered as he face palmed.

"I'm Yuu Himura, seven years old but don't let my age fool you." He boasted as he went to sit by Noriyuki.

Yukimi just nodded, there were two more introductions he'd need to get to before he could get these kids out of his house. Had their mother's forgotten them or did they wander off and somehow get in? He looked at the next to expectantly, they seemed to be the oldest of the group in his living room, waiting for them to sit.

"Hydrangea. I'm eleven." The girl stated. She had really long and curly violet-hyacinth coloured hair with two roses that were the same color laced into each side of her head. Her eyes were nearly the same color, only half a shade lighter.

The boy standing next to her had his arms crossed, silver eyes narrowed slightly as he glared at Yukimi in defiance. His golden dirty blonde hair falling slightly into his eyes to complete the look and…Shit, Yukimi really had to stop writing fashion articles.

"Where's Shi?" He asked, "We won't talk until she's here."

"Great, there's another brat running around." Yukimi groaned before giving them a stern look, "You all better not leave this room or that couch while I'm gone." With several nods and 'Ok's later he left the living room to search for the last child.

He checked all the cupboards in the kitchen and had thoroughly searched almost every room when Yukimi entered his room. He noticed the closet door was slightly ajar and went to investigate. He slid it open fully and glanced around his wardrobe, not seeing anything different, he slid the door closed and was ready to give up when he heard a small whimper from his laundry hamper.

Yukimi moved over to the overflowing, tall basket and peered into it. He cautiously moved a few dirty shirts aside and picked up the sniffling child. He was slightly taken aback, having picked up upside down in the first place, when he caught sight of her lightly tanned skin that stood out in contrast to her white hair. It wasn't even like that Kouichi guy's hair, hers was pure white. Another unsettling thing was her eyes; the left was china blue while the right was some red-pink color. She was also, probably, younger than Kiko and Kiku.

"Hey, why are you crying?" He asked slightly nervous, he wasn't sure how to deal with crying kids.

"I-I got l-lost and I fell and hit my head." Her voice came out in a small sob.

"Ummm…Don't worry, you're not bleeding and the pain will go away…" Yukimi tried and it seemed to work a little.

"Who are you?" She asked as her sniffles began to subside.

"Yukimi Kazuhiko." He answered as he began to head back to the living room. "What's your name?"

"Shi Mukara. I'm almost seven years old." Shi replied as she relaxed, "Are you the new Guardian?"

"New guardian? What are you talking about?" He walked towards the couch where he let her down, she ran towards the blonde, tripping in her haste, "Aki!"

"Shi! Did the ogre try to eat you? Did he hurt you?" Kiko asked as she jumped off the couch. Hydrangea moved to hold Shi's hand as the blonde boy patted her head.

"No, he saved me from the hamper." Shi said, causing Yuu and Noriyuki to laugh.

"I'm Akiyo, almost thirteen. Who are you?" The oldest boy asked as he turned back to the matter at hand.

"That's Yuki!" Shi stated, "He's our new guardian!"

"What, whoa, hold up a second I'm not your guardian! Just why are you all in my house!"

"We were delivered in that box. Here's the letter," Akiyo stated as he handed him an envelope.

Yukimi tore it open and began to read through,

Dear, Yukimi Kazuhiko

We congratulate you on volunteering to take care of these seven orphans. They shall be staying under your care for the next six-to-eight months…

He skimmed through the long two page letter and by the end Yukimi was ready to take his gun, put it to his head, and pull the trigger. "EIGHT *#^%!$ MONTHS!" He yelled and Akiyo quickly covered Shi's ears as Kiku and Kiko covered each others.

"Language, children and ladies are present." Hydrangea pointed out.

"Potty mouth!" Kiko stated as she pointed accusingly at him but Yukimi could care less right now. He wanted to go back to sleep and wake up from this nightmare already but no matter how much he pinched himself he wasn't waking up.

"How do I send you back? Where the hell-" He started when Shi attached herself to his leg. "Please don't make us go! Please, pwease, pwease! I don't wanna live outside again!" She cried, wetting his pant leg with her tears and Yukimi suddenly found himself torn.

He had the option of kicking them out onto the street where they could starve and die but he would be done with them, or he kept them alive for the next few months and wouldn't feel guilt for kicking them out. Besides how could he say no to the child tightly latched to his leg, crying her eyes out and begging him?

'It's only for a few months, a few months and then I can return them. I'm sure I can get help. It'll all be okay." Yukimi chanted in his head as he sighed and picked Shi up. "Alright, you guys can stay but no crying."

Shi wiped away her tears and instantly brightened as did the other kids who smiled and chatted excitedly. "Where are we sleeping?" "I'm hungry!" "When will our stuff arrive?" "What's for lunch!"

Yukimi could feel a head ache coming on as the children bombarded him with questions.

"Can we have eggs?"

"You almost burned the apartment down!"

"I didn't know it would blow up! Besides the microwave still works!"

"Wait, what happened to my microwave?"

"Yuu…Tried boiling an egg but it exploded and the napkin caught fire!" Kiko chirped.


"Guys! The plates aren't plastic! How awesome is that?"

"Noriyuki, I don't think that's wi-"

The sound of something falling could be heard.

"What the hell did I just get myself into?" Yukimi asked himself as he face palmed.