"Honey wake up!" I heard a familiar voice say as I stirred in my sleep. "OLIVIA ANN WATSON!" I heard the voice scream. I shot up out of my bed to see my mum standing there. "Oh, hey mum," I said smiling. "Olivia, it's the first day back to school, get up or you'll be late." I got out of my bed and walked into my closet. My first day in year eleven. I walked out with my uniform on ready for school. The doorbell rang, and I ran downstairs to see my friends Brooklyn, and Ashley standing there. "OI! Get your arses in here," I yelled signaling that they could come in. "So Livy ready for the first day back?" Ashley asked smiling at me. I couldn't help but smile because Ash;ey hasn't called me Livy since year 4. "Livy! You Okay, snap out of it!" I shook my head, and apologized. "Is that the time? Well mum we're off, don't want to be late," I lied trying to get out early. The school wasn't but a 10-15 minute walk, depending on how slow you go. "By any chance would this have to do with, Harry?" Brooklyn asked. I smiled big and the girls freaked out.

We made it to the school, and our group of friends A.K.A the girls boyfriends were standing in front of the school. The girls ran up to their boyfriends all giggly. Ashley I knew was the giggliest of the pair. Since year 6 she has liked Louis Tomlinson, and it was the same for Brooklyn, but she was all over Zayn Malik. I couldn't help but laugh when I walked up. "LIVY!" I heard someone scream, as I walked up to the group. All the guys attacked me and hugged me insanely. That's when I saw him. Harry Styles, one of the best lookin' boys at our school, next to Liam Payne of course. Everyone knew I was starring, and didn't help that he looked at me. I quickly turned around to hide my now pink face.

Harry's POV

There she was. Olivia Watson. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. With her dark brown wavy hair that stops right at her shoulders, and her nearly perfect body. Not mention one of the most breath taking smiles ever. The girl could stop traffic. I couldn't take my eyes off her as I walked that way. Almost instantly she turned away as if she wasn't starring and everyone laughed.

"Hey guys!" I said greeting everyone. Olivia turned around, and greeted me. I couldn't help but smile real big, and she turned a shade of pink.

Olivia's POV

He smiled at me! I felt my cheeks go hot, as I blushed again. "Well guys, as much as I would love to stay and chat I have to go," I said making an excuse to leave before embarrassing myself any more. I kept walking until Harry, and the group were out of sight. That was until...

What Happens?